Doll sized finds: Yes, that chair was as hideous as I originally thought it was!

I’ve been busy lately with a number of projects so I haven’t been doing much in the way of thrift store shopping.  I’ve actually been working on thinning a few things out and re-homing a piece or two.  I’m really trying to stick to my “it has to be better than what I have already” mantra.   I did find a couple of cool things though.

A trip to the Salvation Army yielded this very cool glass basket:

dsf july 16 1

I haven’t decided exactly what I’m going to do with it yet, thinking maybe flowers?  Or maybe fruit?

The little shop that Barbie Girl showed me had two things that came home with me:

dsf july 16 2
This cool bowl!  The glaze matches that awesome pitcher I bought there perfectly.  I think it’s funny that it says Arizona in it, can you imagine someone bringing this home to give as a gift?

I also found this:

dsf july 16 3

It’s a toddler toy, but I’m going to disassemble it and after removing the sticker, repaint it.  Still working on instruments for the garage band!

A few weeks went by, but I had some stuff to donate to the Salvation Army.  Of course I had to go in and see if there was anything good.  As fate would have it, I found this:

dsf july 16 4

Isn’t this awesome?!?!?!  I’ve been wanting an overstuffed type chair for a while now, at $4.99 I could not pass this up!  It’s a rocker but I’m seriously thinking about taking the rocker part off and changing it into a regular chair.  Part of the reason is that because of the way 18″ dolls are stuffed, the chair tends to pitch forward from the weight and looks weird.

Speaking of weird, anyone else remember this chair?

Chair 6

I’m going to brutally honest:  I never really liked it all that well.  But when I bought it, I was just getting started on the dollhouse and I was willing to take it with all of it’s ugliness and deal with it.  In the meantime I found something else to take it’s place and donated it back to the Salvation Army.  That was well over a month ago.  Apparently my dislike of it was warranted, I’ve been to this store twice since then and it’s still there.  Too funny!

A few days later I decided to stop at Joann Fabrics, looking for something for a craft project I was working on.  Didn’t find what I was looking for, but did find this!

dsf july 16 5
Another Adirondack style chair frame! I plan on converting this one the same way I did the other ones. I like this one better than the others I bought, the dolls fit even better in the seat. It was regularly priced $19.99 but they are running massive clearance sales on summer merchandise, so I got it for $5.99, good deal!

I decided to make a run to Pittsburgh to check out my favorite places. For once in a very long time, I came home with more stuff for me (clothes, shoes, etc) than I did for the dolls. I did make a really fantastic find though.
dsf july 16 6

dsf july 16 7

Yep, another horse! Only this one is in fantastic condition and won’t need any painting. It has a few scratches on it, they were worse before I took a Magic Eraser to it. I may try a little bit more. It also had the saddle and bridle with it, I took them off because the saddle was already starting to cause a melted spot. I wish Battat/Our Generation would line their items with something so this wouldn’t happen, all of the horses I’ve purchased so far have this problem. Fortunately where it’s at on this horse will easily be covered by the saddle and blanket. I was very happy to find one of the articulated horses this time around, it will make posing much more interesting. Now all three of my horse crazy girls will have their own too!  Only $4.95.  I’ve managed to get 3 horses which retail for around $35 each for less than $15 for them all.  How can you beat that?

That’s it for this time! Have you found anything cool in your travels?


22 thoughts on “Doll sized finds: Yes, that chair was as hideous as I originally thought it was!

  1. Love the stuffed chair! It reminds me of a Lanz nightgown. I can see a great ‘Night Before Christmas’ for dolls.
    I’ve been itching for another ‘EBay disasters’ post. I have to get searching for some contributions!

    • Yeah, it does kind of remind you of a Lanz nightgown! I have a bunch of photos for the next installment of “Bad Ebay”. The one I found today is downright scary!!! I just need to sit down and get writing.

      • Woohoo! I’m going with my mom to see Absolutely Fabulous the Movie this aft… That plus EBay horrors? I’ll get my RDA of laughter this week.

  2. I have two of those plaid rockers! I use them for my Christmas display. To solve the pitching problem, make a little cardboard wedge from some recycling (tuck it in front of the front of the rocker bar. If it’s trimmed to width, no one sees it!)

    • I will have to try that. They had a second one but I didn’t like the print of the fabric at all and really didn’t have the space for it. But you’ve answered my question as to whether or not those were mass produced or homemade, I wasn’t 100% sure either way.

  3. That chair is pretty neat. I hate to say this, but I actually beat your $35 horse deal. I got 3 horses for free. About 4 years ago I was walking down an alley near my house and I saw in the garbage 3 horses (I think they’re really old Battat models but I’m not sure, there aren’t any markings on them). They were sitting in water and looked very bedraggled. I brought all three to my basement and spent 2 days cleaning them up. They’re now as good as new and Kaya, Lissie and Nicki have been enjoying them ever since.

    • Wow! Free is always good. I’m glad you were able to rescue them, how sad that they were so neglected. I was surprised at the condition on the most recent one, it hardly looked played with. I’m always amazed at some of the things I see in the trash or in thrift stores. I’m all for repurposing/rehoming!

    • I’m sure the girl that works at that Salvation Army thinks I’m nuts, I probably squealed when I saw it and then carried it around sort of hugging it. LOL

  4. I like both the chairs. The overstuffed one…if you take the rockers off perhaps you could add legs that are a little taller in front to offset the forward tip.

    • I think if I take the rockers off it will solve the problem completely, it’s only because of them that it does it. I did buy some things at Hobby Lobby that I think would make good legs, just need to find some time to try it.

  5. Who ever put that chair together did a great job. If you will notice, all the plaid is perfectly matched, something that is not always easy to do, and it looks like a real overstuffed chair. I remember Mom working on the life-size furniture she was re-upholstering, and her comments while redoing one of her chair projects.
    Yes, the other chair is ugly, I’m surprised you even gave it house room. Desperation!!!

    • Yeah, I noticed that too. That’s the other reason I didn’t get both of them, this one was definitely much better thought out. That other chair was desperation, I’m so glad I found something to replace it. My “only bring it home if it’s better than what you have” has worked out well for that!

  6. WOW! Great finds, I too really like the chair. You know I saw a horse like this one and passed it up! What was I thinking? It had it’s saddle ad bridle too. Ah well. I always assume that when I pass on something it is because there was a little girl who was meant to find it instead. 🙂

    • That’s a good way to look at it. When I got this horse, I also saw a salon chair and a bathtub. I thought about it, but then said no, I already had those items and someone else might not. Although now I wish I’d bought the bathtub to use as a watering trough for my stable, can’t tell you how many times I saw old tubs used just for that purpose!

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