Addy’s Sunday Best

Hi everybody!  I just wanted to let everyone know that I had my “procedure” done on Friday to fix the problem with my heart discovered back in March when I had the flu.  Not a lot of fun, but it’s done and over with.  Hopefully I’ll never have to deal with any of that again.  I got home yesterday and now  I’m just concentrating on recovering.  Mostly just sore, not allowed to lift things for a week or so, nothing strenuous or vigorous.  Guess that means the hubby gets to run the vacuum and do the laundry! 😉

I’d been banking a couple of posts to use during my recovery, and when I saw the title of this one and the day of the week it was, I decided it was most appropriate!  Enjoy!

When American Girl ran the 25% off sale in March, I really didn’t want much.  But there was one outfit that I had recently seen on another blog that I thought I would like to have, so Evil Twin and I went together on an order so we would have enough to get the discount.

I know you’re wondering what outfit that was: Addy’s Sunday Best.  I just have to say that of all the historical dolls, I think Addy has one of the nicest collections of clothing.  What makes it really nice is that the styles on several of her items are very basic and timeless, meaning that not only do they fit well in play from a past era, but also current times.  I thought this dress would be fun to have for a number of occasions:  church, wedding guest, tea party, anything needing something that could be dressed up or down.

Marie-Grace spotted it in the box and decided she wanted to be my model.  I agreed that it would look very nice on her.  This set doesn’t come with shoes, it’s intended to go with the shoes in Addy’s meet outfit, so I paired it with a simple pair of black OG flats:

sunday best 1Such a pretty color of purple and so many nice details.  The fit and workmanship are very good.

A view of the back:

sunday best 2
Again, very nice, about the only thing that I might have changed would be a bow on the back since its for a little girl, but not sure how historically accurate that would have been for the era. I love the simplicity of this dress.

The hat is adorable as well, and also nicely made. It has only one drawback:
sunday best 3
It tends to show dust rather easily. I guess this is one of those items where I will need to take either a lint brush, tape or a can of spray air to it regularly. I still think it’s very pretty though, I wish they would offer similar hats sold separately around Easter.

Overall, I give this set an A+. It’s a perfect example of a dress that doesn’t have to be on trend to look nice. Regularly priced at $28, I think that perhaps is a little bit on the high side, but not horrible. Better yet to get it on sale like I did, and only pay $21! Marie-Grace is in love with it, she didn’t want to take it off. I can’t say that I blame her, it looks nice and comfortable as well.


16 thoughts on “Addy’s Sunday Best

  1. Marie-Grace looks lovely in it. This outfit is the next one I will get for my new Addy! I hope the recovery goes well!

  2. I think it is such a cute dress once you see it on. Thanks! Just practicing my couch potato skills for the next few days. 🙂

    • I think the hat is adorable, I’m tempted to make another outfit that it can be worn with so it gets more use. Thanks!

  3. I love the outfit – especially the hat. Purple is my Mom’s favorite color, maybe I should get this for her dolls? hmmmm.

    I hope you recover fast and get to feeling well again soon!

    • Too bad mother’s day has already passed. But yes, I think she needs it!

      Thanks, just taking it easy, but seeing improvement already.

    • Thank you so much! I’ve had a bit more pain than I expected, but not unbearable and it seems to be easing up quickly. God bless Tylenol!

  4. Addy’s dress looks great on Marie Grace. Just like Easter Sunday. (the only time I ever wore dressy hats as a child). I’m glad your surgery went well, and you’ll better in no time! Take it light!

    • I’ve always wanted to go to an English wedding just so I could buy a fancy hat to wear! I’m behaving myself, catching up on paperwork.

  5. Wouldn’t it be fun if they had an a la crate offering of Easter hats some year?! The more flouncy the better!

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