The Fashion Show

While Evil Twin was visiting, the girls got to go to a fashion show.  Several of the girls even participated in it!  Trudy, her friend Chantelle, Marie-Grace and Rebecca all were models, they had a lot of fun.  The fashion show featured clothing by If Dolls Could Dream.

Alya, Cassandra, Sophia and Louisa got seats right up front!  It pays to know the models. 😉

“Isn’t this exciting?” said Louisa.

fs 1

Alya started to talk, but just then the music started. “Oh, I can’t wait to see all of the clothes!” said Cassandra.

fs 2
Marie-Grace started the show. Then he announcer spoke. “Welcome to the If Dolls Could Dream summer collection fashion show!!”
fs 3
“Here we have Marie-Grace, all dressed in a patriotic outfit, perfect for any summer picnic!”
fs 4
“And here is Rebecca, looking terrific in this striped top and denim shorts, ready for anything!”
fs 5
“Trudy looks ready to go chasing unicorns in this lovely purple shirt with eyelet skirt.”
fs 6
“Chantelle is dressed to the nines to go sightseeing in Paris!”
fs 7
“Is Trudy dreaming about her castle in the clouds?”
fs 8
“Look out! Watermelon eating contest ahead! Rebecca looks ready to go!”
fs 9
“Chantelle is perfectly dressed to go to a birthday celebration. Or perhaps she’s the birthday girl?”
fs 10
“Doesn’t Marie-Grace look stunning in this linen coat? It’s the perfect weight for that occasional cool day.”
fs 11
“Underneath she is wearing an adorable daisy t-shirt with an eyelet skirt.”
fs 12
“She looks dressed for anything, from lunch out at her favorite restaurant, to a day at a museum.”
fs 13
As Marie-Grace walked to the back of the stage, she threw the coat into the audience! It landed right on Sophia’s head!
fs 14

fs 15
“Very funny MG!”
fs 16
“Hot weather is here and both of these young ladies look ready to hit the beach!”
fs 17
“Rebecca is wearing a beautiful hibiscus pattern suit with matching tote bag.  Trudy is wearing a fun butterfly print that is sure to get you noticed at the beach or by the pool!”
fs 18
“Ships Ahoy! Marie-Grace looks as though she might be thinking about sailing in this fun outfit.”
fs 19
“And this two piece ensemble that Chantelle is wearing has summertime written all over it!”
fs 20
fs 21
“Trudy looks like she might be heading to the beach for a baby sea turtle release…”

“And Rebecca looks as though she’s just relaxing in this cute sandal print ensemble.”
fs 22
“That’s all the clothing we have to show today, but we want to take a minute to introduce and thank the girl who put this all together: Jan Brady!”
fs 23

After everything was over with, Jan posed with the girls who did the modeling:
fs 24

And of course a shot of the whole gang!
fs 25

A special thanks to Maggie at “If Dolls Could Dream” for creating all of this cute clothing that inspired this fashion show!!! And a round of applause for everyone!

All of the clothing featured in the show was from If Dolls Could Dream.  Shoes from American Girl, Springfield Collection, Our Generation, Sew Grandma Cathy and Lillys Doll Clothes.  Guests were wearing a variety of manufacturers.


22 thoughts on “The Fashion Show

  1. Fab-U-Lous! Great fashion show! The runway outfits were so cute. Audience looked good too. I didn’t see Beyonce or Kanye in attendance. Don’t they usually hit the fashion scene events? 😉

  2. *applause, applause!* Great job! Thanks to the wonderful models, the audience, Jan Brady! I called Julie and told her about this show and boy was she surprised! We didn’t know Jan grew up to be a fashion show coordinator!

    And I love If Dolls Could Dream. Julie took a duffel bag to West Virginia!

  3. Loved especially the part where MG threw the coat! LOL. Also voting for the Bloggy Awards is currently happening on my blog I’d be delighted if you would cast your votes!

    • This was an idea we had tossed around before, but when we both realized how many of Maggie’s things we had, it all fell into place. Thanks!

  4. What a cute idea for a fashion show! I love Rebecca’s first outfit. I need to work on my summer wardrobe for these dolls…they are all sweating to death right now in their clothes, lol. 😉

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