Happy Birthday Louisa!

Louisa’s birthday was on June 25th, but she already had plans for a camping trip with her dad.  She got back on July 5th, so she had a small party yesterday.  It worked out well since Evil Twin was coming for a visit and Trudy would be with her.  Louisa looks up to Trudy since she’s such an accomplished dancer.  Louisa hopes to be as good at music someday as Trudy is at dance.

Louisa decided she wanted her party to be a dress up party, so the girls were to wear their prettiest dresses.  Before the girls arrived, her mom gave her a present:  this cute doll.  She was super excited because it was a doll just like one she had seen on Julie Newman’s 70’s Time Capsule.  “Wow mom!  This is so cool!  I didn’t realize they still made them?!”

Louisa birthday 1
“I wonder what I should name her?”

A few minutes later, Alya, Cassandra and Trudy arrived.  “You all look so pretty!  This is going to be so much fun.”

Louisa birthday 2

Once everyone got settled, it was time to open presents.

Louisa birthday 3

Her first present was from Cassandra. “I wonder what it could be?”
Louisa birthday 4

“OOOOOoooo, a Minions puzzle!  This will be fun to put together.  Thanks Cassandra!”  Next was her present from Trudy.

Louisa birthday 5

“Look at this cute little teddy bear, he’s adorable! Thanks Trudy!” Then it was time for her gift from Alya.
Louisa Birthday 6“Oh wow!  A bag just like yours, just in a different shade!  This will come in very handy for school and taking things with me when I go to stay with my dad.  Thank you so much!  Thank you everyone for the wonderful gifts.”

Then it was time for food.  Louisa had picked out the menu:  cheese and crackers, deviled eggs, cookies and pastries and her favorite carrot cake.  It was her grandma’s recipe, her mom did a beautiful job with it, didn’t she?

Louisa birthday 7

Louisa birthday 8.1


Everyone had a great time and ate way too much food, I don’t think anyone had any dinner!  That’s what birthdays are for though.  Thank heavens we had a beautiful day for the party, Louisa’s mom said when they first started outside they weren’t sure the weather was going to cooperate.  It would have been terrible for those girls to have gotten rained on in their pretty dresses, wouldn’t it?

Happy (belated) Birthday Louisa!



14 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Louisa!

  1. *From Julie:*

    Wow, they still make My Real Baby in the future? That’s so groovy! That’s because she’s such a special doll! Have you decided what you’re gonna name her yet? Maybe it can be a name that starts with L, like my Lucy.

    *From Sharry:*

    Looks like you had a very nice party Louisa! You’re such a lucky little girl…you got a bike and a doll!

    • Hi Julie! I was surprised to find out they still made them too, but my mom found her. I was thinking an L name too, how funny! Maybe Lily?

      Hi Sharry! Yes, I’ve been very lucky, my mom and grandpap take very good care of me. I’m just hoping my doll fits in my bike basket!

    • Thanks! (**giggle**)–Louisa

      That carrot cake is one of my favorite pieces of doll food, I originally bought it to use for an Easter set up but then got sick and didn’t get to, so I had to use it somewhere! LOL

  2. Happy belated birthday, Louisa! Looks like you had a great party with lots of tasty treats and good friends. I love your new teddy bear!

    Everyone looks spectacular! Great weather too. I’m glad it stayed sunny for you.

    • It was a great party! I love that bear too, Trudy has such good taste! –Louisa

      When we started this shoot, it was a little overcast, but not bad. However, the sun came out almost too bright, we were having a hard time seeing what we were doing. Evil Twin and I could hardly see by the time we came in–and that’s why one of the photos has the edge of a laundry basket in it, I didn’t even realize it was in the frame, I was literally shooting “blind”!

  3. Yes, the too bright sun is awful for model and photographer alike.

    Hey, we were tagged for a fun survey and are now tagging you with “The Text Tag.” Check out our Humble Beginnings post later today for details. 🙂

    • Thanks! Lily was a very special gift, Alya is hopefully going to show me how to make some new clothes for her too. I want to have another party so I can wear my dress again! –Louisa

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