It’s that time again…

June arrived and that meant it was time for a trip to Coolspring Power Museum to meet up with Xyra and one of her girls, yay!!  So who was the lucky girl that got to go with me?  Alya!!  Louisa had told her all about going in October, so Alya was relentless in her desire to go, I couldn’t say no.  I think she had a good time.  I’ll let her tell everyone about it.

Hi guys, Alya here!  I was super excited to go to Coolspring this year, between Louisa and Shivan telling me about their trips, I wanted to go sooooo bad.  Let’s just say I laid a lot of hints!  You can imagine how happy I was when Flo told me I was going to get to go.  If we went at all.  We ran into a couple of possible hitches, ugh.  Flo has been dealing with some not so pleasant side effects from a medication she had been taking and Xyra wasn’t sure if they were going to be there because of a scheduling conflict.  Everything came together on Wednesday night though with Xyra texting her that they were on their way and Flo feeling better.  We got up in the morning and got our stuff together, then headed out.  Flo was taking some gifts for the girls as well as a chair that she’d originally bought for Kit’s room, but changed her mind on.  She’d asked Xyra if the girls could use it and she said “sure”.  Once everything was loaded, we were on the road!

Flo said she knew who was coming with Xyra, but she didn’t tell me, it was a surprise.  I couldn’t wait to see who it was.  I got to meet Hayley!

coolspring june 16
Hayley is a little bit on the shy side, but as Flo says, I can talk to anybody, and I did! I told her a joke that made her laugh and then she didn’t seem so shy after that. We exchanged presents (which I’ll show later) and Flo gave Xyra the chair, then it was on to the museum.
coolspring june 16 2
Here we are at the entrance. TADA!! Xyra said she’s been wanting to get a photo of one of her girls in front of this sign for a while, but usually there were too many people in the way. It wasn’t super busy, so it was the perfect opportunity. I think we could give Vanna White a run for her money, what do you think?!

We walked down to the grounds and decided to check out the flea market. After walking around it a bit, Flo’s wonky knee got to bothering her, so we went to sit down. We hadn’t been sitting for very long when Xyra said “I think we need to go get in a building.” Not only was the sky looking very threatening, but a lot of the flea market vendors started to cover up their goods. We headed up to the building where Xyra’s husband was working, found a bench and got comfy–just in the nick of time. It started to rain and then it poured!!! I can’t remember seeing it rain that hard before, and it was really loud because the building roof was metal. Flo and Xyra were joking that trying to talk with all that noise was like being at a wedding reception with the band playing. It rained for quite a while too, we just sat and listened and watched some of the machines running. When it finally slowed down a bit, Flo and Xyra went and got us ice cream. It was yummy! Flo said it was kind of funny though, last year it was hard ice cream but between the high demand and the humidity, what we had this time was more like soft serve. It was still good anyhow. 🙂

Once the rain finally quit, we started walking around, checking out some of the smaller buildings. Xyra showed us one that had a newer display in it and another that wasn’t open last year when Louisa went.
coolspring june 16 3
Hayley and I were kind of mesmerized by it. Between the sound everywhere and the continuous movement, you could almost become hypnotized! I remember Louisa telling us last year Xyra said she almost fell asleep in their building. I can see why.
coolspring june 16 4
Here we are checking out the engine in the building that Louisa didn’t get to go in last year. It was an upright engine, they are made that way to take up less space.

After that it was time to head home. We had an uneventful drive home, but Flo heard a conversation at one of the rest areas. The woman who worked there was telling a traveler that there had been 3 bad storms go through there, one with hail. Glad we didn’t encounter all of that, it would have been scary.

Even though I was tired, I did want to tell Louisa and Cassandra all about my adventure. They were very interested to hear what I did.
coolspring june 16 5Ready to see our presents from Xyra??

First, she had a special present, just for Flo:

coolspring june 16 6A pretty teacup and saucer!  How appropriate since Xyra writes a lot about tea.  Flo said she would think of Xyra and her girls every time she drank out of it.

Now onto stuff for us gals!  Isn’t this drawstring bag cool?

coolspring june 16 7 coolspring june 16 8

Xyra said she thought it would make a great beach tote and I have to agree with that.  Wonder who will get to use it first?

She also got us this cool glass bottle, I think it will be great for storing water or iced tea in.

coolspring june 16 9

I had a great time at Coolspring, it was a lot of fun even if it did rain. Flo and Xyra are already making plans for October, I wonder who will get to go then? Time will tell…


16 thoughts on “It’s that time again…

  1. Hi, Alya and Flo! I love your telling of our adventure together! Your sign photo came out really good, but I think it looks like I spotted a caterpillar or something else on the ground as you snapped the shot. (giggles) So much fun! We’re looking forward to adding photos to the scrapbook!
    ~Haley (& Xyra)

  2. Loved reading your review of the Coolspring adventure. This is Melody and Haley’s Gramma Enne. What neat gifts you received and the chair you gave Xyra is darling–the perfect size for the girls.

    • Hi Gramma Enne!!! So glad you popped in. We were glad that Xyra and the girls could use the chair, always good to find new homes for things.

  3. What a gift to be able to talk to anyone! I am more on the shy side, so I really love that quality in other people. Looks like you all had a great time! 🙂

    • I’m somewhere in between but my husband can talk to just about anyone, which is good since he is in sales! His mom was the same way, so he gets it honestly. 😉

  4. It looks like a good time was had by all , (once it stopped raining!). It’s great you and Xyra (and your girls) can get together every now and then. (Maybe someday we will!).

    • We always have fun, it’s a shame she doesn’t live closer. She and Nonna are the closest of the doll bloggers that I know (that I am aware of) and they are still 6 hours from me. When we realized all the farther she was from me when she is at Coolspring, I was super excited, plus I learned about a subject I wasn’t aware of!

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