Life is just a bowl of cherries…

One of my favorite fabric prints is cherries.  In my personal collection I have several tote bags and a purse with a cherry print.  I used to have a dress.  Many years ago when I was a kid I had a pair of sandals, and I really think that’s when this whole cherry obsession started.  So when Maryellen’s play outfit was introduced, I had to have it, no question.  Evil Twin bought it for me as a birthday present, and it’s one of my favorite outfits in my collection.

Something I wanted was a dress for my dolls with a cherry print.  I’d looked at several online, but I hadn’t found the right one.  I thought about making one, but I hadn’t found the exact fabric.  It was just one of those situations where it hadn’t popped just yet.  And then it happened…one day on Etsy.  I came across a dress that wasn’t just any dress.  It was THE dress.

If you remember back to my January resolutions, one of the items on my list was to buy more on Etsy.  I have to say I’ve done a good job of that, but I’m still always on the lookout for new sellers that make beautiful doll clothes.  I’ve found some wonderful items, and this dress is definitely on that list.  Are you ready to see it?

cherry dress 1

Here it is, straight out of the package. The packaging was fantastic, it was stuffed with tissue paper to keep it from turning into a wrinkled mess. The outfit included a dress, pantaloons and a ribbon for in the hair. There was also an option to add a pair of coordinated shoes and socks to the order, but I passed on that, I have plenty of shoes that would work with it.

The slip is attached too.
cherry dress 2

Now who to model it??? Well, Louisa likes cherry prints as much as I do, so I thought it appropriate to let her try it on. I also wanted to see what it looked like on a dark haired doll since the online photos showed it on a Kit doll. I was not disappointed in the least!
cherry dress 7

Isn’t this gorgeous??? I paired it with the shoes from the Play Outfit, but it also would go well with the ones from Kit’s BeForever Meet outfit. I thought it looked terrific on Louisa. As you can see, the ribbon included to make a hair bow is nice and long, so you can fix it however you want to. I deliberately didn’t trim it so you can see how much is included.
cherry dress 4
Another shot of the attached slip. So pretty, and it gives the dress the perfect “pouf”.
cherry dress 5
And a shot of the back. Beautiful finish on this dress, very impressive.  She also uses snag proof Velcro, a very nice touch.

cherry dress 8

Louisa doesn’t want to take it off, and I can see why! I just love this dress!!  Even my husband commented on how cute and well made it was, and clothing is not his thing at all.  Especially not doll clothing. 😉

After I got it, I liked it so much I decided to order another one from her site.  It too got here super fast and was every bit as pretty as the other one.  Alya decided she liked it, so I let her model it.

cherry dress 9 Another gorgeous dress!  Doesn’t Alya look like she could be part of the cast of “The Music Man” in this one?  Or work at a shop in Main Street USA at Disney World.  This dress also came with pantaloons and an attached slip as well as a headband.

cherry dress 10 cherry dress 11

Both girls were super excited about these dresses and I was too.  We decided to go outside to get a couple of photos of them together.

cherry dress 12

cherry dress 13

They were both very careful not to step on my plants!

The seller for these dresses is Lidi Designs. She has been selling doll dresses for a while now and has lots of beautiful things at reasonable prices. She does quite a business in doll sized holy communion dresses, they are so pretty!  All of her dresses have the same attention to detail with embellishments and at very reasonable prices.  I am just blown away by these dresses and I plan on getting more from her in the not so distant future.  Thanks Linda for creating such adorable dresses!

Be sure to check out her Etsy shop:  Lidi Designs



8 thoughts on “Life is just a bowl of cherries…

    • I think the striped one would be perfect on Samantha. The cherry one would work well for Kit, Molly and especially Maryellen. If Julie was set a few years earlier it would even work on her, I remember having similar dresses when I was in 1st – 3rd grade.

    • She does beautiful work. As someone who sews, I’m always appreciative when I see someone who does work above and beyond the norm.

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