Oh dear, I am in major trouble!! (Thanks AG)

Okay guys, new releases over at AG today!!! And just when I thought there would be nothing I wanted, they go and do something that is just…perfect. Let’s talk new stuff!!

First things first: Wellie Wishers are here! Much anticipation about this new line of dolls, and we finally get to see them and all of their goodies. Lots of cute stuff, I’ll be curious to see how this line does. Personally, I doubt I will get any of the dolls. If I do, it would be Emerson, wouldn’t she be cute as Cassandra’s little sister? I would love to know if the little accessories are sized down any from standard AG size, I think the Make-It-Great Play set is so cute, but will hold off until I read more or get to see it in person. Overall though, a very cute line for the age group it is aimed at.

A few new things for Bitty Baby, but not a lot. I’m not a Bitty Baby collector, but I think what they have this time is very cute. Has anyone else noticed that Bitty Baby gets a lot of party clothes???

On to AG! I don’t know where to start!!! Some really cute new accessories, I will more than likely buy the ombre glasses. The jewelry is just okay, not all that wild about that. Clothing releases this time are just average, but there is a HUGE (and I mean HUGE!) development here.  Almost everything is sold as separates!!!!!!!!!!!!  YESSSSS!!!!!!!  I’ve been saying for a while that this would be a nice thing so you can make up outfits you like instead of buying things because you like one item out of a set.  This is a fantastic idea, I am so glad they decided to do this.  I am trying to figure out this sudden emphasis on cats though?? Poor Coconut, gone and quickly forgotten. 😦

I was surprised to see a re-release of the trundle day bed this time around.  It looks pretty much like the one they used to sell, just a change in the design on the center, the knobs on the trundle and the color of the bedding.   Hopefully it is as well made as the previous one, it is one of my favorite pieces.

Camping is featured as the activity this time, and this is where it gets super dangerous…for me anyways.  All sorts of cuteness and fun stuff.  And this:

AG Camper

When I saw this, I let out a little squeal. I LOVE this. I’m not usually a big fan of the larger/pricier items, but this is where I might have to make an exception. I always thought Lanie’s camper was cute, and the OG version of it as well, but I was hesitant because of storage issues. With this, it’s just like a real one and it folds up!! All of the camping stuff is cute, but this really struck a chord with me, probably because my brother and several other people I know had one of these types of campers at some point in time. I was saving my money for some of the stuff for Melody, but that doesn’t come out until August (and I suspect late August since that seems to be when they release BeForever stuff), so that money may just go somewhere else. I suppose I could tell my husband I want Melody’s card table and chairs for my birthday? I’m also happy to see them bring back the domed tent style, I always liked that one better than the others.  I doubt I will buy it since I have that pattern to make a tent (which BTW I haven’t done yet in case you wondered) and I have a My Life As version too.  Still like it though.  I do have lots of girls… 😉

Overall, I think this is a great release.  The last few have just been “meh” for me, but this one made up for that.  I have my fingers crossed that this release is a sign of things to come.  I guess we will just have to wait and see.

New clothes!

I love going to craft festivals.  We have quite a few different ones throughout the year in our area.  There is only one drawback for me:  we don’t need anything!  So I’ve quit going to them for the most part since so many of them seem to focus on “dust collectors”.  I also find myself looking at things and thinking “I could make that”.  Once in a while you find doll clothes, but not always.  There is a big festival in the town I used to work in, and I came up with a terrific plan.  I knew a friend of mine who lives there would be going, so I had her scout out the crafters and to let me know if she saw any with doll clothes.  She not only found them for me, but told me exactly where to look, saving me a ton of time and energy.  Yay teamwork!

There were a couple of people selling doll clothes, but only one devoted strictly to that, and she had a fantastic selection of outfits.  I ended up picking up three different items from her–and only spent $37, just $3 more than what it would cost me to buy just Lea’s celebration set.  Are you ready to see what I got?

First up is a cute dress that I thought would be perfect for Kanani.  Since she is away at the moment, Sophia said she would step in to model it.  I didn’t argue, she looks so good in shades of teal and mint green!

new clothes 1I loved the print on this dress and it fit perfectly when I put it on her.  Here is a shot of the back:

new clothes 2

The next thing I picked out was an outfit perfect for 4th of July. Rebecca begged me to let her try it on, she loves patriotic prints. I think it looks terrific on her as well.

new clothes 3

The t-shirt and capris fit nicely.  The capris are elastic waist, so there is a little bit of wrestling around the butt to get them on, but not terrible.  They are nicely finished, complete with working front pockets!  The t-shirt is a standard style with Velcro up the back for easy on and off.

The last item was the one I was on the fence about.  I decided to go ahead and get it, and once Marie-Grace put it on, I was so glad I did!  I think this is my favorite of the three things I bought, I love the big skirt on it.

new clothes 4

A back view:
new clothes 5

And a shot of what I liked best about both of these dresses:
new clothes 6
Yes, the entire back of the dress opens and makes it super easy to get on and off! To me that is a huge plus with items like this as it makes it especially easy for younger kids to change the clothing without having to ask for help. Both dresses also had fully lined bodices.

As you can see, all three girls were happy to try on the new outfits I picked out:
new clothes 7

The women who sold these dresses are relatively new to the doll clothes world. What started out as a fun hobby to make doll clothing as gifts for granddaughters turned into a business just this past December. They have been having a great time with it though and love experimenting with new ideas, fabrics and notions. Since they are just getting started, their website hasn’t launched just yet, but it is at mm2nd-childhooddesigns.com. Keep checking, the woman I spoke with said that they hope to have it fully up and running in time for the Christmas season. Right now is just the start of festival/craft fair season, so I’m sure they haven’t had much time to work on it. Something to look forward to!

Shoes are from my existing collection and not included with the outfits. Same with the headband that Sophia is wearing.