An E-mail From Kit

The girls were very excited to get an e-mail from Kit this week.  They have been wondering how her surgery went, and they were happy to hear from her.

Hi guys!  I’m home from the hospital now, so I wanted to be sure to let you know how I am doing.  I am happy to report that everything went well and my vision is back to normal!  Here is a picture of me at the hospital:

kit hospital 1In case you are wondering about the bow in my hair, that wasn’t my idea.  The nurses at the hospital thought I would look cute with that in.  I didn’t have the heart to tell them that I’m not a big hair bow fan, oh well.  Otherwise they were all very nice and I got to eat lots of ice cream. 

And check it out, my eyes actually close again!

kit hospital 2

I have to go, Charlie wants to go play ball. I just wanted to make sure that I let you know that I am fine. Miss all of you and looking forward to coming back in August!



Just in case you haven’t figured it out, I sent Kit to the AG hospital to get her eyes fixed.  I was a bit nervous about this.  First, the idea of mailing her anywhere made me nervous, but she had tracking on her both directions.  The main reason I was nervous though is I wanted to be sure they just replaced her eyes and not her head.  My Kit is what is known as a “transitional” Kit.  In other words, she is a Kit that came out right about the time Pleasant Company was purchased by Mattel and she is marked “Pleasant Company” on the back of her head.  Plus, I picked out this specific Kit because of her hair texture and freckles.

I am happy to report that I got my Kit back, the first thing I did was check her neck!  I was impressed with how quick the turnaround time was, from the day I mailed her to the day I got her back was only two weeks.  I thought that was incredibly fast in comparison to things I’ve read from other people.  I definitely think that sending her back over the summer was a smart move, I imagine it gets busier in the fall months.

Kit came back dressed in a hospital gown and the cutest little socks.  She also had a Get Well card, a Certificate of Good Health and an ID band.  I thought all of these details were very cute, a nice added touch to just getting a naked doll back.  She was also packaged in an all white AG doll box with a bandaid sticker on it.

kit hospital 3

I contemplated on taking her to someone in Pittsburgh to be repaired, but since I wasn’t sure exactly what was broken in her eye, I had some reservations.  I also factored in the fact that it was on the south side of Pittsburgh which is farther away, so after thinking about gas used and time, I decided just to send her to AG.  I’m glad I did, I am very pleased with how everything went and the turnaround time.

I’m still contemplating on sending Abby (Saige) in, hers will be for a whole new head since it’s her hair that is the issue.  Now that I’ve done Kit though, I feel much more confident in doing it.

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  1. I think you were really wise to send her in to the Hospital. They have a machine that can take out/insert eyes where as other people have to do eye swaps which is very difficult and risky. I have sent in Lanie, Kanani, and Emily with wonderful results and some things they’ll even do for free.

    • I never thought about them having a machine that does it, good to know. I definitely feel better now that I’ve done it once. No freebies for Kit, but she is really in fantastic shape other than the eye, which was all my fault. I’m such a bad doll mom. 😦

  2. My doll Melody is a Pleasant Company AGOT #20 (retired), and she came to me w/ silver eye. I actually cried when I sent her to the AG place, b/c I was so nervous about sending her. But I was very specific that she was a retired doll, and I wanted classic PC eyes if possible I sent her off in late September, early October a few years ago, and the turn around was less than 2 weeks! And they gave me the very eyes I asked for! Plus she got a good cleaning. No charge for me, since silver eye is a manufacture defect, and return shipping was free too.

    Does your Kit have a cable tie instead of neck strings? I believe Stephanie is a PC/Mattel transitional doll too. She’s chubby, but not as chubby as Melody, and was made during the brief period AG used cable ties. (I believe that’s when Kit first came out.)

    • My Kit has neck strings, so she isn’t the earliest of the transitional dolls. But then again, I don’t know 100% because she was bought used, so someone could have switched them out. She is definitely a little chubbier than my newer dolls, not a lot, but enough that some things don’t fit her as easily.

  3. I’m so glad to hear this. I really must send my Melody to be restrung. She is so very loose.

    Sharry, my Melody is a transitional Pleasant Company AGOT #12E. I cry just thinking of sending her away in a box.

    Hearing good stories helps relieve my anxiety.

    • Restringing is something I would like to learn to do, simply because I have so many girls! I’ve noticed the newer dolls tend to loosen up faster, so they are definitely doing something different. Kit and Cassandra are still great and they are older. Marie-Grace is the worst of the bunch and I’ve only had her 2 years. Annoys me since I’ve always been careful. Crazy that the two best dolls are ones I bought used and have no idea about their history!

  4. American Girl used to assemble dolls using ferrules. These clamp down on one side of the arm and leg cups making the dolls’ limbs tighter. But now instead of the ferrules, AG just uses knots, which is why the newer dolls loosen faster. Personally, I think they’re just trying to save a few bucks in assembly, but make more money in doll repair. For those brave enough to attempt home repair, (I’m not ‘cos I just can’t bring myself to take apart my babies!), there are several videos on YouTube how to do this, and repair kits for sale like this one:

    I was lucky enough to have won a contest for AG YouTuber KKollect, and she fixed all the AG dolls I had at the time (Sunny, Stephanie, Melody and Lisa). Her hubby repaired all my dolls using the older method. (and even replaced Stephanie’s cable tie!) The only doll I have w/ loose limbs now is Shante’ , ‘cos I bought her after this contest. Bridget is a newer doll, and I’m dreading the day she gets loose, ‘cos I don’t think the newer dolls have those cups the ferrules fit through.

    I hope this info helps!

    • I am not either – I watched a YouTube tutorial on how to tighten limbs one day and nearly fell off my chair in horror. At the end the person said good as new, but there were lumps in her torso. I’d never get the stuffing back properly.

  5. It’s things like the doll hospital that make American Girl such a nice company. Overall, the dolls aren’t outrageously expensive and the customer service is very good. I’m so glad they listened to you and fixed up your Kit doll how you wanted!

    • I agree that it’s a nice service that gives the company a positive feel. I’m so happy to have Kit back home!

  6. Glad Kit’s back safe and sound! I’ve only sent one doll in to the hospital, but I also had a really good experience with them (and I can definitely relate to being nervous about sending a doll through the mail). I love the little accessories the dolls come home with. 🙂

    • The accessories are just too cute! I wasn’t sure if she would get the socks or not, when I read it, it sounded like only Bitty Baby came home with socks, so that was a nice added surprise.

  7. She looks amazing! I am so glad that she is back and is safe and sound! We are thinking about sending our doll Becky in to get her ears pierced. We are a bit nervous about it though as well.

    ginnie /

    • There is a separate line item on the admission form for the hospital where you can specify just eyes. I was so happy to see that it was all they did, I’ll admit I was skeptical.

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