Oh dear, I am in major trouble!! (Thanks AG)

Okay guys, new releases over at AG today!!! And just when I thought there would be nothing I wanted, they go and do something that is just…perfect. Let’s talk new stuff!!

First things first: Wellie Wishers are here! Much anticipation about this new line of dolls, and we finally get to see them and all of their goodies. Lots of cute stuff, I’ll be curious to see how this line does. Personally, I doubt I will get any of the dolls. If I do, it would be Emerson, wouldn’t she be cute as Cassandra’s little sister? I would love to know if the little accessories are sized down any from standard AG size, I think the Make-It-Great Play set is so cute, but will hold off until I read more or get to see it in person. Overall though, a very cute line for the age group it is aimed at.

A few new things for Bitty Baby, but not a lot. I’m not a Bitty Baby collector, but I think what they have this time is very cute. Has anyone else noticed that Bitty Baby gets a lot of party clothes???

On to AG! I don’t know where to start!!! Some really cute new accessories, I will more than likely buy the ombre glasses. The jewelry is just okay, not all that wild about that. Clothing releases this time are just average, but there is a HUGE (and I mean HUGE!) development here.  Almost everything is sold as separates!!!!!!!!!!!!  YESSSSS!!!!!!!  I’ve been saying for a while that this would be a nice thing so you can make up outfits you like instead of buying things because you like one item out of a set.  This is a fantastic idea, I am so glad they decided to do this.  I am trying to figure out this sudden emphasis on cats though?? Poor Coconut, gone and quickly forgotten. 😦

I was surprised to see a re-release of the trundle day bed this time around.  It looks pretty much like the one they used to sell, just a change in the design on the center, the knobs on the trundle and the color of the bedding.   Hopefully it is as well made as the previous one, it is one of my favorite pieces.

Camping is featured as the activity this time, and this is where it gets super dangerous…for me anyways.  All sorts of cuteness and fun stuff.  And this:

AG Camper

When I saw this, I let out a little squeal. I LOVE this. I’m not usually a big fan of the larger/pricier items, but this is where I might have to make an exception. I always thought Lanie’s camper was cute, and the OG version of it as well, but I was hesitant because of storage issues. With this, it’s just like a real one and it folds up!! All of the camping stuff is cute, but this really struck a chord with me, probably because my brother and several other people I know had one of these types of campers at some point in time. I was saving my money for some of the stuff for Melody, but that doesn’t come out until August (and I suspect late August since that seems to be when they release BeForever stuff), so that money may just go somewhere else. I suppose I could tell my husband I want Melody’s card table and chairs for my birthday? I’m also happy to see them bring back the domed tent style, I always liked that one better than the others.  I doubt I will buy it since I have that pattern to make a tent (which BTW I haven’t done yet in case you wondered) and I have a My Life As version too.  Still like it though.  I do have lots of girls… 😉

Overall, I think this is a great release.  The last few have just been “meh” for me, but this one made up for that.  I have my fingers crossed that this release is a sign of things to come.  I guess we will just have to wait and see.


29 thoughts on “Oh dear, I am in major trouble!! (Thanks AG)

  1. I haven’t been this excited about a release since I got back into American Girl! I am basically bouncing up and down right now! I’m bummed that there aren’t any historical items, but I got over that awfully quickly because THAT CAMPING STUFF!!!! I must have that camper!!! As a huge camper myself and and someone who owns a pop up camper, it is definitely a must!!! I will probably be ordering Willa at some point too! Also for the little sister reason…she’s perfect for Abby. I am so excited!

    • Too bad we don’t live closer to each other, we could set up a campground LOL! I wonder how much of this stuff will go to adult collectors like us instead of kids?

      I think we will see historical items in the August release although the focus will be on Melody.

      • Yes a campground would be so much fun!!! Good point about the Melody release, that will give us something else to look forward to!

  2. I am excited to see this new doll line up close and personal this coming weekend. I love Ashlyn and Emmerson. Not sure if a purchase will be made but if so, I plan to post a blog. The camper is SUPER CUTE!!!

  3. Emerson looks like she could be Julie’s little cousin, but I’m not wild about the princess angle. I guess that line is cute for the 5-7 set, but it doesn’t do much for me. The camper is cute, and I love camping, but I already have a ton of camping gear. Not wild about the fact that all 3 of Melody’s books are not sold separately. I already have the first book, and you can get the second one, but the journey book only comes in the box set.As far as the separates, the plaid shirt is cute, but I can probably get something similar (and cheaper) on Etsy.

    • I thought the same thing about the plaid shirt as well as some of the separates, but at least there is now the option just to buy single pieces.

  4. I’m loving that plaid shirt, the purple shorts and all the kitty stuffs. I’m also loving that camper, but my budget isn’t, especially not when I’m saving up for Melody (and have rescued 2 dolls from the ebay orphanarium this year, my Luanne AKA #46 and Juniper FKA Felicity, who is en route to me now). And did I mention I’m so happy they are finally doing mix and match separates? I have totally bought outfits before because I really really loved a couple of pieces of the set, but been meh on other pieces of the same set (like I love love the Silver Sparkle outfit for the top and shorts, but I am decidedly meh to actively dislike on the shoes and headband that came with the set (both of which are frigging gold and silver, when the rest of the outfit is black and silver. Beau wears them with her red holiday dress instead)

    • I know exactly what you mean, I’ve bought several outfits but didn’t like all the parts. I especially dislike a pair of yellow shoes that came with an outfit, could have done without those! I hope this idea catches on.

  5. Oh, man, oh man, my plan for a long time was to buy Melody and one Wellie Wisher (Willa) and that’s IT!! But now…Aah! I too, really want that camper. When I saw it I was floored. I’m telling myself I’m not buying ANYTHING unless it’s on sale. If it’s not on sale I cannot and will not get it.

    • My plan was to get Melody’s card table and chairs, but after I saw that camper, it moved down the list. Hopefully they will be around for a while. Usually I wait for a sale, but this time was one of the few I didn’t.

  6. The camper is interesting. I couldn’t see a pic of the bed set up, so can’t wait for someone to get it and do a review. AG usually won’t send big items overseas I’ll have to ask. Hopefully a vehicle to tow the camper is in the works.
    The wellie widgets what auto correct wishers do look cute. I have BFC ink dolls and think they may sister those and at only $60 I might have to well confess yes 1 of each eventually.

    • That’s a bummer about the big items, perhaps they are worried about damage in transit. ROFL @ Wellie Widgets, don’t ya just love auto correct?!!?

      • If I’m lucky I can get the items via eBay. It is a bit odd as AG will send a big box of doll and accessories in one go but not say Kits desk on its own and kits desk was styrofoamed and had more protection than a doll does.
        Hopefully cat clothes will see more articulated pet cats, a cattery would be cool so maybe one of every breed.
        I do like the Bitty confetti dress. I don’t collect the doll but some of the bitty line dresses are long enough to suit the 18″ girls. Hmm they might have been Twin things actually.

  7. I went to the AG store today to see the new release pieces. I know that you are interested in the camper. It is nice. the basic bottom and sides are wood – but the door is plastic. The white poles, and silver hitch? that it sits on are plastic. The tire only has a front and sides (no back side) it seems like their should be a whole tire. The accessories are very cute, spatula and eating utensils are metal, pan and cooker etc are plastic. The cooker knobs turn and the knobs on the sink turn and faucet moves side to side. It looks like they have used e.g from Lanie’s set the loaf of bread – and I have the syrup bottle from another set. I am guessing that when it folds down it is about 12″ wide x 16″ to 18″ long and about 8″ tall. My favorite part is a jar of fireflies that when you push the button light up! So cute!
    The Wellie accessories- some could be used for 18″ dolls e.g the binoculars set would work but the set with the rubber chicken has glasses that have to fit the doll – also the hammer set has safety glasses that would not fit the 18″ doll.
    The theater set is all plastic that I could see. I was not impressed. The pj set for the wellie dolls has super cute slippers (a lot smaller than 18″ doll size).
    The only thing I bought today was the plaid shirt! It is regular cotton not flannel. IT HAS REAL WORKING BUTTONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 real working buttons not velcro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think that it is really well made too! Inside they used interfacing behind where they reinforced the pocket and where they sewed the small metal AG tag. Great colors and I love the tie up front!!

    • Great info Sharon, thanks! I may have to think about that plaid shirt now, I love the stuff that they put buttons on. (although I feel bad for the poor person that has to sew the button holes) That much work though makes it worth the money IMHO.

      My camper is on it’s way, I’ll be doing a review on it soon.

      • I’m sorry, I was wrong about the firefly jar it comes with the tent. I asked at the store and they had told me that it came with the camper, but I just saw on the website that it is with the tent! I should had known better than to take their word for it!!!

      • No biggie but I’m not surprised. There is something else that no one in store seems to catch either, I’ll be addressing it in my review.

  8. Oh. My. Gosh! I saw this post last night on my phone (added melq to email of phone and it may have to come off 100 a day was daunting enough; I won’t tell you what the total is now. LOL) and finally got to read the whole post and go scouting. I really hope a lot of these things stay around longer than a couple of months. There is no way i can get the rest of what I want for Lea and the new things too.

    They finally have camping right (or like it used to be). I love all these items and now wished I had gotten the camp treats with the stove last year. Oh, well. The only thing I would nitpick is the same thing I mentioned on the tent you made earlier this year…the window flap should open and close inside not outside the tent. But I do understand the logistical nightmare of trying to reach inside a doll size tent to work the window.

    I currently have 12 tabs open to look over the new clothing. While I like the idea of separates they really have upped the prices. The cinch tank plaid shirt outfit totals up to $48 if you want all those pieces. I’m thinking that would be a $34 outfit otherwise. Plus I get into that frame of mind where I don’t like to pay more than $5 – $7 on a tank top for me. LOL I do love the real buttons on the shirt and pockets on the pants. having said that, of course, there are a few pieces I’d love to have: the bubble dress, cat tee, kitten sweater, denim hoodie, and star skirt. The lounge set is cute for $20 and Bitty Baby’s kitty pajamas. I kind of like the brown ombre glasses.

    The website is killing me. you can’t scroll without making a header or footer pop into view. Very annoying. Plus the Wellie Wisher banner across the bottom…

    Speaking of Wellie Wishers…Willa is my favorite. All those little hedgehogs! Squee! 😀 Price isn’t too bad. And for all you skilled seamstresses out there jenwrenne.wordpress.com has great patterns for making outfits for all sizes of dolls. She just did a review of the new wishers. https://jenwrenne.wordpress.com/2016/06/23/wellie-wishers-review/

    Can’t wait to see your review of the camper! 😀

    • I hope they keep this line around a while too, it’s so cute! I was happy to see that the clothing associated with camping actually looks like something you would wear camping. I have the previous camping outfit, and it’s more a “glamping” outfit to me.

      I suspect the reason we are seeing higher prices on the separates is partially extra packaging and also price padding so they can run sales.

    • And I forgot to add that the thing that pops up from the bottom website NEEDS TO GO! It makes the website a total pain in the neck to use. A good idea gone completely haywire IMHO!

  9. I am SO HAPPY they decided to start doing separates! I hope they’ll continue to offer pieces like this! I really love that bubble dress and the playful print skirt. *_*

  10. I will be interested to see how the Wellie Wishers do. I am on the fence about them. I LOVE the camper, but I am trying so hard not to get more doll stuff!!! Why do you do this to me Flo?

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