Kit’s Homemade Sweets Set

I mentioned before that I had ordered several sets before we left for Mexico and that several of them were part of Kit’s collection.  After posting about her School Skirt Outfit, I came to the realization that reviews of Kit’s items are few and far between.  Kit is my favorite of the historicals and I have more of her collection than any of my other girls, so I thought it would be helpful to share my opinions with everyone.

I really lucked out on Kit’s Homemade Sweets Set.  This was originally part of Kit’s Candy Making Set, introduced in 2014.  Originally it also included an outfit for Kit, all for $64, but in 2015 the parts were split up.  The Homemade Sweets Set sold for $42 which was still a bit pricey for my tastes.  Earlier this year it was marked down to $25, much more reasonable, but then throw in my 20% off coupon, and I couldn’t resist it at $20!!!  I’m so glad I decided to get it too, it is a very cute set.  And it features chocolate, so no-brainer! 😉

Here is a shot of all the pieces you get:

candy set 1

Once I got the set out of the box and examined all of the pieces, I was very pleased with it and happy I decided to order it.

The double boiler is very accurate:

candy set 2

It is made from plastic (insert sad face) but whoever did the design work on it added a nice feature to it.  The bottom of each pot has a weight in it so it doesn’t fall over!  Kudos to good engineering.

candy set 3

The basket is nicely done.  My only disappointment is that the basket itself is molded plastic instead of a real basket.  Not a deal breaker though.  I love the way it is trimmed with the silk flowers and the pink ribbons.

candy set 4

The set includes 3 tulle bags and 3 assorted colored ribbons to package your finished candy.  I haven’t opened these just yet, not sure that I will use them for what they are intended.  We’ll see…

candy set 5

Love the cute little “wooden” spoon!  Yes, it’s plastic, but I love how a wood grain finish was added to make it more realistic.

candy set 7

candy set 8

If you are going to make molded chocolates, you need bulk chocolate first!  I thought the detail on this was very good.  The only drawback is that the chocolate pieces don’t fit easily into the pot.  Oh well.

And now for my FAVORITE part of the whole set:

candy set 6

You get 3 finished bunnies and a mold, all beautifully detailed.  However, what impressed me even more is that the bunnies fit PERFECTLY into the mold!  You can put the clips on the mold and it looks like you have a bunny in the works.  I thought this was absolutely genius, and this little attention to detail is the kind of thing that got me hooked on AG in the first place.  Bravo!

Since I was sick over Easter, the girls didn’t get to make chocolates like we had planned.  Cassandra and Sophia decided to give it a try over the weekend, they had a lot of fun.  And let’s be honest: ANY time is a good time for chocolate!!! 🙂

candy set 9

The girls had fun using this set.  Although I’m not sure which they enjoyed more, making the bunnies or eating them!

I give this set an A+, it has so many nice details to it.  It’s currently in the clearance section on the American Girl website, so if you are thinking about getting it, I wouldn’t wait too long.  While much of it has an Easter theme to it, several parts of it can be used for other cooking projects.


10 thoughts on “Kit’s Homemade Sweets Set

  1. I wanted this set but for all the reasons you mentioned, like the chocolate not fitting in the pot and everything being plastic, I skipped it. For $20, it was comparable to OG which I have the same complaints about but I do agree, they have high play value because of the materials.

    So cute!

    • Yes, it definitely was not worth $42. I wonder if AG will ever realize that they can’t rest on brand recognition forever and continue to charge ridiculous prices for all plastic?

  2. Very cute! I like Kit too, but we never got her, sigh. I like her era, the clothes and accessories are so cute. We have her meet outfit and I recently found her woven clutch at thrift store! Thanks for sharing about this set.

    • I think the reason that I like Kit so much is she is from the same era my mom grew up in. I remember many stories about the depression and having to make do. Plus I recognize so many of her accessories as items we still had (or someone we knew had) in our own home. One thing I keep thinking about from her collection is her laundry set, my mom always used a wringer washer just like it. Just not sure what I would do with it. I have not-so-fond memories of the time I accidentally ran my hand through the wringer!

  3. Ouch! hand in the wringer! that would have hurt! I remember watching grandma use her wringer and thought it was so cool, but we were forbidden to play with it. Now I think about it I like that era for the same reasons. My dad was a boy during the depression. He lived on a farm in Iowa. He told us stories about his mom feeding hobos who came to the farm. One of the men told her that there was a mark on their fence that meant they were good people.

    • I remember my mom and grandma talking about the “hobo mark” too. My mom had great memories of an Italian family that lived in their neighborhood and how the mother had a very methodical way of cooking that saved both time and money.

  4. That Sweets Set was a sweet deal! (Betcha haven’t heard that all day! *snort* ) I thought about it, but I already have an egg dying set, and my girls aren’t really old enough to cook their own food, so I passed.

    And the thought of your hand in a wringer washer just made MY hand hurt! *Ouch!*

    • I think I was more shocked than hurt. No broken bones, just blood blisters on the tips of a couple fingers. I was very careful with it after that!

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