School’s Out!

Friday was the last day of school at Kennedy, and everyone was happy.  No more homework, school lunches or uniforms, hooray!  It’s going to be a busy summer for the girls, and not everyone is going to be here for the whole break.  Zara and Abby are leaving soon to go to New Mexico again, but this time they are going for two months.  A friend of their grandma Davis’ runs a dude ranch, and he wanted the girls to come out and work for him, they will be helping with trail rides.  They were thrilled, they miss getting to ride a horse on a daily basis.  Abby has applied to a gymnastic camp in Wisconsin, so she may be heading there as well at some point.  She found out about it late and didn’t get accepted for the first round.  She is first on the waitlist though, so there is a good chance she will get to go.

louisa's bike 3 Abby doing her warm ups, she amazes me!

Fiona is going with Kanani to Hawaii for the rest of June and most of July.  The good news is that Kanani liked it at Kennedy so much, she is going to come back next school year, yay!  Shivan is heading back to Pittsburgh because her soccer league starts up.  She is looking forward to seeing Raynia too, they just talked last night and she’s definitely playing again too.

louisa's bike 4

Kit’s vacation is going to be part fun, and part recovery.  She’s leaving for Cincinnati, but then she’s heading to a hospital in Wisconsin to have surgery on that eye she injured when she fell.  She’s a little scared, but I told her she would be fine.  Plus she won’t have to worry abut the blurry vision she gets once in a while after it’s done.

Alya will be going to Ireland for 10 days, but that won’t be until the end of July.  Everyone who is traveling will be back by the beginning of August since that is when so many of the activities start.  But it will be a little quieter around here with just Rebecca, Marie-Grace, Cassandra, and Alya staying.  And of course Louisa will be popping in and out.

We also will have an extra visitor for the summer, Sophia is coming to stay with us and to help out in the bakery.  She’s had a rather bad couple of months with school.  Shortly after she was here visiting, an announcement was made that due to budget problems, they were going to close the school at the end of the year.  All of the students were devastated, lots of tears.  Sophia was lucky enough to get accepted to a school in Pittsburgh that focuses on performing arts, so she will be there for the next school year.  Rebecca was thrilled, she and her sister are very close and they will get to see each other a lot more since she will be only an hour away.  She’s planning on sleeping in Kit’s room while she’s away, she thinks the attic bedroom is cool.

All of the girls did very well this year in school, but one student did exceptionally well, especially when you factor in all of the upheaval she had going on in her life: Louisa.  She not only made the honor roll for every grading period, but she was number 1 in her class!  Great job Louisa!!  Her mom was super proud of her, and because she’d done such a good job, she had a special surprise for her over the weekend:

louisa's bike 1Yup, a new bike!  It’s not brand new, it’s “new to her”, but it’s in terrific shape.  A woman her mom works with had it for sale, her daughter rode it a couple of times, turned 16, got her license, and the bike has been sitting in the garage ever since.  Louisa was getting a bit big for her bike at the end of last season and during the school year she went through a growth spurt and it was definitely not going to fit anymore.  She could ride it, but it was getting to be a challenge!  She was so excited and surprised.

louisa's bike 2

Her mom told her that they would go to the bicycle store this week and get her a new helmet, her old one is also getting too small.  She’s hoping she can find one that matches her bike.

There are still a few schools that have to finish up around here, Kennedy is one of the few that gets done early.  Are the schools out where you live?  Do you have any vacation plans for the summer?  We are staying home, but I’m hoping to take the girls on a couple of little field trips.


15 thoughts on “School’s Out!

  1. I love the bike, and the color!! Where is it from? It’s neither pink nor purple!
    Sounds like you have a few girls headed to my state. If you need someone to checkup on them, let me know 😉

    • That is Molly’s bike, it’s been discontinued for over 10 years. I checked up on Kit yesterday, she arrived in Wisconsin safely. I will keep that in mind! 😉

  2. Aww, all of the girls look like they are going to have a wonderful summer. 🙂 Louisa is so pretty!! I love that bike!! It’s a beautiful colour!
    School in Canada doesn’t get out until the end of June, so lots of end of school madness going on right now. Dance is also coming to a close with a big end of year recital this weekend. 🙂

    ginnie /

    • One thing that I have noticed is it seems like the further north you go, the further into summer the school year lasts. A friend who lives in Alabama told me her kids were done mid-May!

      I agree, Louisa is such a cutie. And the bike is a nice shade, we couldn’t get over what great shape it was in, I think it was barely used!

  3. I have Molly’s bike too, and it needs the light bulb changed. Do you know how to do it? I called AG they said they did not have any instructions and would have support call me back – it never happened! Do you have the bike instructions? I bought mine second hand. Sharon

  4. We are very happy that school is out here too. I can actually sleep in a little instead of my usual 6:30 wake-up to get everyone ready for school. It’s so great to hear about everyone’s summer plans.

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