Kit’s School Skirt Set

You know what’s a real downer?  Ordering something shortly before you go on vacation, thinking it will get there before you leave.  It doesn’t.  Then you get home and it’s there, but you are too tired and sick to enjoy it.  That’s exactly what happened to me. Shortly before we left for Mexico I placed an order with American Girl.  My wonderful neighbor got the mail for us while we were away, and it was one of the things in the bunch.  Unfortunately I was coming down with that awful flu and I really didn’t feel much like doing anything with the stuff I’d received.  Isn’t that pathetic?

So now I’m all better, and I decided it was time to share one of the things I got!  This order focused primarily on Kit, I got the Easter Candy set that was on clearance, her camera/reporter set and the School Skirt Set.  I also got the telescope kit.  Without further ado though, here’s Kit!!!

Kit school skirt 1 Kit school skirt 2

I think this outfit is very cute and has TONS of mix and match potential.  My favorite parts are the top and the shoes.  The top is very versatile and could be dressed up or down.  The shoes are just cute and so perfect for Kit’s era.  Some folks have complained that they can’t get them on or can’t get them closed.  Let me just say that you have to be very careful with how you put the socks on, they have to be on super straight with the seam across her toes or it won’t work.  I played with it for a while before I was pleased with how everything was.

Kit school skirt 3 Kit school skirt 4

Kits school skirt 5

The skirt is very nice, and also a great mix and match piece.  The two pieces I was a bit disappointed in were the sweater and the hat.  The sweater is a bit on the tight side and the hat annoys me to no end.  It’s very cute, but the workmanship is subpar.  I don’t know if someone on their first day on the job cut it out, but it looks terrible!  There shouldn’t be any sharp edges anywhere.  I saw a couple of reviews on the website with this complaint.  I’m surprised there are any points at all, I would have thought these would have been cut out with a press type machine.  This looks like it was cut by hand.  The way the ribbon is put on is just okay too, it looks like a rush job.  Not wild about the gaping ribbon at all. It’s a shame because otherwise it’s very cute.  It wouldn’t have been difficult for this to have been done in a way that it looked better.  I’ll be honest, I was very shocked at this because most all of the hats I’ve received from AG have been very well done.  This one, not so much.

Kits school skirt 6

Overall though, I really like this outfit, I think it accurately represents Kit’s era.  Plus the fact it has so many pieces gives it lots of play value.  I’m only marking it down because of the too-snug sweater and the mediocre hat, giving it a B+.  This set retails for $36, I lucked out and got mine with a 20% off coupon, making it only $28.80.  It was one of the outfits on my wishlist, and I’m glad I got it before they decide to discontinue it without notice.

If you’d like me to review any of the other items I purchased, (Science Fair set, Kit’s Reporter set, Kit’s homemade sweets set) be sure to say so in the comments, specifying which set.  Thanks!


24 thoughts on “Kit’s School Skirt Set

  1. I have 2 pairs of repro shoes just like those, (from Lovvbugg, Ebay) and I don’t have an trouble getting them on any of my bunch. I really like them, b/c I had a burgundy Stride Rite pair just like them when I was 6. Isn’t it funny how some things don’t change that much, if at all? I like the skirt and top as well. It’s a shame about that hat, though.

    I’m not sure which set I’d like to see more. Pick your favorite or do all 3 a week at a time. I like surprises! :o)

    • Does the top strap hook with Velcro on the side? I do think that some people just aren’t very patient when putting things on too. I recently bought a cell phone case that a lot of people complained about it being difficult to get on in the reviews. I didn’t think it was that bad, you just had to be persistent.

      • That’s the difference–both straps DON’T have Velcro on them on the AG version, only the top. So you can’t get that second strap out of the way, it is permanently attached. You end up having to wiggle them on. They aren’t as bad as the original Samantha shoes, but close!

  2. That is a very cute set! I love the colors and it looks so well made. Thanks for sharing as I don’t often see a ton of Kit photographs and collection reviews!

    • I think the colors on this set are wonderful, everything goes together nicely. Interesting, never thought about there not being many reviews on Kit’s collection, hmmmm!

      • Yeah, it’s just odd because you wouldn’t expect bad quality from AG. Maybe it was a defect? I don’t own anything AG, besides our dolls, so I honestly wouldn’t know! Although the clothing that came with our new dolls seems to be of very good quality, so it makes me wonder.

        ginnie /

      • I don’t think it’s a defect, just crap design work and assembly. I have another hat from them that has the same issue with the ribbon, fortunately the hat overall is better made. I am SUPER picky about this kind of stuff because my mom used to make Barbie clothes that were on a designer level, I have very high standards, especially when I’m paying AG prices. I’ve noticed a huge cutting of corners in their production standards in recent years and this poor hat was a victim!

  3. I think that this is one of the last quality outfits. I bought the skirt and blouse on Ebay from (daverun) some time ago. I have argued with myself about if I need the rest of the outfit. I do think that you may have gotten it just in time before it goes away.
    I would call Chicago AG customer service and tell them about the hat. I am sure that they will send you a new one. I think if we pay these prices, it should be right!

    • Yeah, I agree that this is one of those outfits that may disappear soon. That’s one of the reasons I made sure I got it. As for the hat, it’s not technically defective, it’s a design flaw, so calling won’t solve the problem, I’ll just end up with more of the same. There were several complaints about the hat construction in the reviews, so it’s an ongoing issue. It’s one of those good ideas that was poorly executed. 😦

  4. I’ve just started collecting for Kit, so I love to see a review for anything of hers, please. And well seeing as it’s science kit a review of that would be cool as well.

    • Sounds like I need to get busy and do some reviews then! I have some other Kit stuff, perhaps I should consider doing that too, it sounds like there is a real shortage of Kit reviews. They won’t be hard to do since Kit’s collection is definitely my favorite!

  5. That is too bad about the cloche! The gapped ribbon would drive me crazy. The shoes are cute.

    It’s funny you mention persistence. I just read an article about the 5 things we aren’t teaching our children and persistence was number 1.

    • It’s almost to the point where I’m going to take it off and sew it the way it should have been sewn. We’ll see. It drives me crazy too!

      Very interesting, but I can definitely believe it. So much of the modern day psychology doesn’t push kids into working hard, so many of them get things handed to them.

    • It came in my e-mail and from what I understand, they are completely random. You just have to be on the e-mail list. I’ve gotten two, this one and one last fall.

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