Bag alert!!!! Bag Alert!!!!

Recently I posted about the cute little Reed handbag key fobs sold at Kohl’s, and how they are the perfect size for dolls.  I was intrigued by a comment made about how they had seen similar bags at Target.  Hmmm…

Last night I decided to go to TJMaxx.  I’ve mentioned before how much I LOVE TJMaxx, and there is one just 5 minutes from my house.  I have to be good and limit myself on how often I go.  It had been several weeks since I’d been there, so I was due, especially since the last time I went, all I bought was a coffee mug.  I’d thought about going earlier in the week and decided against it, but for some reason I had this nagging “you need to go” in my head.

Apparently I must have been suffering from some sort of telepathic signal or ESPN (LOL if you get that!) because what I found was definitely trip worthy:

mini bag 1

Reverse side of brown bag:

mini bag 2

YUP! More mini bags!!!!  I was so excited, I didn’t care if I found another thing to buy.  The black one was made by Expressions NYC and was only $7.99.  The brown is a Calvin Klein!  It was a bit more pricey, $16.99, but I thought it was so cute and I had to have it.  After I got home, I looked a bit more closely at the tags.  TJMaxx always puts the “compare at” price on their tags, for the CK bag it was $30.  However, it still had the CK tag on it as well, and this tiny little bag was originally priced at $48!  Is that ridiculous or what?

mini bag 3

This got me to wondering though, if they could price them that high, is there some sort of demand for these?  I decided to get online and do some research.  I was very surprised to see how many high end handbag companies are making these: Michael Kors, Tignanello, Rebecca Minkoff, Coach, Tory Burch, Kate Spade–I could go on and on!  The prices on these are crazy too.  I guess I’ve been living in a cave when it comes to this, who would have thought?!

So, back to my cute bags.  The black one was also available in other colors, mostly pale shades.  I picked the black because every closet needs a black handbag.  The Calvin Klein one was also available in different colors as well.  They had another Expressions bag that I almost bought, but it was misshapen, so I changed my mind.  I do know that I will be keeping my eyes open for these at TJMaxx from now on, they sell human sized bags from many of the companies I mentioned previously, so they obviously have purchasing deals with them.  I do have to say that while these are every bit as cute as the ones I bought from Kohl’s, I do think that the Reed bags are better made with more details.  Neither of these bags are lined.  I actually toyed with the idea of trying to make little bags like this, but now that I’ve discovered just how many different ones are available, I’ve changed my mind.  No point in killing my sewing machine (or my patience) on something I can buy.

Alya already claimed the CK bag, she is such a fashionista, so that is no surprise.  Everyone liked the black bag, but instead of fighting about it, the girls all decided that it would be one they could all share when someone needed it to go with a particular outfit.  They are so diplomatic sometimes.

mini bag 4
Decisions, decisions…
mini bag 5
Off to the mall!

OH, and what else did I buy?  Just peanuts for me and cashews for hubby.  Like I said, I didn’t care if I found anything else!

Have a great weekend everyone, and to all my friends in the US, Happy Memorial Day!

20 thoughts on “Bag alert!!!! Bag Alert!!!!

    • Oh bummer! I know that when I was checking inventory online, it was very hit and miss as to which stores had them. I don’t think the smaller stores got any at all. 😦

  1. It is official you have me hooked on little handbags!!!! I had already been back to Kohl’s with my Kohl’s cash and got a blue bag and a green bag. Then I read this post and flew out the door to TJMaxx !! They did not have the two that you bought (I love both!!) . I bought 2 of the Calvin Klein, one is all red with black handles and the other is white, tan and caramel colored handles. In the brand like your black one they had a pale pink and lavender. They had a lot of different ones in the CK brand – very hard to pick!
    I was thinking that since TJMaxx and Marshalls are owned by the same group, maybe Marshalls is also carrying the bags.

      • LOL @Sharon! I guess we could have worse things to be addicted to.

        So…to answer the Marshalls question…hubby and I went out to eat tonight after taking something to one of his clients. Just so happened to be a Marshalls nearby, so I went and checked. YES, they do have them. They didn’t have near the selection that TJMaxx had, but this is in a very busy area, so it may be a case of them being picked over. They only had one style of each brand, the CK one was completely different and had fringe on it, very cute if you are in to that. The Expressions one was the one that I’d passed on at my TJ’s, but this one wasn’t misshapen, so I decided to go ahead and get it. They had it in two colors, brown and cream.

    • Oh bummer that TJMaxx doesn’t exist in Canada. To give you an idea of where you might look, TJMaxx sells merchandise from major companies that are generally previous seasons releases. As a result, they sell them at much lower prices than originally offered. Just thinking that you might have something similar in Canada that you could check. I’ve bought everything from clothes and accessories to cookware/housewares. It’s an awesome store!

  2. Eeee! *_* What good finds! I LOVE that black one! I’m amazed so many brands offer mini bag key fobs (the Kate Spade ones are SO nice… minus the price tag). I’m gonna have to go check out my TJMaxx! 😀

    • I hope you have luck and find some! I’ll be checking mine regularly now that I know they have them. Thanks for alerting me about such a thing existing in the first place! 🙂

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