Doll sized finds: Again already?!

I know I did a doll sized finds already for April, BUT I decided to do another shopping trip.  I figured I was due for a “makeup day”, I didn’t get to do any thrift shopping in February or March, I only picked up the one doll sized item at TJMaxx.  Plus it was a warm day but a bit gloomy, and I needed to go to Target anyhow.  For this trip I stayed a little bit closer to home (20 minute drive), but I did pretty well.

My first stop was the Easter Seals Garage sale that Barbie Girl and I went to in the autumn.  It’s a permanent set up but they are only open certain days of the month.  When I first walked in, I saw the same thing that I’ve seen lots of places–empty spots, like they have been cleaning out old merchandise.  I still found a couple of things worth picking up though.

I found this lovely miniature pitcher for $1.50.  That may sound a bit pricey for a thrift store, but it’s an antique, early 1900’s, made by Riverside Glass Works in West Virginia.  It would have been a mini creamer and would have been paired with an open sugar bowl.  Now we have plenty of beverage servers for the kitchen and/or bakery.  It is very close in size to the metal one I bought previously.

DSF April 1

Then I came across these plates for 50 cents each. I also think these are very old as they are marked “made in Japan” on the back. That marking places them somewhere between 1921 and 1947! I suspect they were pieces from a children’s tea set, but not positive. I love the pattern on them.
DSF April 2

I found one other item that wasn’t doll related, but something I could use. For a whopping 25 cents, I got a brand new, still in box, brown sugar disc. In case you don’t know what that is, it’s a piece of round terra cotta, usually with some sort of design in it. You soak it in water for 15 minutes and then put it in the container where your brown sugar is stored so it will keep it from getting hard. Let me just say that it is probably the best 25 cents I have ever spent, my brown sugar went from being a brick requiring hammer and chisel to just like a newly opened package in 2 days!

brown sugar disc
Not exactly like mine, but very similar! Mine has an apple design.

The next place I went to was a total bust, I came out empty handed. Not that they didn’t have anything that could be used for dolls, but sticking to my rule of “if it’s not better than what you already have” or for a current project, I left them sitting on the shelves. It was also crazy busy and hard to get around and really look at things, so I decided it was on to the next stop.

When Barbie Girl and I went shopping together, she showed me a place not far from home at all, it was roughly 5-7 minutes away . Unfortunately it was closed that day, so we didn’t get to go in, but I’d since stopped one other time and while I didn’t find anything on that particular day, I saw lots of cute stuff with potential. I decided to stop there on my way home, and boy was I glad I did!

DSF April 3

I got all of this for less than $2! The shelf was $1, the salt/pepper shakers were 50 cents, the mug was 25 cents and the monkey was 10 cents!! I laughed at the shakers, I can’t imagine what they are for, they are even too small for personal sized ones. I pictured them in the bakery, one with powdered sugar and the other with powdered cocoa for decorating pastries! The mug, the shelf and the monkey are all going into a new project I’m working on, I will be using some items I bought earlier with them as well. It’s still in the thinking stages at this point, but I will most definitely share it with everyone when it’s done.

That’s all of the goodies I found, now I have to be good for a couple of weeks. Mr. Flo is taking a few days off soon and we are planning on hitting the Pittsburgh stores again. I’ll just stick him in the aisle with polo shirts and neckties while I do my thing…’til then!

15 thoughts on “Doll sized finds: Again already?!

  1. Wow! Good finds! I love the tiny salt & pepper shakers! I have to share that I found the other day a partial Felicity tea set! It was the creamer, sugar bowl and one cup. I was pretty excited to say the least.

  2. Now, see…I’ve just learned something new! I never even knew what a brown sugar disc was! Nice finds. The monkey is cute!

    • Just continuing with the idea that American Girl should be educational! 🙂 I thought the monkey was adorable, and couldn’t beat the price.

  3. Fabulous finds! I love the antiques. The pitcher is beautiful and the design on the plates is so fine and delicate. Great butterfly.

    Thank you for the note on the brown sugar keeper. I have to re-soak mine.

    Looking forward to seeing what you make with the other items. What team is on the mug?

    • Perhaps we can remind each other periodically LOL!

      The mug has a Jacksonville Jaguars logo on it. I’m not wild about that part, but the mug is cute otherwise. I’ll have to come up with some story as to why it’s on there I guess.

  4. Another quick note because I forgot to click “notify” on the last comment. 🙂 Hello to all from the Tea Time with Melody Q crew.

    • Thanks! I love a good day of thrift store shopping that yields some great doll finds. I’ve had two good ones in a row!

    • I think the older pieces are usually much thinner too, giving them a much more authentic look when it comes to scale. Especially if it is children’s dishes. I’m sure that’s why most of them didn’t survive!

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