Bag alert!!!! Bag Alert!!!!

Recently I posted about the cute little Reed handbag key fobs sold at Kohl’s, and how they are the perfect size for dolls.  I was intrigued by a comment made about how they had seen similar bags at Target.  Hmmm…

Last night I decided to go to TJMaxx.  I’ve mentioned before how much I LOVE TJMaxx, and there is one just 5 minutes from my house.  I have to be good and limit myself on how often I go.  It had been several weeks since I’d been there, so I was due, especially since the last time I went, all I bought was a coffee mug.  I’d thought about going earlier in the week and decided against it, but for some reason I had this nagging “you need to go” in my head.

Apparently I must have been suffering from some sort of telepathic signal or ESPN (LOL if you get that!) because what I found was definitely trip worthy:

mini bag 1

Reverse side of brown bag:

mini bag 2

YUP! More mini bags!!!!  I was so excited, I didn’t care if I found another thing to buy.  The black one was made by Expressions NYC and was only $7.99.  The brown is a Calvin Klein!  It was a bit more pricey, $16.99, but I thought it was so cute and I had to have it.  After I got home, I looked a bit more closely at the tags.  TJMaxx always puts the “compare at” price on their tags, for the CK bag it was $30.  However, it still had the CK tag on it as well, and this tiny little bag was originally priced at $48!  Is that ridiculous or what?

mini bag 3

This got me to wondering though, if they could price them that high, is there some sort of demand for these?  I decided to get online and do some research.  I was very surprised to see how many high end handbag companies are making these: Michael Kors, Tignanello, Rebecca Minkoff, Coach, Tory Burch, Kate Spade–I could go on and on!  The prices on these are crazy too.  I guess I’ve been living in a cave when it comes to this, who would have thought?!

So, back to my cute bags.  The black one was also available in other colors, mostly pale shades.  I picked the black because every closet needs a black handbag.  The Calvin Klein one was also available in different colors as well.  They had another Expressions bag that I almost bought, but it was misshapen, so I changed my mind.  I do know that I will be keeping my eyes open for these at TJMaxx from now on, they sell human sized bags from many of the companies I mentioned previously, so they obviously have purchasing deals with them.  I do have to say that while these are every bit as cute as the ones I bought from Kohl’s, I do think that the Reed bags are better made with more details.  Neither of these bags are lined.  I actually toyed with the idea of trying to make little bags like this, but now that I’ve discovered just how many different ones are available, I’ve changed my mind.  No point in killing my sewing machine (or my patience) on something I can buy.

Alya already claimed the CK bag, she is such a fashionista, so that is no surprise.  Everyone liked the black bag, but instead of fighting about it, the girls all decided that it would be one they could all share when someone needed it to go with a particular outfit.  They are so diplomatic sometimes.

mini bag 4
Decisions, decisions…
mini bag 5
Off to the mall!

OH, and what else did I buy?  Just peanuts for me and cashews for hubby.  Like I said, I didn’t care if I found anything else!

Have a great weekend everyone, and to all my friends in the US, Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Geek Pride Day!!!!

Hey guys, did you know that May 25th is Geek Pride Day?!?!  Well, to be honest, neither did I until the girls were talking about it.  We decided to celebrate!  Here is a picture of several of the girls with their favorite items from their favorite fandoms:

geek day 1

Shivan loves Star Wars, so she brought out her model of the Millenium Falcon and her big stuffed R2-D2. He even makes noises when you press the button! Marie-Grace recently bought this lovely Hedwig the Owl figure (I have to admit I’m a little jealous) and got out her Harry Potter sticker book. Cassandra couldn’t decide, so she brought both her Tardis and Stuart the Minion. And of course Kit is showing off her Downton Abbey model!!

Geek Pride Day is the day for all of us who love something considered geeky (particularly science fiction), and to show it off with pride! Why May 25th you ask? Because it was on this day, in 1977, Star Wars premiered!  Geek Pride day is relatively new, just started in 2006 by a man from Spain.  Over the years it has caught on more and more.

What fandoms are you part of?  I started out as a kid loving Star Wars.  I played Dungeons and Dragons in high school.  Now I am a huge fan of Torchwood, Minions and American Girl of course!  I don’t know that overall AG is considered geeky, but it is if you are a middle aged woman as opposed to the target audience of a 10 year old girl! 🙂  My phone ringtone is the theme from Monty Python.  And I’m currently the only American who is in the all time, top 15 players in the “British Television Shows” category in the game Quizup.  Does it get any geekier than that??

Today you can embrace your inner geek!  Do something fun, binge watch your favorite show, go to the comic book store, have a light saber fight with your best friend, whatever “turns your crank”!  Or as Kit says:

geek day 2


Be sure to check out this article on Geek Pride Day–I want the table at the beginning of the article, it’s awesome!!!


Doll sized finds: in the words of Bob the Minion- “Whooaaaaaa!”

One thing I have learned from thrift store shopping is that it’s a bit like Forrest Gump would say: “you never know what you’re gonna get.”  Sometimes you do really well, and other times you walk out empty handed.  Lately I’ve fallen into the somewhere in between, but I’ve found some nice stuff.  I guess it was time for me to be rewarded for all of my patience!

I had errands to run, so I decided while I was out to go to my local Salvation Army and Goodwill.  Our Goodwill is in a transitional stage at the moment, I suspect it’s a change in management.  It still looks kind of picked over, but it’s progressing and I have my fingers crossed that it will come around.  I only found one thing, but it’s pretty cool:

dsf whoa 4
I got the whole stack for 99 cents, not bad. I remember when these were all the rage for on desks to organize little odds and ends like erasers, paper clips, etc. I thought these would work well in the bakery or kitchen, or even in a bedroom for organization.

The Salvation Army also looks picked over too, but I did find one thing, and it hits two marks for me:
dsf whoa 1
Isn’t this adorable? It’s a piece that Hallmark sold by artist Marjolein Bastin. I LOVE her stuff, I have a large collection of the Christmas ornaments Hallmark sold. When I first looked at it, I wasn’t sure, but then when I looked at the scale of the birds, I realized that it would be more accurate than I thought. It was $2.99 but when I got to the register, I found out it was 25% off everything day, so I ended up paying $2.25. Yay! I did notice it had a blob of some sort of glue on it:
dsf whoa 2
Here’s a closeup of what I’m talking about. I got on Ebay after I got home and looked it up. Originally there would have been another figure of a squirrel there. No biggie, squirrels are the bane of bird feeders! I’m going to make something to hang there, perhaps a sign that says “don’t feed the squirrels” would be appropriate?

Here’s a shot of Louisa with it, you can see it’s a bit short, but not horrible. I do know some feeders should be set lower, so we’ll just go with that. The details and the scale of the animals on it move me to the “don’t care” area. 🙂
dsf whoa 3

There were two other items at the Salvation Army that I looked at, but wasn’t sure about. They weren’t in the dirt cheap category either, so I hated to go ahead and buy them without doing a bit of research first. It was late in the day, they would close in less than an hour, so I decided to take my chances and leave them till morning. The next day I took some measurements and armed with my knowledge, I headed there, fingers crossed. They were still there, yes! The only downside was that I didn’t get the 25% off, but oh well. Both of these items are well worth what I paid at full price. Are you ready?

First thing was this:
dsf whoa 5
Yes, a brand new doll chair, tag still on it. I’ll be honest, I didn’t pay very close attention to what the tag said, but when I got home I looked at it closer. I almost fell over when I saw the price!
dsf whoa 6

And what did I pay????
dsf whoa 7
BIG DIFF!!! The chair kind of matches another piece I got last year too. Good stuff.

The other thing was the one I had the biggest doubts about, but when I took my trusty measuring tape to it, I decided it must come home with me.
dsf whoa 8
$4.99! Not bad, it does have a minor injury, but nothing I can’t fix. Thank heavens for all that basket making Evil Twin and I used to do!
dsf whoa 9
And just to show you how perfect it is, Louisa was kind enough to help me out again:
dsf whoa 10
She says it’s very comfy.

Since I was already out and about, I decided to venture out a bit further. My next stop was the little shop just over the Ohio border that Barbie Girl introduced me to. It’s so different, they get a ton of little things in, it just depends on what you are looking for. Last time I found the stuffed mini-monkey, the shelf, the salt/pepper shakers and the mug. I found three things this time:
dsf whoa 11
I know you are wondering what that wadded up bag is…it’s a McDonald’s Happy Meal Build a Bear toy! I didn’t have my glasses on when I picked it up, but upon reading it once I got home, I discovered it’s Bearemy the Fireman.
dsf whoa 12
I ripped the bag open and got him out, beyond cute, and he looks like a full sized Bearemy! Definitely worth the 50 cents I paid. He’s not jointed, but still darling, and came with a shirt.

Here’s a closeup of the little plate:
dsf whoa 13
Isn’t it sweet? All of 25 cents!

And yes, I’ve been on a pitcher kick. I just fell in love with this though, it reminds me of Portuguese pottery. Also 25 cents.
dsf whoa 14

dsf whoa 18
It’s a sickness, I know…

Since I was already in Ohio, I decided to keep driving to another store I hadn’t been to in eons, it was about 10 minutes away. They were pretty wiped out and I heard another customer comment to the guy running the register, he told her they had recently had several inventory reduction sales to clean out. Made sense. I thought perhaps I might end up walking out empty handed, but then I found this little beauty!
dsf whoa 15
A Precious Moments miniature! My niece (not Barbie Girl but Kit’s Human Twin) used to collect these in the regular size, her mom started her on them when she was just a baby. I thought it would look cute in one of the doll bedrooms, and at 50 cents, I couldn’t say no.

My last stop in this trip was at the Goodwill that Barbie Girl showed me last fall. If you remember, my last trip there was a study in frustration, not only was I not seeing much, but it was so crowded, it made it just about impossible to browse. Luck was in my favor on this day, and I was able to get a good look around. First I came across this:
dsf whoa 16
I recognized the name and label immediately as Thomas Kinkaid. However, I was a bit surprised to learn that it was actually a refrigerator magnet! Whatever. It’s going to be a perfect picture frame somewhere in the doll house. 99 cents.

I also found these:
dsf whoa 17

The two items were taped together for some reason, but that’s okay, I could use them both. The platter will be nice for cookies and other items and the Sponge Bob mug totally cracked me up. I remember when the daughter of one of my besties was absolutely obsessed with ole Bob. Are kids still into Mr. Squarepants and his gang anymore? 99 cents for both.

Believe me, after I got home, I couldn’t believe what a good 2 days I’d had. 10 items and I had less than $15 invested in the whole lot.  Oh, and I forgot to mention that at the last stop, I also found 4 human sized bowls in a pattern I’d been looking for, 49 cents each.  The icing on the cake!

The following day I had a doctor’s appointment and then Mr. Flo and I headed to my two favorite thrift stores in Pittsburgh.  He did great, me…not so much.  I got a shirt for me, a tote bag and these cute little Thanksgiving figures.  The whole bag of them was only 95 cents, and I thought they would be perfect for fall decorating in the doll house.

dsf whoa 19

My complaint with these stores is that all of the “littles” they have for sale are in bag lots.  It not only makes it hard to look at them, but you also end up with a bunch of stuff that you don’t want.  I understand that they probably do it to save space and to prevent theft, but it doesn’t help me.  Oh well.  I was just glad I’d done all the shopping earlier and found so many cool things or I would have been majorly let down.

The following day my husband needed to go check on an account even though he was off.  He asked if I wanted to go along for the ride, and I remembered two stores near there that I wanted to check out.  The first was a thrift store, but I didn’t see anything I wanted.  The next was a second hand type store, no clothing.  As we were walking in, I spotted something in the window that I definitely had to check out.  I looked around and then went to see it up close.  I asked if it worked and he said it did…

dsf whoa 20 dsf whoa 21

Isn’t it awesome?!?!  And it was only $10!!!!!  And yes, it does work!  I’m so glad I didn’t get the AG version, I would have been totally annoyed if I’d spent that much and then came across this.  It’s only a radio, but that’s okay, not like I’m going to be using it all the time.  Another cool thing is you can just turn on the lighted part if you don’t want to listen to the radio but want the effect.  It plugs into the wall, no batteries to worry about either.  It needs a little cleaning up, but nothing a damp q-tip and some Pledge won’t take care of.

dsf whoa 22
Yes, it really was this gloomy at our house, ugh…


dsf 23
A better shot!

There you have it, all my cool finds for May!  Not sure when I’ll be out and about again to thrift stores, but I think this lot should hold me over for quite a while.  Have you found anything fun lately?