Looking for a boy doll??? Look no further!

I know that a lot of collectors of 18″ dolls have complained about the fact that there are no boy counterparts to their 18″ girl dolls.  Usually they end of having to go the customized route.  That’s all about to change, but they need some help!

Boy Story dolls are answer to that question.  Made for active play, they are ball jointed which also gives tons of posing options.  And the creators of Boy Story have started a KickStarter campaign to help get going.  Be sure to check out the different giving options, some include discounted Boy Story dolls.  You can check it out here:

Boy Story Kickstarter Campaign


25 thoughts on “Looking for a boy doll??? Look no further!

  1. Very cool! I’m not sure how I feel about their faces though….they look like this old ventriloquist doll my dad used to have hidden in a closet that’s see to scare me, lol. I like that someone is making boy dolls, though! The Kidz and Catz ones are the only others I really know of. I don’t really like AG dolls customized as boys for some reason, but the KaC ones are so adotable!

    • I think it’s the hair that gives them that look, I get why they did it though. If we think little girls can be hard on doll hair, I’m sure boys are even worse!

    • I thought the outfits were terrific! And I liked that they stated that they are made so that clothing from most 18 inch dolls will fit.

  2. For those who have concerns about the heads, the prototypes shown on the site got a little distorted when they were made. If you look carefully at the Kickstarter video, you can see the molds they way they were meant to be. This is the version that they will make should this Kickstarter work out. I have an early bird pledge for Billy (but I’m changing his name!). Since I’m a pre-school teacher, I love that these are so durable and have molded hair. When I have Doll Day at school, I’m always concerned about what the kids will do to my dolls, as several of them have been to school w/ me. With these little guys, I won’t have to be so nervous and careful.

    • Those would be perfect for a pre-school situation. Also reduces the chance of frizzy hair due to over-brushing.

  3. I agree that the molded hair would be better for young children and especially boys. I do not care for them for set up with the AG dolls. I have a Kidz and Cats boy doll and he works great with the AG dolls. I think that AG is missing the boat by not making boy characters. I would like to see Kits friend Sterling made into a doll.

    • Oh yes, Sterling would be a great place to start!!! I agree that they are missing the boat, there are not only collectors and girls who would buy them, but I know of situations where the girls have little brothers who feel left out.

  4. I can see what you all mean about the ventriloquist dummy look but I think their faces are nice. I can see that the molded hair would be better for boys play. I just love seeing any new boy doll!

    • There was another line that made boy dolls, but they looked like old men! At least these do look like boys. I’ll be anxious to see how this line comes along.

      • What? You mean the Carpatina dolls, Adam and Carter? Those might be good for someone’s dad or teacher, but not a boy.

  5. They’re growing on me! I do hope their faces end up a little different than how they currently look. Their current faces make them look like they should be in late middle school, not the elementary school of the artist’s renders.

  6. I just heard about these dolls last week. I am looking forward to reading reviews when they are actually released. I have two little boys at home that have to deal with their older sisters dolls all the time, this would be nice for them to play with.

    • I agree, it’s hard to really tell with the info that is currently available. I can also vouch for how reviews and photos from people who actually have certain dolls has influenced my decision to buy, you can’t always rely on manufacturer/seller info and photos. Sounds like your house would be a perfect “test zone”!

    • Well, the Kickstarter is not even at the halfway mark, and there are 22 days left. Even if you can’t afford the doll right now, there are other items on the Kickstarter rewards list that you could pledge just to get closer to the goal. It would really be a shame if these dolls aren’t produced due to lack of funds.

  7. I looked into it and unfortunately they don’t ship to Canada. I have asked them if they had any plans and they think that by the end of month Canada may be included in their Kickstarter campaign. I will look into it again at that time.😊

    • Wow, that’s too bad Meg & Michelle. Maybe they can work something like that out once they get past the Kickstarter. (fingers crossed).

    • Hi Meg and Michelle!

      They just put an international reward for a book and doll set for the LOW price of $69! But I think it’s a limited supply, so get yours QUICK!!

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