This may explain it…

I know a lot of us have been scratching our heads lately over all of these sales they are running at American Girl.  This story hit the newswires this week.  Hmmm…

Article in Fortune:

Mattel Reports a Big Loss as Barbie Stumbles (Again)

Not sure how many of you will be able to access the Wall Street Journal article, but here’s a link:



8 thoughts on “This may explain it…

  1. I can’t access it but the headline is enough. Mattel’s Barbification hurts toys. There, I said it. It’s not about sales. It’s about quality and loyalty and when you loose that, you’ve lost consumers. The market for 18 inch dolls other than AG is now huge. At the rate AG is going, their quality is no where near some of the better dolls now that aren’t even as expensive. Mattel better rethink this.

    • There are two separate articles linked here–I had issues with the Wall Street Journal one which is why I posted the other. But yes, competition/loyalty is going to be a huge problem. Not just with other dolls either, but with cell phone apps and other electronic devices. I wonder if perhaps this is why they decided to do the crossover with Mega Bloks?

  2. They need to go back to the basics of the American Girl company that built the company. Then you knew you would get quality in every detail.

    • They could stand to do that with Barbie too. I think of some of the nice details in the Barbie stuff sold in the 90’s, what they are producing now is not even close. One of the lines that Mattel has that is still profitable is Hot Wheels–because there isn’t much to change on them other than models and paint!

      • I definitely agree with both of you! The Barbie “Pretty Treasures” sets Mattel used to offer in the ’90’s were some of my favorites as a kid! They looked so realistic, I played with them more often than the brightly-colored, fake-looking pieces that came standard with their furniture sets.

        I wonder why they didn’t do too much to the Hot Wheels line over the years, but have revamped Barbie so much. Other than people complaining about her unrealistic proportions, I wonder if there were other reasons they felt the need to refresh the line again and again.

      • That is a good question. It seems as though all of the changes to Barbie have been detrimental, at least recently. The line is a far cry from where it started out or what I remember as a kid and young adult.

        My favorite Barbie item from the 90’s was a turkey dinner set, complete with slices that could be taken out of the turkey and inserted into sandwich rolls!

  3. Poor Barbie, I think she just has too much competition these days. Like someone above said, there are so many electronic toys now that kids don’t have to use their imagination anymore. It worries me a bit, I think kids today have a harder time creating their own play-world from their imagination.

    • I agree, kids are gradually losing the ability to be creative, and it kind of scares me. Creative play is so crucial for so many reasons. 😦

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