Doll Sized Finds: Back at last!

It seems like forever since I wrote one of these posts!  With the holidays, illness and a zillion other things going on, it didn’t leave me much time to run around.  Not only that, but pickings around here have been very slim.  Recently on some show I watched (not sure which) they said that this time of year was excellent for thrift store shopping since a lot of people are starting on their spring cleaning.  After I heard that, I was really itching to go, and after some great debate, I decided to go this past week.  Let me just say that I apparently do not live in an area where they have started spring cleaning, the stores all seemed to have less than normal, but that didn’t stop me from finding some goodies!

I decided to venture to Pittsburgh, I hadn’t been there since before Thanksgiving.  My first stop yielded more personal items than doll stuff: a tie for my husband, a shirt and a coffee mug for me.  But I did find one doll thing:

DSF April 16 4
It’s actually a Barbie piece from a set called “I Can Be A TV Chef”. However, I saw a small oven and refrigerator for the bakery! After I got it home, I did some measuring and using measurements posted on another website for some of the Grace Thomas bakery pieces, my hunch was right, it is going to be perfect, they aren’t much smaller. And it cost all of 95 cents! I plan on doing some customization on it, but I was absolutely thrilled.  What’s even more interesting is after having Jen from The Dolls Between Us check her refrigerator from Grace’s bakery (plus she sent me a picture), the shelving inside is nearly identical.

On to the next store! This store is usually a gold mine for toys. This time it wasn’t, but I did find one thing in that section:
DSF April 16
Only $2.95 for a doll bed, not bad. It did appear as though it had been damaged, but it was repaired and seemed to be very sturdy.
DSF April 16 2
I suspect they used Gorilla Glue for the repair and if you’ve ever used this stuff, you know how hard it is to get it apart!

I also found this adorable jewelry box for $3.95:
DSF April 16 3
I thought this was so cute I couldn’t pass it up. The whole way home I had this nagging feeling that I had seen this somewhere else, and after thinking about it, I went to the computer once I got home to look. Sure enough, it’s the same as one at Dolly Dorm Diaries that they have in the Zebra room. Too funny.

Those were the only items I found at that store, so I decided to head towards home. I debated on stopping at one more store that was on the way, and after some “should I/shouldn’t I”, I made the decision to go ahead and stop. Wow, was I glad I did. I only bought one thing, but it was awesome! Remember this?

AG Thrift 4

That turned into this?
Chair 9

Walking up and down the aisles I was about to give up when I saw this:

DSF April 16 5

Happy Dance!!!!! I’ve been wanting more of these ever since I finished that chair, I was so excited when I saw these. $1.99 for all four! Lots of seating options for the girls, and I can make them all match or make them different for each doll room. They are a bit dirty, look like they have been sitting in someone’s garage for a while, but nothing a little soap and water can’t fix.

There you have it, my latest finds.  Not sure when I will have time to go again, but that’s okay, this gives me some fun projects to work on in the meantime.  Have you found anything awesome lately?


21 thoughts on “Doll Sized Finds: Back at last!

  1. Love the bed! It looks like something Samantha would have. The fridge is great… The size works since Grace’s isn’t really to scale. It’s more of a cooler.

    • That’s exactly what I thought, plus it works well beside the snack cart. The silver color of it is very similar to the top of it too, so it looks like they are meant to be together. Happy accident!

      • Haha awesome!! I showed it to a friend of mine and her comment was “Aw, when it grows up it wants to be a real grater”.I was at Ming Wo’s with a friend of mine the last time I was in Vancouver, saw the eensy weensy grater and bought it. My doll kitchen is coming along…all I need are appliances now and a table and chairs >.>

  2. Great finds!! I love to go to thrift stores, but I haven’t been to any in ages. I am always so impressed by what other finds as I don’t usually have such good luck at the ones near me! Maybe I will have to venture out a little farther. 🙂

    • The ones close to me are disappointing anymore, I haven’t found much. They look very picked over, which makes me think that the employees are grabbing the stuff before it even hits the floor, or they are cherry picking the best stuff to sell on Ebay. I know Goodwill has a website now that sells for multiple stores. Their prices are ridiculous though, no bargains.

  3. Hooray! Thrift store shopping is the best! 🙂 You never know what treasures you’ll find. I just love the bed and the idea for the chairs is amazing! Xyra directed me to your blog and I’m loving it already. Happy day!

    ginnie /

    • And the best part is that since I already made one, making duplicates will be easy, just take measurements from the previous cushion set, yay! Now I just need some nice weather so I can spray paint them the colors I need.

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