So you think intellectual property theft is no big deal???

I know several times on this blog as well on several other blogs, the subject of intellectual property theft has come up.  Usually it’s related to a photo that has been taken and used by someone other than the owner.  Unfortunately there are a lot of people who think that those of us who get our panties in a twist over it are making a big deal about nothing.  As I’ve said before, imagine how you would feel if you had worked very hard on something, only to have someone else take credit for it?

I came across this video thanks to a Twitter “tweep” and I thought it would be good to share it here.   It’s not a short video, but be sure to watch it the whole way to the end.  If you are one of those “it’s not a big deal” people, this might change your view.

You can also view it here:


11 thoughts on “So you think intellectual property theft is no big deal???

  1. I had not seen the resolution but I did know about the lawsuit. My grandmother REFUSED to buy Cabbage Patch Kids. As a result, my sister and I have beautiful homemade dolls (Heather and Melissa). Our were specifically made to just wear 0 – 3 months baby clothing too so we didn’t have to find doll clothes for them (per my grandmother’s specs).

    I’m pretty lax about sharing my intellectual property on my blog but I did have someone steal an image and use it as her own on ebay. I had to put through a claim but it was removed.

    I need to believe that people are basically good and the ones who aren’t will be handled.

    It still bothers me that My Life As from Walmart stole The Queen’s Treasure’s food stand design and doll enthusiasts don’t seem to care. It’s the EXACT dimensions! (And QT did contact them but I don’t know the resolution there either).

    If you want it for you then it’s art; if you stole the idea to make money you’re just a smelly fart! (And the law – and karma – will get you eventually)

    • This story was all I needed to see to prove that he really did steal her idea. The fact that there was an out of court settlement before it was over with speaks volumes. He deserves a little credit in the fact that he saw it as a great marketing opportunity, but went about it in totally the wrong way. It’s a shame that her artistic vision was turned into such a big deal, from the way her husband and friends talked, she was very humble and just enjoyed being creative. I totally get that!

      Interesting that an eBay seller stole your image, this seems to be a bigger issue than I realized. I know of several people who have had this happen, both from blogs as well as eBay listings. People are so lazy sometimes it makes me want to scream!

      And yes, I truly believe that Karma is a **bleep** and will catch up with you eventually. My husband worked for a guy who was always doing something that skirted the edge of dishonest. He’s dead now, from a heart attack. I said that you can’t spend your whole life trying to sleep with one eye open and not suffer the consequences…

  2. Oh my! That is SO sad. I had no idea about the Cabbage Patch dolls having been stolen. What a terrible feeling that someone would take a creation of yours and steal it.\ and say it was theirs. Wow.

  3. Hi Flo,
    I don’t understand it at all. I would be devastated if that happened to me. It’s like I know people are probably afraid and hold back their ideas on their own blogs at times for this very reason…fear of someone taking it and going mainstream and stealing all the credit and profits. I think the eBay photo stealing, which I have seen a lot of is just pure laziness to make a sale and it’s so lame. I follow a tumbler account for the sheer fact that they constantly reuse other peoples images from Instagram and I just want to monitor in case I see one of my own! I have only come across my own photo once and I contacted the person and they removed it.
    If people would just be respectful and ask, it would be totally different.

    • I wonder what percentage of the stolen photos used on eBay are for legitimate sales and how many are scammers. I just recently ran across a watermarked photo that was used for an auction (not one of mine), so I confronted the person about using stolen photos. Their excuse was they didn’t realize it was watermarked. Seriously?!?! You expect me to believe that? There were other things that made me highly suspicious that this person was one of those sellers using a stolen credit card to have things drop shipped to a buyer who has no idea. The whole thing just re-emphasized the fact that even watermarking your image is no guarantee. I guess we just have to continue being vigilant.

  4. This just broke my heart. 😦 I loved Cabbage Patch dolls growing up. I had no idea. It’s so wrong for someone to steal someone’s creative work like that. At least you can tell how much she was loved. I teared up when her husband spoke so fondly of her. What a sweetie. I do believe that it was she who was the richest one in the end.

    • Yes, it seemed as though she was a genuinely nice person who unfortunately was taken advantage of. At least she got something, some people have their ideas stolen with no financial compensation at all. Did you (or anyone else) notice towards the end of the video, the photo of her with her husband along with dolls dressed like them? I loved that part.

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