Review of Our Generation Garden Party

Our Generation seems to be working overtime lately to come out with some new sets.  A lot of them are cute, but only one really appealed to me.  On Monday I finally felt good enough to try and go to Target, and I was excited to find the set I wanted: Garden Party!  Even better that it was on sale, so instead of paying $17.99, I only paid $13.59, yay!  I have to admit that I went back and forth on if I was going to get this, but once I saw it in person and that it was on sale, I decided to go for it.

Here it is in the package:

Garden party 1

There are lots of cute pieces in this set, and not a ton of repeats from other sets. This group shows the items I was unsure about what to do with when I initially looked at it, but after thinking on it and then seeing it in person, I think they have lots of possibilities.
Garden party 2
The little pinwheel is very cute and works like a charm!  The banner is well made, the boxes are cute, but a bit small, not sure what I could put in them (if anything).  All in all though, well done.

The covered pedestal and cookies are cute, and great for anyone who has a doll bakery or similar venture.

Garden party 3 Garden party 4

The lid is a bit tall for all the more cookies you get, I guess we will have to order pizza soon so I can get another stand for inside it.  (a great use for those things they put in pizza boxes to keep the top of the box from sticking to the pizza)  The cookies are the same as the ones that come with the tea set, just painted a different color.  I like that because now I have a nice assortment of them.

The set includes a very pretty little tray, two tarts, and two fancy sandwiches.

Garden party 5 Garden party 6

The tarts are also the same as the ones that come with the tea set.  I like the way the sandwiches are done in this set because they actually used layers of plastic to create the sandwich instead of painting it on.

Now for the piece that has a lot of people annoyed:

Garden party 7 Garden party 8

Why, oh why did they feel the need to print something on this, and not make it removable???????  This has to be one of the DUMBEST things I’ve ever seen!  It is a shame because otherwise, it’s a well done piece.  I’m planning on taking a piece of black scrapbook paper and writing on it with a white drawing pencil with what I WANT!  (insert head scratch here)

And now for the items that I wanted most out of this set…(drumroll)

Garden party 9 Garden party 10

I fell in love with the lemonade pitcher right off the bat, just wasn’t sure I wanted to spend $17.99 just to get it.  After some thought I decided that I could use most of the items in the set though.  I did get a chuckle out of the floating straws as well as the piece of pink lemon (or is that grapefruit?!) floating in the yellow lemonade.  Hmmmmm…

Even with it’s flaws, I think this is a cute set with lots of play/photo shoot possibilities.  I give it a B+.  I do have to say though that I think OG needs to spend a bit more time thinking about some of the details on these sets instead of just cranking them out willy nilly to keep up with American Girl.  They have a good product line, and over the past year I noticed a lot of improvement in quality, but this set is not 100% up to snuff in that department.  Some of the other new sets also have some items that make me think they hurried too much.  I realize there is a ton of competition in this category, but if you start making junk, you’ll find yourself in trouble.  I’m hoping these are the exception and not the rule in the coming releases.

I’m hoping to get back on track as far as posting, I’m starting to finally feel much better and getting caught up on things that were behind.  I have my fingers crossed to be busy over the next few weeks with sewing projects, and doing some story posts.  March was definitely a tough month, and I’m glad it’s over with!


13 thoughts on “Review of Our Generation Garden Party

  1. I have been eyeing this set for awhile. Now that I see all the pieces I definitely think I need it. I mean the dolls would like it. I agree the sign with writing already on it was kind of silly. What were hey thinking? I wonder if it could be chalk board painted?

    • I don’t know how well it would take because of it being a sticker. Unless you could get it off, I haven’t investigated it close enough. Totally silly!

  2. So glad you are getting your strength back! Very cute set, love the pitcher and the fruit tarts seem very nice, too… And two of each item… Not a party of one like the AG bistro sets and such!

  3. Maybe the lemonade is fizzy. You know how straws lift up in pop.

    Tea for Two seems to be on OG’s mind; I’d like to see them make settings for 4.

    Great review. So glad you got it on sale.

    • Yeah, I thought of that…maybe it isn’t lemonade at all, if you know what I mean??? LOL 😉

      It would be nice to find a good source that sold all sorts of this kind of stuff individually. That way you could buy 5, 3 or whatever number you needed. Unfortunately it seems like when you need more, you either have to buy multiple sets or in bulk. I don’t need 24 plates!

  4. I’m glad to see you’re feeling a little better. OG does seem to have a lot of fun sets lately.This one is cute, except for that darn chalkboard. Even though they probably wouldn’t match, you could probably some additional lemonade glasses on Etsy, or maybe Doll’s Dining Room.

    • I have two glasses with lemonade in them that came with a My Life As Set that would work too, not the same style, but oh well. I did see a few on Etsy, but I think the 4 will be plenty for what I want to do.

      • Regarding non matching lemonade glasses…add a chintz tablecloth…then it can be an eclectic garden party. 🙂 I see tea parties all the time where the sipware doesn’t match.

  5. This is cute, thanks for all of the pictures. I don’t own any OG items yet, but the more great reviews I see, the more I’m sure I will eventually get some. Are the cookies stuck together or are they separate pieces?

    • They are separate pieces. OG is pretty good about not making things in clumps, I think the only thing I’ve gotten in a set that wasn’t was a basket of fried chicken.

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