I REALLY hate WordPress!!!!

Anyone else feel this way?  I didn’t want to put this blog on WordPress, I wanted it to be on Blogger where my other blog is, but when I went to select my blog name, someone else (who hasn’t used it in ages) had already beat me to it.

Why do I hate WordPress?  It is VERY touchy.  I apologize to anyone who got notification of a post yesterday but can’t read it.  Why you ask????  BECAUSE IT WASN’T FINISHED!!!  Somehow it ended up published and as soon as I realized it, I went in and “unpublished”.  I just found out this morning that it went out to everyone on my e-mail notification list in it’s unfinished entirety.  ARGH!!!!

This isn’t my only complaint about WordPress, I’ve got many, but this is the one that has me angry at the moment.

I don’t even feel like finishing the post now that I’ve found this out.  I feel like giving up at the moment, I don’t feel like dealing with this kind of stuff.  It’s little things like this that take the fun out of blogging. Again, I hate WordPress.   😦

14 thoughts on “I REALLY hate WordPress!!!!

  1. I’m sorry that wordpress was being a pain. I haven’t been using it for long, so I haven’t had any experience with this, but if you can, try and contact wordpress.

    • It’s too late to fix what is already done. And it seems like they keep “improving” their platform, but it just makes things worse. I know of a few bloggers who have just quit using them, I am starting to understand why!

    • All of the issues (and there are many) that I’ve had with WordPress haven’t had anything to do with plug-ins. My husband gets tired of hearing me swear some days. And it’s weird because one day something doesn’t work and the next day it does. I don’t need this kind of frustration. Life is too short.

  2. Yeah I hear you. For a while I wasn’t able to post anymore pics because my picture “quota” was filled up. I learned how to get by it by writing my post somewhere else and copy and pasting it on WordPress and then publishing it. Another time I tried to publish a post but no one could see it. I still don’t know why that happened.
    But I think Blogger is worse. I had a ton of pictures on there and all of sudden one day they just disappeared and I never saw them again. Luckily I had them saved on my computer but still….

    • I’ve never had any issues with Blogger like that, the only thing I had problems with one time is that you couldn’t resize photos, but that was corrected eventually.

      I just find WordPress incredibly frustrating to use, and I’ve never had that issue with Blogger. I think it is terribly user “un-friendly” and they are constantly playing with it. I honestly don’t know how that post ended up going live because I’ve always been very careful when doing my edits to not hit the “publish” button. This is the second time I’ve had this happen which makes me think it is a glitch on their end and not mine.

  3. I hear your frustrations. A friend of mine who uses WordPress has had issues with the subscription tools (she moved from Blogger to WordPress and still prefers the greater freedom it gives with certain areas).

    Upgrades are a pain in the neck! I am dragging my feet upgrading my work computer operating system purely because I don’t want to lose my office assistant, Lynksy. I love that darn cat and he certainly takes the edge off the rotten days. But some people didn’t like the office assistant program so every new OS hasn’t had it. 😦 I won’t even get started on Facebook’s “upgrades.” And goodreads recently changed the look of things.

    Now with regards to that unfinished post…we’ve all been teased with that great title, don’t be a Stephenie and not finish – I want more Midnight Sun – I mean, Food Glorious Food. 😀

    Big hugs!

    • I agree, there are some really nice features in WordPress that Blogger doesn’t offer. But if all it results in is serious frustration, I have to ask myself “is it worth it?”

      QuizUP has made upgrades that are tempting me to delete it off my iPod, so annoying. Already did that to Pinterest. Upgrades aren’t always a good thing when they alienate your audience. But yet companies continue to do it. Every time I buy a new laptop, I have to go through the process of getting used to a new OS and it drives me bananas. I personally think that the someone who designed Windows 8 should be lynched!!! I’d be happy with Windows 95, it was the last operating system that I could actually go in to the programming itself and adjust it easily to my preferences.

      I am curious: did you get the whole unfinished post in your e-mail, or did you just get a notification with a blurb? I do plan on finishing it, but not sure when that is going to be as I am SO behind on everything. I just happened to be taking a sit down break (which I am doing often at the moment) and thought I would try and get ahead on some of my writing so I just had to add photos later. Guess that blew up in my face!

      • 😀 I’m an XP gal! Love it! I can handle 7, but am not looking forward to 10. Glad we skipped 8. I am curious as to what happened with 9 – must have been really bad if it wasn’t even released. 😉

        Pintrest annoys the heck out of me. When I was first introduced to it I could go to the main page and just scroll to my heart’s desire. Now you have to login to see anything. I refuse to login.

        I’m not sure. The item in my inbox was a lot longer than the usual notification, but didn’t have any photos. I clicked the title to go to the post and got the “Oops!” notice.

      • 7 isn’t bad, 8 is awful. I am not looking forward to 10, and yeah, where did 9 go???

        You aren’t missing much in Pinterest, they started putting ad pins up, annoys me to no end. Then things wouldn’t work right, so it was “goodbye” to that app. I still have it on my laptop, but I don’t look like I used to.

      • A few coworkers have 10 at their homes and enjoy it. Said it kind of mushes 7 and 8 together and fixes a lot of the things that drove 8 users crazy. Plus you don’t have to overhaul your entire network for it.

        Sounds like to “suggested posts” on Facebook.

  4. WordPress can be bothersome and annoying, but I find it easy to use. Also, because I’m already set up (with blogging friends and followers) and I know how to use it. I don’t feel the need to switch to a different site.

    • It isn’t difficult to use, as long as it’s working! I get tired of all the “bugs”. Glad to hear that it has worked well for you, I wish I could say the same.

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