Happy Easter!!

I had good intentions for a cute post for Easter, but since I’m still recovering from the flu, it didn’t happen. Oh well, there is always next year! Instead, I’m going to share one of my favorite Easter related cartoons instead. Which leads me to a question: do you eat the ears off your chocolate rabbit first?


20 thoughts on “Happy Easter!!

  1. I just eat it’s head off and scare my little brother by shoving the headless chocolate bunny in his face and screeching, “IT’S THE HEADLESS CHOCOLATE BUNNY!” because I’m that insane. XD

  2. I actually start from the bottom and work my way up. One year I got this giant chocolate caramel bunny named Mr. Sunshine. (yep I remember the name). It took me 2 whole years to eat him! We kept him in his box in the fridge. I remember thinking when I got to the head that it was sad to eat such a beautiful bunny, but Mom said he wasn’t going back in the fridge for another year, so I ate it!

    • 2 years?! That’s got to be some sort of record! He wouldn’t have lasted 2 weeks with me around, more like 2 days LOL

  3. I have a hard time with the chocolate bunnies and tend to break the entire thing into pieces from the start. Now with peeps – head first is the way to go.

    Happy Easter!

    • I had one this week that was kind of thick once you got past the head, so I had to get a knife out and cut it out. But yeah, peeps, definitely head first!!!

      • There is a dark chocolate cat in our basket this year. I really hate to break them. One of these days I have to tell M-I-L no chocolate figures. LOL

      • She needs to come here, our favorite place makes all sorts of odd things: calculators, tractors, I even bought a friend of mine a chocolate shoe and a purse for her birthday one time. She could easily avoid animals. 😉

    • Yeah, there is something about when the chocolate is all soft like that, isn’t there? I’ve been known to eat the pointy top off a Hershey Kiss and then stick it into my cheek and just let it melt, mmmmm.

  4. At Walmart yesterday I saw a package of just ears. Isn’t that a hoot!
    Hope you feel well enough to go to church tomorrow Flo. Happy Easter!

    • That makes me think of a British Chef named Ainsley Harriott, I remember him making hot chocolate out of Cadbury candy bars, it looked delicious!

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