Liebster Award!

I was recently nominated for the Liebster Award by Jennifer over at Mini Mad and by Farrah Lily at Cozy Comforts and Dolls.  Thanks ladies!  Since I’m a little behind on posting it, I’m going to change how I do it. These quizzes are always fun, and you both made it easy on me since you had the same questions.  Here goes!

1. Who is your favorite cartoon character?

This is a hard question because I have several cartoons I love, but at the moment, I’d have to say The Minions, a tie between Bob and Stuart.  Growing up though, I was a huge Hong Kong Phooey fan! (anyone else remember him???) And I love Wallace and Gromit (The Wrong Trousers)

2. What’s your favorite flower (or plant if you’re not a flower person)?

Lilacs are my favorite, they smell sooooooo good, but I like lots of different flowers and plants

3. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

Elk.  Tastes like beef, not chicken!

4. What was the last movie you saw (at home or in theaters)?

“The Gangs Of New York”-and I’m permanently scarred now, talk about a violent movie, ugh.

5. If you could visit any country in the world, where would you go?

Scotland, it’s the only country in the British Isles we haven’t been to.

6. How did you meet your best friend?

High school

7. Which AG doll outfit would you wear if they made a version in your size?

The Shimmer and Lace Party dress, and it must come with the shoes! Barbie Girl and I both want the shoes made in our size.

8. If you could make a custom doll based on any character or real person, who would you make?

I actually thought about making one based on a little girl who was on the second season of Masterchef Jr, her name was Abby and I just thought she was adorable.

9. What’s your favorite season?


10. If you could talk to/understand any one species of animal, what would you choose?

Dogs, I would love to know what my little girl is actually saying and if we are even close in guessing

11. If you could instantly learn any language, what would you choose?

Spanish or Chinese, just so I know what they are saying when we go to the restaurant LOL

Now I have to nominate others for this, but it seems as though just about everyone I would nominate has done this already, SOOOO–I nominate anyone who wants to participate!  Same questions too, these were really good ones.  Have fun!  You can answer on your own blog or here in the comments section. Thanks Jen and Farrah Lily for nominating me!


4 thoughts on “Liebster Award!

  1. 1. My most favorite cartoon character is Wylie Coyote. I am always rooting for him in hopes he will catch the roadrunner. The Minion Stuart is a close second.

    2.My favorite flower is the marigold. Even though they smell bad, the colors are so bright, and deer just don’t like to eat them.

    3. I don’t eat weird things, if I can’t recognize it, it’s not the food for me.

    4. The Last movie I watched recently was “Horatio’s Drive”. Great documentary by Ken Burns about the first automobile trip across the USA, done mostly because of a bet. “The Gangs of New York” was just a bit tooo much for me, gave me bad dreams after watching just 30 minutes.

    5.The country I would most like to see is Great Britain, taking a year to explore all the castles and neat pubs. It is after all part of my heritage.

    6.I met my best friend in 6th grade in school, and we have been friends ever since.

    7. If I could get an outfit like the meet outfit Julie comes with I would be so happy. Actually I did have an outfit like that, I grew up in the 60’s. Where’s her love beads?

    8.The custom doll I would like to make would look like Elizabeth Taylor when she first got started in the movies as a child actress at the age of 10. Love those violet eyes.

    9.My favorite season is Spring. Love the flowers, but hate the thoughts of getting out the lawnmower.

    10.I would love to know what my Siamese cat Demelza is saying to me. She talks continually, but since I don’t have a universal translator (Star Trek), I haven’t a clue what she is saying.

    11. If I could learn Spanish it would help a great deal since it has become the predominate language here in the US, I would know what they are saying about me at the Mexican restaurant.

    This was fun!

  2. Well, my blog got that award, (thanks to anyone reading this who voted for me), but I’d like to answer the questions anyway. Julie never gets to play blog tag, b/c in the 70s there is no internet or blogs or anything like that. So here goes:

    1) Fave Cartoon character: I don’t really have one, b/c I’m such a cartoon nut that I still watch them on Saturday mornings (from my own collection). But if I had to pick a fave, it would be The SuperFriends.

    2) Fave Flower or Plant: Roses and Purple Passion plant

    3) Weirdest thing I’ve eaten: Frog legs and escargo, and they were really tasty!

    4) Last movie I saw: In the theatre “Jessie”. Here at home, a Hallmark movie I think was called “Second Chances”. (I’m a sucker for a good Hallmark movie!)

    5) Country I’d most like to visit: It’s a tie between Paris and England.

    6) Where I met my best friend: Believe it or not, on the internet. My friend V is a fellow Shaun Cassidy fan and we met online about 17 years ago. We’ve only met in person once, and that was to go on a Rick Springfield cruise!

    7) What AG Doll outfit would I wear: It’s a toss up between Julie’s original meet outfit (and I do have a purse almost like that one), and Kit’s new PJs. (I love union suits).

    8) My own custom AG doll? Someone had a custom Cecile that had an afro to be Julie’s friend! That would be cool. Or even the Sonali face mold w/ lighter skin (like me) w/ green eyes and short, black curly hair like AG #21

    9) Fave season: Summer and Autumn

    10) Animals to communcate with: I guess dogs or cats

    11) Instant other language: Spanish

    Yeah, this was fun! Congrats Flo! (are you gonna display your new award?)

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