Cancun: heading home

Sunday morning we all slept in since we’d been out late, but it was a pretty sunrise:
Cancun day 4 photo 1

Cancun day 4 photo 2

We had to get all packed up before we went to get some breakfast. While we were getting ready, mom surprised me with a special present:
Cancun day 4 photo 3
Isn’t this t-shirt awesome? It makes me think of the iguana’s we saw at the museum!
Cancun day 4 photo 4

We went downstairs to the enormous buffet they had to get something to eat. They had everything you could think of, cereal, fresh fruit, pancakes, you name it! We made sure to eat a big meal because it wouldn’t be long before the bus came to pick up everyone and we would head to the airport.

Flying home wasn’t a lot of fun since mom and dad didn’t feel very well, but we made it. We didn’t get home to the house until after midnight, talk about a long day. I had to go to school the next day, but while I was there, mom unpacked our stuff. I already showed you the hat I bought, but I have two other things to show you!

This is for in my room along with the hat:

Cancun day 4 photo 5 Cancun day 4 photo 6

Isn’t he neat? They had a bunch of different animals, but we thought this armadillo was pretty cool. He’s sort of like an alebrije but not as colorful. His head bobs around when you touch him.

I got this for everyone to share. One side looks like this:

Cancun day 4 photo 8

But turn it around, and the other side looks like this!

Cancun day 4 photo 9
Yes, it’s a crèche! Mom and I thought it was funny how it had a cow AND a monkey in it, that’s why we picked this one. It will be fun at Christmas time to get this out to decorate with and I can remember how much fun we had on our trip.

Mom helped me hang the sombrero in my room, but before we did, we decided to let Stuart try it on!
Cancun day 4 photo 7
It fits him pretty well, doesn’t it?! Sorry Stuart, it’s going on the wall, but maybe I’ll let you wear it once in a while. 😉

There you have it, all about my trip to Cancun! I hope you enjoyed hearing all about it, I had a great time and really enjoyed telling you about our adventures. Not sure when I’ll get to go on another trip like that again, but I hope mom lets me go again soon. She’s finally starting to feel better, and says she has some day trips planned for some of us in the not so distant future. I can’t wait to find out what she has in mind!

(In case you are wondering: No, they don’t sell doll sized shirts in Cancun. Cassandra’s shirt was made by Maggie from “If Dolls Could Dream” from an adult t-shirt she strategically cut. Pretty clever, huh?! Thanks Maggie!)


14 thoughts on “Cancun: heading home

    • No haggling where we were at for these items, but I know mom’s friend did some for some dishes she bought at one of the markets. Mom said she can remember doing that with street vendors in New York City too, sounds interesting! –Cassandra

  1. Love the authentic souvenirs. Also love the tee shirt (thank you for the added note). the hat looks great on Stuart. so glad you had a great time and could share your adventures while Flo is under the weather. Hope you get an A on your homework.

  2. Sounds like such a cool trip, about 9 years ago when my family used to be missionaries we went to Mexico and lived there for about 2 years! we went to the beach, and went to see Chichen Itza! It was so fun but I’m glad I live back in the USA 🙂
    Those souvenirs are so cool!

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