“Where in the world is Cassandra Lee????”

Hola amigos!!! Cómo estás?  It’s Cassandra posting today, and you are probably wondering why I am starting this post in Spanish.  Remember how mom said that she had some prior commitments that were going to keep her away from the blog for a little while?  Well, one of those prior commitments was a trip to Cancun, Mexico! Yup, that’s right, her, Mr. Flo and little old me all got on an airplane and went to Mexico.

Back in June, Mr. Flo went to one of his work meetings and found out that the company he works for was running a contest and the prize was a trip to Cancun.  It wasn’t just for one person to win, everyone could possibly win, pretty cool, huh?  His whole division won, they had to beat the projected sales figures as a group for the 6 months running from July 1st through December 31st.  His group knocked it out of the park!  About 80 employees and their guests all met up in Cancun for a long weekend of fun at a resort there.

We flew out bright and early Thursday morning, we had to get up at 3AM, ugh!  Fortunately the airport is only about an hour from the house, but when we got there it was super busy.  I guess quite a few colleges started spring break about that time and everyone was trying to get somewhere away from the cold weather.  Mom said she couldn’t believe how busy it was, she’s flown out of Pittsburgh many times early in the morning and said it usually looks like a ghost town.  It sure didn’t that day!

We traveled from Pittsburgh to Houston, Texas for a short layover, and then on from there to Cancun.  Once we got through immigration, we had to find the bus to take us to the resort, it was crazy busy!  The exit was crowded with so many people trying to get business for their transportation service it made our heads spin.  Finally one of the rest of the group that flew down with us found where we needed to be and we hopped on the bus.  It took about 20 minutes to get to the resort and it was time for the vacation to officially start.

The resort we stayed at was called LiveAqua and every single room in it faces the ocean.  How well you could see it depended on how high up you were.

Cancun day 1 photo 1
Every room has a balcony, you can see it behind me. Are you ready to check out the view from our room???
Cancun day 1 photo 2
Check it out, we were on the top floor, floor number nueve! (Nine in English) We had an AWESOME view of everything, it was incredible. Here are some more photos from the balcony:
Cancun day 1 photo 3

Cancun day 1 photo 4

Cancun day 1 photo 5

Unfortunately right after we arrived it started to rain, but that was okay. We were all very tired after getting up so early to go to the airport, so all 3 of us took a nap. Then we got up and headed downstairs for a big dinner that the company was hosting, the food was yummy: salad, filet mignon with shrimp skewers, mashed potatoes and a lemon cake for dessert. That was followed by a karaoke competition, the first guy who sang did James Brown’s “I Feel Good” and totally nailed it, he was fantastic. We ran into him later on in the trip and found out that he sings professionally as a hobby and he felt a little bad about it–but the prize was 2 paid days off for him and any employees at his table, so they weren’t complaining!

Stay tuned for lots more photos and more stories about what we did in Cancun! I’m taking over the blog for the next few days while mom recovers. She not only got the customary sickies from traveling to Mexico (if ya know what I mean 😉 ) but also picked up bronchitis (as did Mr. Flo too) from some guy who was hacking his head off on the way to Texas. YUCK!

(Cassandra’s outfit is from “If Dolls Could Dream” and the shoes are from Sophia’s–from the big box of goodies Aunt Sharry sent us. They were perfect for the trip!)

20 thoughts on ““Where in the world is Cassandra Lee????”

    • Unfortunately Montezuma and an upper respiratory both paid a visit. My body is not happy with two things duking it out. Fortunately, I have nowhere to be or anything major that has to be done this week, so I can concentrate on writing, sleeping and trying to feel better.

      The view was awesome, I spent a lot of time out there just watching and listening to the ocean.

      • Oh, no! So sorry to hear that. I do hope you feel better soon! Recovering takes time. Being tied to the room…you could have had worse views. Minor comfort, but still some.

        Is is Buffet or James Taylor who has a really popular song that basically recounts a bout of Montezuma?

      • Thank heavens we didn’t get really sick until after we were home, that so wouldn’t have been fun! I can’t say that I’ve heard that song, sounds interesting, will have to look it up.

  1. Wow, Cassandra, you are so lucky…that must’ve been a blast! I love the view from the balcony. Just amazing. The water is so beautiful. I hope your mom is feeling better!

    • Mom is starting to see some improvement, I’ll pass the message along! It was so fun to get to go to a foreign country!

  2. What a wonderful view! Glad you could have a winter get-away, and hope you are feeling better soon.

    • Thanks, I definitely see some change, I just think because I’ve got two completely different things at the same time, it’s going to take a while before I feel normal–whatever that is!

  3. Trudy is so jealous, she is looking forward to more photo’s and when she and Cassandra get together later this spring to hear all the particulars. Although she has spent a lot of time on the boards, she has never been out of the country for an acting part. Raynia also thought going to Cancun was so great, and is hopeful she and Trudy will get to go to Portugal to visit relatives in the near future. Not real keen on the sicky part of the vacation, Montezuma always manages to make an appearance even though he has been dead for hundreds of years.

    • Yeah, Montezuma is a mean old cuss that doesn’t give up, does he?!?!? I definitely see improvement this morning with both things though, now it’s more a matter of getting my energy level back. I did manage to get the suitcases unpacked, took me all day, but I did it!

  4. Flo: I’m so sorry you’re sick! {{HUGS}} Poor thing…you need a vacation from your vacation! But I hope you had a wonderful time anyway. (LOL @ “Mr. Flo”!)

    Cassandra: I’m glad you could make use of the shoes I sent you. The view from your room is amazing! I can’t wait to see you out and about enjoying Mexico.

    • Yes, we definitely need a vacation from the vacation LOL! We did have a good time though, and hopefully by the weekend we will be all better. –Flo

      The shoes were perfect Aunt Sharry! We did a lot of walking (poor mom and her bad knee), and they made it seem like a breeze. I told mom she needs a pair. –Cassandra

  5. Wow! What a beautiful view! And how awesome that your husband’s whole division won! 😀 I’m so sorry to hear you guys got sick though! I hope you feel better soon!

    • I thought it was a very unique way to promote “team work” within the company, most places only award the top people, so this was a great incentive. Rumor has it they may do it again for a trip next year, fingers crossed! I’m seeing improvement, I just need to get over this overwhelming exhaustion now. Having two illnesses at the same time is NOT the way to do it.

    • I agree, she is awesome! I’ve lost track of how many things I’ve bought from her. I was hooked from the first thing I bought though.

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