A New Etsy Discovery

I LOVE Etsy.  Have I said that before?  I love it for so many reasons: supporting small businesses, finding unique items, getting things custom made.  The list goes on and on.  I’m always happy when I find a new Etsy shop to love as well, and I recently ordered two items from one that I’m super tickled with.

I can’t take the credit for this site, Evil Twin actually found it and told me about it.  I recently found two items listed that my dolls couldn’t live without, so I decided to give it a try.  😉

The site is called Sewgrandmacathy and has a nice variety of things to offer.  I decided to take the plunge with a skirt and a pair of sandals.  Both are very high quality.

Here is Alya modeling the skirt.  I LOVE this skirt for so many reasons.  It’s very well made and looks like it would hold up to lots of doll play.  I remember having a full skirt like this when I was in first grade, it was the perfect skirt for “twirling” in.  And I’m very happy to see that this skirt has some length to it, yay!  I’m not a big fan of this recent trend in doll clothes to make skirts so ridiculously short.  She has several skirts for sale in this style in a variety of prints.


A closeup of the skirt and the hem, love the finish!

grandmac2 grandmac3

The other item I bought was a pair of sandals.  Right around Christmas I bought part of the retired Sailor Beach Outfit off Ebay.  Unfortunately the sandals that came with it weren’t in the greatest shape, but not a big deal for all I paid for the outfit.  When I saw these, I HAD TO HAVE THEM!  They are the perfect replacement for the ones that came with the outfit.  Actually, I like them better.  Also very well made and they fit great, very easy to get on.  She has a couple of other pairs that intrigue me and summer is just around the corner…

grandmac4 grandmac5

Perfect, huh?!?!

grandmac6 grandmac7

Here you can see how nicely they fit, and they are super simple to get on.

Shipping was lightning fast and I like that she posts her shipping dates right on her Etsy store, so no questions about when it’s going to be shipped.  I’ve had some not-so-great experiences with a few Etsy sellers who I’ve purchased items from and it has taken forever for them to be shipped.  Her prices are very reasonable too, I definitely will be buying more from this seller.  PLUS she has items for other dolls as well, I have seen items made for Hearts for Hearts dolls on her site as well as Kidz N Catz, both lines that are a little more difficult to find clothing for than 18″ dolls.

Be sure to check her Etsy site out:  Sewgrandmacathy.

I REALLY hate WordPress!!!!

Anyone else feel this way?  I didn’t want to put this blog on WordPress, I wanted it to be on Blogger where my other blog is, but when I went to select my blog name, someone else (who hasn’t used it in ages) had already beat me to it.

Why do I hate WordPress?  It is VERY touchy.  I apologize to anyone who got notification of a post yesterday but can’t read it.  Why you ask????  BECAUSE IT WASN’T FINISHED!!!  Somehow it ended up published and as soon as I realized it, I went in and “unpublished”.  I just found out this morning that it went out to everyone on my e-mail notification list in it’s unfinished entirety.  ARGH!!!!

This isn’t my only complaint about WordPress, I’ve got many, but this is the one that has me angry at the moment.

I don’t even feel like finishing the post now that I’ve found this out.  I feel like giving up at the moment, I don’t feel like dealing with this kind of stuff.  It’s little things like this that take the fun out of blogging. Again, I hate WordPress.   😦

Happy Easter!!

I had good intentions for a cute post for Easter, but since I’m still recovering from the flu, it didn’t happen. Oh well, there is always next year! Instead, I’m going to share one of my favorite Easter related cartoons instead. Which leads me to a question: do you eat the ears off your chocolate rabbit first?