Doll Sized Finds: “One Is The Loneliest Number”

Last time I posted about doll sized finds, I mentioned it might be a while.  I was right.  Not only has it been a while, but this time around, I only have one item to share with you, hence the name of the post.  I’ve not only been super busy with some other things, I just haven’t had the mojo to trek around to thrift stores lately.  It probably doesn’t help that I did a massive clean out of my kitchen cupboards and instead of buying stuff at thrift stores, I donated a bunch of stuff.  I NEED nothing!

Anyhow, I did want to share this with everyone before I forgot.  I went to TJMaxx one day to see if I could find anything cool, and I saw this:

one 2 one 3

I saw this little pitcher and immediately thought it would be perfect for doll use.  It’s actually meant to be used for making espresso, but that’s not what I’ll use it for.  It was only $3.99, and I like the fact that it’s not clear, so you can imagine whatever beverage you want is in it: milk, lemonade, water, whatever!

Here is Sophia with it so you can see the size proportionate to a doll:

one 1

“Excuse me ma’am, would you like a refill on your iced tea?”

Best part is I’ve been wanting a pitcher for my doll kitchen and/or bakery. I looked at the “Garden Party” set from Our Generation because I thought the pitcher in it was cute, but really didn’t feel like spending $16.99 when it was the only thing that caught my eye in it. The rest of what is in it is repeats of items I already have. This is the perfect substitute.

Just a quick note too, this will be the last post for at least a week to 10 days, I have some prior commitments in the coming week that will keep me too busy to post. I promise though, when I get back to posting, it will be worth the wait, lots of fun posts and excitement here! Till then, ta-ta!! 🙂

15 thoughts on “Doll Sized Finds: “One Is The Loneliest Number”

  1. Good find! Also, your Sophia looks super great in that outfit. It’s good to know that she can pull off something besides a neon sundress. 🙂

    • Thanks! I wish I could find one like it human sized, they aren’t nearly as heavy as the ceramic one I have.

      • Cold water in an aluminum pitcher is especially yummy. Don’t know what it is, but it just seems extra refreshing.

      • YES! I’m not a fan of beverages out of plastic to begin with. It just doesn’t taste the same. I think it stays colder in metal too.

  2. Adorable find! Love that pitcher.

    I stopped by the local Salvation Army Thrift Shop Saturday…I picked up four louses for myself, but the housewares and toy section held zip, zilch, zero! I was very disappointed. Then I headed to Target. The Garden Party set was there, but I too passed. The other set was the “Day at the Faire” passed on that too. The OG section is still pathetic. I wonder if they are ever going to restock the outfits. 😦

    • I agree, it’s like they have forgotten about our neck of the woods! I’m also a bit tired of seeing repeated items in new sets, and I’ve only been buying OG sets for about 2 years.

  3. The pitcher is a great find. I sometimes find great stuff in TJ Maxx too. For awhile they had doll-sized furniture, but it was too expensive, besides I have a wood-working shop in my garage! I like those metal pitchers too. I remember those metal drinking cups too, they kept ice water SO cold. I think that may be why water tastes so good out of those metal pitchers. I hope the girls make up a batch of ice cold lemonade this summer!

    • TJ Maxx has been a great resource for odds and ends, most of the things I’ve found there haven’t been for dolls but could be repurposed. I did laugh at them selling an Our Generation doll for more than one they sold for at Target!

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