Snowball Dance

Kennedy has a long standing tradition of a dance the last weekend of January for the 7th and 8th graders.  Called the “Snowball Dance”, it’s an opportunity for the kids to get dressed up and have a fun evening together.  It’s a great way to prepare them for future events like prom and homecoming, plus a good way to get out of the house in the dreary winter weather.

snowball sign

Rebecca, Cassandra, Zara, Fiona and Kanani are all in 7th grade, so this would be the first time they would get to go.  They were all so excited.  The best part is figuring out what to wear, so they spent a lot of time deciding who would wear what.  The school emphasizes that this isn’t the prom, and that it’s a good opportunity for the girls to wear dresses from previous special events (weddings, bat mitzvah’s, Christmas, etc.) so they are discouraged from buying something new just for the evening.  The girls here had it all figured out pretty quickly, just by swapping around dresses they had in their wardrobes already.  Boys are expected to wear dress pants, button up shirts, dress shoes and ties.  Jackets are optional.

Of course, there is food and dancing.  But the big event for the evening is when they crown the King, Queen, Prince and Princess of the Snowball Dance.  The King and Queen are 8th graders, the Prince and Princess 7th graders, and are voted on by their classmates.  The girls were busy discussing who they thought would win while they got dressed.

“I hope Susie Graham doesn’t get princess, she isn’t very nice.”

“I bet Josh Montgomery gets king, he’s dreamy!”

“Wouldn’t it be fun if one of our friends won?”

Before everyone was ready to leave, I made sure I got pictures of all of them in their pretty dresses:

snowball 1

snowball 2   snowball 3

The rest of the girls were kind of bummed that they weren’t going to get to go.  I suggested to them that they have a slumber party here.  I told them about what we used to do when I was in high school, anyone in our group who didn’t get asked to homecoming or prom all got together and we had what we jokingly called “the Pity Party”.  It was always fun, we did all sorts of crazy things and ate lots of junk food.  To be honest, the few times I did go to the dances, I was wishing I hadn’t been asked, the Pity Party was always more fun!!  They thought it sounded like a good idea.

Fiona’s mom offered to drive the girls to the dance since she has a van big enough to take them all.  They quickly put on their jackets and headed out.

snowball 4

They were barely out the door when the rest of the girls ran upstairs to put their pj’s on!!  After they got dressed, they hung out in Alya and Shivan’s room for a bit.

snowball 5

After chatting a while, they decided to head downstairs to watch TV and eat some of the munchies they had made.  Everything looked so good!

snowball 8 snowball 9

A little after 10:00, we heard the van in the driveway.  The girls all came in to the house, even Fiona and Kanani.  We should have known something was up!

snowball 11

Then Cassandra, in her best cheerleading voice yelled “Introducing, the Snowball Princess…FIONA BROWN!!!!!”

snowball 12    snowball 13

All of the girls squealed!  “Oh my gosh” gushed Louisa, “that is so exciting!!”  The room was abuzz with chatter as they all discussed what happened.  Fiona showed them all her tiara too.  “I bet Susie Graham was so mad!” said Abby.  “Oh, she sure was” replied Rebecca.  “The look on her face was priceless!”

snowball 14 edited

After the girls were done talking about Fiona’s excitement, she and Kanani had to leave.  The Brown family were the official greeters at church the following morning and they had to make sure they got to bed at a reasonable time.  Everyone said their goodbyes and they went out the door.

snowball 15

“So,” inquired Cassandra, “what have you been doing while we’ve been at the dance?”  “Eating and watching TV,” replied Marie-Grace & Louisa at the same time.  “I don’t think I could eat another thing” replied Zara, “they had so much good food at the dance too!”

snowball 16

Then Cassandra added “yeah, there was a lot of food, and it was fun when Fiona won princess, but other than that, it was pretty boring.  I would have rather stayed home with you guys!”

snowball 17

I can so relate! 😉


20 thoughts on “Snowball Dance

    • I think they all clean up pretty well! I missed out on the jewelry and accessories of prom and homecoming, it wasn’t trendy until a few years after I graduated. I’m glad to hear that kids no longer have to have dates to go to these events either, every girl should have the opportunity to have a pretty dress to wear at least once, date or no date.

  1. Everyone looked gorgeous in their gowns! I really like both gowns on the far ends in the top photo. Red is an amazing color on Rebecca as well! The Pity Party girls look oh so cozy in their jammies. I’m really glad Suzie Graham didn’t win either…mean girls should never be the queen of anything! 😉

    • The dresses on the ends are my favorites as well. And very observant on Rebecca in the red, I did that on purpose just because it really is her color. I don’t know why I should be surprised, she’s my doppleganger and red is frequently my go-to color as well. I wanted to go get in my jammies and join the Pity Party after I got everyone dressed.

      And yes, mean girls shouldn’t win!

  2. Loved the girls in their dresses, also the jammie party looked like it was just as much fun, maybe more.
    Who is Josh Montgomery???? Is this someone from your high school past Flo?
    Glad that little Graham girl didn’t get the princess crown. It was nice that Fiona won, It will make her stay here nicer knowing she has been accepted among her schoolmates.

    • He’s nobody, a totally made up name! I don’t think I even went to school with anyone named Josh, not ahead of me or behind me within a few years. Susie Graham is actually based on someone I knew though, but loosely, she was no beauty queen, just snotty.

  3. I loved this story! I love the idea of the “pity party,” too! I’m glad Fiona won over the snotty girl. I completely missed whoever was crowned king and queen at my prom. It was held at an aquarium and they allowed us to walk through the exhibits, so my friends and I spent the night doing that instead of dancing haha.

    • I couldn’t tell you who was prom king and queen either! I do remember who was the homecoming queen my Sr. year, but only because it was a bit of a scandal. Ugh. A prom at an aquarium sounds like it would be fun!

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