Review of Our Generation “Cute As Pie” set

Our Generation has really been on the ball lately with lots of new sets that have TONS of potential.  So much so that even at their affordable prices, one could go broke!  I regularly check out OGDOLLS.COM to see if there is anything new on there, and one day I saw a set I HAD to have, no doubt about it.  If you have done any searching for the new OG sets when they first come out, you know that sometimes it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack.  I wasn’t about to give up though, and at this point, it’s still early days as it was just introduced in December.  I know last year there were some sets introduced about the same time that were difficult to find, and now I see them on the Target website as well as frequently in stores.

So, you can imagine my complete and total surprise when one day right after the new year, I was in Target, and there, hanging amongst the 7 or 8 items they had in stock, was my “elusive” set!  Of course it came home with me!!!!

This set is just “cute as pie”, such an appropriate name. When I saw it online, I immediately thought it would be a great set to have because of it’s versatility, I could use it in both the doll kitchen and at the bakery. The other plus was that it didn’t have a lot of repeats from previous OG sets that I had purchased. Here are some close ups of the items out of the package:

cute 1I thought the grill pan was especially cute in that it had actually raised areas just like a real grill pan.  My only complaint on these pieces is that some of the paint is knocked off the lid handle.  Otherwise, very cute, and I love the fact that the interiors are a different color from the exterior, makes them look like Le Creuset.  Ooooh lala!

cute 2

A colander, a scale with some fruit and a percolator. The colander doesn’t have any holes, nor does the scale actually work, but all adorable pieces regardless.

cute 3   cute 4

Some cute cooking utensils!  I love how they added paint to these to give them the look of silicon coating.  Makes them unique from previous utensils in other sets.  I also love how the tongs actually work.

cute 5

Three bowls and two storage containers with lids. Not sure why “3” bowls, but that’s okay. The thing that surprised me more than anything about this set is that on the package and website, they refer to the storage containers as Tupperware. I seriously doubt they have Tupperware’s permission to use the name…

cute 6
Two teacups with what I assume is hot chocolate in them as it isn’t transparent. I found that kind of odd considering the set comes with a percolator. What do I know?! These are my least favorite part of the set.

cute 7
A sugar dispenser and salt and pepper shakers. Complete with glitter so the contents actually move! I thought these were cute as did a non-doll friend of mine.

And now for my favorite pieces in the whole set:
cute 9
Every kitchen should have cruets with vinegar and olive oil, as well as a container with pancake syrup! I love the details on these pieces, and I have to admit, they are probably the main reason I wanted the set. 🙂

There is also a little dish towel with hearts on it that I have already managed to misplace, oops!

This set gets an A+ from me, so many great pieces and as I said earlier, not a lot of repeats from prior sets. It retails at Target for $16.99. If you see it, grab it, I have a feeling that this is going to be a very popular set once they get the distribution bugs sorted out on it. It’s a great set for a doll kitchen or a diner set up, and because of the way it is designed, some of the items included can be used in current or retro set ups. I have noticed some more fun sets appearing on other blogs and on Ebay that aren’t on the OG Dolls website, so I’m hoping this means that there are additional sets to come. Fingers crossed!


23 thoughts on “Review of Our Generation “Cute As Pie” set

    • I’ve found that you just have to keep checking Target (or multiple Targets) and sometimes you will find what you are looking for. I will give you a little hint: use Ebay auctions to see where inventory seems to be appearing in different parts of the country. I usually keep an eye out for when listings appear in the Pittsburgh area for me and then start looking. Otherwise you can waste a ton of time.

  1. It’s all very cute! I like that percolator. I’ve been looking for the OG flip chairs but I don’t know if they are new and not in stock or old and not in stock.

    • If you are talking about the beach set with the little sand castle in it, that is brand new. They have 3 new sets that I’m aware of, (beach, fair and garden party) not on their website. Not sure why though!

  2. WOW! SO cute! I don’t know why but my Target only seems to have the car, trailer and horses and sometimes a camping set! I may have to just go online and order this set, it has so many cute items.

    • I haven’t seen it on the Target website, but I suspect sometime in the not so distant future it probably will show up. People are charging ridiculous prices for it on Ebay.

  3. Great set. I’ve seen it in my Target and have wondered about the pie myself. Great kitchen set though.

    I know what you mean about misplacing the towel. Those little piece of cloth items are easy to misplace. I recently found the kerchief from the small accessory set with the aviator sunglasses. It’s tucked away in another spot now a little easier to find. 🙂 Hope your tea/dish towel turns up soon.

  4. I was at Target today, a few new things available, but I stuck to my guns of not adding anything new. However, I came to the conclusion that OG puts the crappy shoes with the outfits so that you will want to buy the more snazzy and substantial shoes that are sold separately.

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