Doll Sized Finds–December/January Drought

I didn’t do much in terms of looking for doll sized finds in the month of December simply because I didn’t have time.  January has been very slow as well.  But as I’ve mentioned before, I don’t know that I need to look that much now, and if I do, it’s going to be very selective.  However, sometimes opportunity presents itself!

My husband and I decided to take a ride to see one of his customers on a weekend, and I took that opportunity to check out a thrift store I’d noticed, but hadn’t stopped at.  It was a nice store, but using my self-imposed rules, I only got one thing:

DSF Jan 16 5Isn’t he adorable?  You probably recognize him from the “Sick Ward” post as Fiona’s toy.  He’s a TY Beanie Baby from a McDonald’s Happy Meal.  He cost me all of 49 cents, well worth it.  (Sorry for the crap picture, my camera had another nervous break down and I had to use my iPod)

After Christmas I had a trip to Target.  I was surprised to see how much Christmas stuff they had as it was well after the New Year–but I’m not going to complain.  I got this adorable pink tree ornament for 30 cents!

DSF Jan 16
I think it will make a great decoration in the dollhouse next year.

On the same Target trip, I came across this MI World package on clearance for $1.48. I’ve seen where several different people have used these accessories with the mini dolls, so I decided to go ahead and get it.
DSF Jan 16 2
Here you can see all of the cute little pieces that come with it, as well as the stickers. Very cute!

 DSF Jan 16 4  DSF Jan 16 3

That’s it!  Slim pickings, but I’ve been working on some other things and really haven’t had a lot of time to look.  Have you found any goodies on clearance or in thrift stores recently?

7 thoughts on “Doll Sized Finds–December/January Drought

    • Part of my problem is I haven’t been motivated to go to thrift stores enough, plus I need absolutely nothing. So I’ve been skipping them.

  1. I love that miWorld set for the minis. I think I’ve picked up all the food packs now for them. Of course, none of it is all that healthful. 🙂

    The dog is adorable! Great find.

    I do like Happy Meal toys for my doll collection. The conversation heart pillows last February were great home decor. I do get annoyed when they don’t give me the right thing though. Last time I said “for a girl” and got one of the transformers for the boys. They are too big. Oh, well.

    • I loved the conversation heart pillows, they were one of the best ones they did. Did you get any of the Build A Bear ones they had at Christmas? They were cute too.

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