Louisa’s “Premiere”

If you remember back to November, Louisa told the girls that her show choir group would be singing at the county courthouse in December.  The local cable company comes in and records all of the groups that sing, and then they play them in a continuous loop starting Christmas eve into Christmas day.  Unfortunately the only girls that were home when it was played were Louisa, Fiona and Kanani.  Luckily, Louisa’s mom had recorded it and saved it to a DVD so that once everyone got back, they would get to see it too.  Saturday Louisa brought the DVD over so the girls here could see it.

Everyone settled into the living room so they could watch, they were really excited.  Next thing they knew, Louisa and the rest of the kids they went to school with were on the TV.  Louisa is in the back row in the group since she’s one of the taller girls.

premiere 1

premiere 2

They got to sing for about 50 minutes, and they sang a nice variety of songs.  They started with “Jingle Bells”, then “Fruitcake” (which I remember singing when I was that age!).  They also included “I Have A Little Dreidel” for those who celebrate Hannukah, as well as “The Kwanzaa Song” for those celebrating Kwanzaa.  Louisa said it was fun to learn the song for Kwanzaa because they got to learn some words in Swahili, but hard too!

About mid-way through the concert it was time for Louisa’s solo!  She got to sing the whole first part of the song “O Holy Night” all by herself, then the rest of the choir joined in.  She said she was very nervous, but she did a terrific job.

premiere 4
She said she would have been even more nervous if she’d realized that the cameraman was going to do a close up of her! She’s so cute though, I can see why.

After that, they sang “Do They Know It’s Christmas” and a couple of more songs. Then they quickly put on their sparkly suspenders and grabbed their hats for the “grand finale!”  Their next to the last song was “We Need A Little Christmas” and the finale was “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”. It was a fantastic performance and they all should be very proud.

premiere 3

“Wow, you all are so good!” exclaimed Shivan. “You sound like a bunch of professional singers!” chimed in Cassandra. “Thanks guys!” replied Louisa. “I just hope I get picked again next year and we get to do the courthouse concert again, it was lots of fun!”


8 thoughts on “Louisa’s “Premiere”

    • Yes, it’s good to have them all back. Shivan’s outfit is a mix of pieces I’ve had–the shirt is from a Tolly Tots outfit I bought a number of years ago, it’s brutal cold here at the moment and the girls needed warm clothes so I dug it out.

    • Thanks! The photo I used for the TV is an actual show choir from our area, taken at the county courthouse a couple of Christmases ago. Unfortunately my printer was starting to run out of ink, so it’s not the greatest quality, but hey, it’s a cable access channel! 😉

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