Review of Our Generation Turn On The Brrrights set

Back in December, I was on a winter coat kick.  Probably because it was that time of year.  Ironically, we had one of the warmest Decembers on record, so all of the coats sat in the doll coat closet!  Here we are in January, with somewhat normal temperatures, but not much in way of snow.  I’m not complaining!  (But Fiona sure is, she was looking forward to lots of skiing!)

One of the sets I purchased was the Our Generation “Turn On The Brrrights” set.  I’m going to be perfectly honest, I wasn’t sure about this outfit because of the way the sleeves were finished, but I decided to take the plunge while Target was running their free shipping for the holiday.  That way I knew it would come in a box as opposed to that horrid Our Generation packaging they have on the items sold in store.  If I needed to return it, I wouldn’t be dealing with a mutilated package.

Here is what it came with:

brights 1
The set includes the coat, gloves, scarf, tights, boots and a hanger. Another set with tights, I guess they just want everyone to stay warm?! I have to say that I really like the color on these tights and think that they have tons of uses, so I’m not complaining.

This is Louisa’s coat, so I’m going to let her model it!
brights 2
The fit on this coat is good, much better than I expected. I did have to work the ends of the sleeves around her hands a bit, partially because she had the gloves on and partially because of the elastic finish towards the end. The elastic was the main reason I was concerned about this coat fitting an American Girl doll, they have a bigger hand spread than Our Generation, but it turned out to be a non-issue. The only real problem I had was because she had long sleeves on, it was a bit tight that way, so note to self, only short sleeves with this coat!

Here is a view of the back:
brights 3
I think this is a very realistic looking coat, probably one of the best I’ve come across.

And here is my favorite part–the hood! Isn’t this cute?!?! I love the contrasting animal print fabric. 🙂

brights 4
The rest of the set is pretty standard, the gloves fit well, the tights fit well. I’m not a fan of the sequined boots, but they fit much better than the other boots I’ve received in OG sets. The scarf is very cute and sufficiently long, but I’m not crazy about the color they selected to go with this coat. It is more of a fluorescent shade of pink and doesn’t match the gloves.  I think it would have worked better in a different color.  Not sure why they didn’t make it the same color as the gloves?!

brights 5

Here you can see the fit on the boots and the tights. I am super impressed with how well tights from Our Generation fit the American Girl dolls, as well if not maybe better than the ones from AG! They don’t seem to be as much of a struggle to put on. I am already eyeing these ones up to go with the generic Isabelle tunic outfit I picked up on Cyber Monday, I think they would look cute with the neutral tones of the tunic and the peach tones of the shoes and belt.

brights 6

Here is a good photo of the interior of the coat so you can see how nicely finished it is. The zipper works great too and appears to be of good quality so it will hold up. I can see Louisa getting many years of wear out of this coat.

Overall, I give this set an A. I’m not giving it an A+ because of the bizarre scarf color and ugly boots, otherwise, I think it’s a fantastic set. It retails at Target for $17.99, I got it when it was on sale for $14.31. Well worth the price!


10 thoughts on “Review of Our Generation Turn On The Brrrights set

    • I bought a lot of swimsuits this past summer too, I wanted to make sure that everyone had one.

      Fortunately I can use all of the parts (except those boots, blech) with other items instead. I just don’t know what they are thinking sometimes when it comes to color combos!

  1. WOW! That jacket does look very realistic! I love that they used a different fabric for the hood lining and the coat lining. I’m gonna have to look for that next time I’m at Target!

    • If you don’t find it in a Target store, it seems to be available pretty regularly on their website. I am torn between it and the “Snow Bright” coat as to which is my favorite, they both are pretty cute!

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