New Years Goals and Wishlist

It’s January and it’s that time of year when so many of us think about what we’d like to change or do in the coming year.  I don’t make resolutions, I learned a long time ago that most of us end up breaking them, me included.  Instead of a resolution, several years ago I decided to do something different, inspired by a friend.  Pick a word that reflects what you’d like to accomplish through the coming year.  My word for this year is “clean”.  Clean my house, clean my body, clean my hobbies, etc.  I’ve been working on getting rid of things over the past few years, items we don’t need or use, so I will continue to work on that, but now that I’ve managed to do a bit of purging, it’s time to work on the next obvious step.  It won’t be easy, but even if I make a nice dent in it, I feel like I will have accomplished something towards my goal.clean

I’m sure you’re wondering how this applies to my doll world.  First off, the dollhouse really does need “cleaned”.  Unfortunately one section of it tends to accumulate more dust because of it’s proximity to the heating/cooling vent, blech.  But it also needs organized.  I’ve had a lot of fun collecting little things for it to make it more realistic, but I’ve now crossed that line of too much.  So it’s time to go through each room and decide what works best.  Which takes me to my next step of figuring out what to do with all of the extras.  Some things are going to go, and some things just put away in an organized storage system of some sort.  One of my biggest frustrations is trying to remember where something is.  I spent a good bit of this past weekend going through things and figuring out what to do.  I made a pretty good dent in it, and now it’s time to fine tune.  I did feel like I accomplished a lot though.

Even though I’m trying to organize and such, it doesn’t mean that I will quit buying.  I will probably slow WAY down in the “doll sized finds” category, simply because the dollhouse is furnished, and the girls have way more toys/knick knacks than they need!  I will still look, just not as often, and the “it has to be better than what I have already” rule applies.  One area I want to focus on is picking up some older items before AG decides to retire some of these pieces, I’m still kicking myself over the science set.  So, what do I want???

Addy’s Christmas dress (I don’t have Addy, but I LOVE this dress, and with rumors of her impending retirement, I don’t want to miss out!)

addy dressKit school dress


Kit’s Reporter Set (I want that camera!)

Some of Kit’s outfits.  I love just about all of Kit’s collection, so I’ll have to pick one or two up as I go.

Possibly Lea’s Bahia outfit and her hiking outfit.  Still waiting for reviews from other bloggers on these.

A few Truly Me outfits, but only if they go on sale. 😉  I like them, but not enough to pay full price.  Some of the accessories are cute, but I’m rapidly approaching the saturation point on that kind of stuff.  A good sale might make me reconsider, but it would only be a couple of items that would interest me.

Etsy sellers are going to be another focus, there are a couple of things I want to pick up, and I’m sure there will be more before it’s over with!  One nice thing about Etsy is that there are always new things turning up from my favorite sellers as well as new sellers.  Shop small!!!!!

Another area I need to “clean” is my crafting stash.  A couple of months ago I did a purge on many of my paper crafting supplies and I’m still thinning out equipment.   I have a ton of fabric that I’ve purchased thinking “wouldn’t that make a cute doll dress?” (or top or pants) and then it ends up in the pile.  I’m banning myself from setting foot in the fabric section of ANY store unless I NEED a specific piece of fabric or item to finish a project.  Originally I thought it might be fun to try and sew one item per week, but decided that was maybe a bit too restrictive.  Plus, at this time of year I have a hard time sewing because of a lack of good lighting.  Instead, I want to make a minimum of one item per month, and if I have time (and light!), make more.  Some items will be for my gang, some as gifts, but the goal is to “clean” out my fabric stash.

no 1no 2

no 3

Craft-wise I have several things I want to finish.  I’m also banning myself from buying anything to make a craft with until I use up some of this stuff and finish the items I’ve started.  (that rule doesn’t just apply to doll stuff either.)  The good part on that is I have quite a few ideas on how to use up these things, yay!  Some of my craft projects are:

Chair I bought in the thrift store

Make bowling balls from idea I got at American Girl Ideas (I have them, just need to drill and paint!)

Give Jan new hair

Use up the sheet of MDF I have, purchased for another project and sitting behind the door for the last 2 – 3 years! (stay tuned, if this works out, it’s going to be way too cute!)  I am allowing myself the purchase of a few things to finish this project, but that’s it!

Repaint the horses.  Make them new tack.

Make bedding for crib and rehome Bitty Baby with my grand-niece.

Two other things I want to do are possibly have Abby’s head replaced, her hair is getting worse, it actually looks like it’s so dry on top it’s breaking.  Nothing seems to be helping.  Still thinking on that.  And Kit needs repaired, she took a nasty fall (argh!), it messed up one of her eyes so it doesn’t close properly.  I suspect that the frame that holds it in place is damaged, so she needs a trip to a doll hospital.  Neither of these things have a specific time frame attached as the dolls are fine for the blog without them, but I would like to get them fixed before the year is out.  Abby obviously will need to go to the AG hospital, Kit I’m hoping can be repaired by someone with the right parts.  Or should I send them at the same time to the same place so they can room together?! 🙂

poor kit
Poor Kit 😦

There you have it, my doll related goals and wish list!  Do you have any doll related things you wish to accomplish in 2016?  Or anything you really want to purchase?  I’d love to hear all of your ideas and wishes!  I hope maybe I’ve inspired some of you as well.  They say that making your goals public helps to keep you on track, I guess I’m going to find out if it works. 😉




20 thoughts on “New Years Goals and Wishlist

  1. I have most of Kit’s clothing, and I thought it would help to recomend some to you:
    1. My favorite outfit of all time is her School Skirt outfit. The hat, socks and shoes are just too cute and the shawl and top are a must have for me.
    2. Kit’s School Floral Outfit has lots of detail in it. The only thing I don’t like is the fact that the pleats on the dress are a little messy.
    3. Kit’s Reporter Outfit is just too cute! The dress itself would work for World War II era and the vest is a must have for mix and match.

  2. What a great resolution word you’ve picked! I love fresh starts to a new year. You made a good point about using the craft supplies you have on hand before buying new ones as sometimes I find myself buying things like yarn, cross-stitch patterns, canvas, etc and I never get around to doing the actual projects! It’s hard to pass materials up when you get inspired, but I am making it a goal to try to complete some of these projects as well. 🙂 Addy is on my list too as I love, love, love her collection and I don’t want to miss out. I think she will be my AG focus this year (and most likely Lea, but her doll and PJs only, lol.) Although, I haven’t been tempted to get a Kit doll, I think her outfits are some of the cutest!
    Good luck with all your cleaning this year!

    • That is exactly my problem, and after I did the most recent clean out of my craft room, I decided that I have to restrict myself to buying materials for a craft I’m either currently working on or know that I will most definitely work on within a short period of time (hours or days, NOT weeks!). Too often I buy something thinking “I can make that” or “I can use that” and then it just takes up space.

  3. Well this past year, I was good and organized my doll closet off the living room w/ a shelving unit I picked up on Amazon. As soon as my housemate moves in April, I need to reorganize storage for my TON of doll clothes. Right now they’re being stored in the boxes AG sends you, and they’re full to busting! I also need to move a bookshelf from the spare bedroom to my toyroom, so I can expand my collection of action figures (yes, I collect those too). Sadly, I don’t have room for any new dolls, as i now have 19! (6 AGs, 2 Via-E, 7 Springfield Collection, 1 Adora, and 3 Battat/AG custom boys), but I can dream, can’t I? 🙂

  4. Since all of my dolls but two are rescues, I won’t be adding any new ones this year unless I find a brand at Goodwill that I do not already have. My goal this year is to turn one wall in my spare bedroom into a dollhouse using shelving. I have doll stuff stored in bins in the basement and bedrooms and it is time to get it all in one location so I can look at and enjoy it daily. I hope we all have good luck with our goals, Flo and Sharry!

    • Several years ago I did a major organization of scrapbook supplies and I found that once I had things organized and could actually see what I had easier, I used more of them up instead of just going to the craft store and buying more. I’m using a similar idea for the doll stuff. Good luck with your goals too!

  5. Hi, Kits eye may not be as bad as you think. I once purchased a doll on ebay that had a lazy eye. I decided I won’t make it worse by trying to fix it myself. What I discovered was that there was a lot of lint and dirt inside the eye. If you can clear the debit out, at least in my case the eye works just fine again.

    • I’ve tried many different things on her eye, and because I have horrible arthritis in my hands, trying to take her eye out is not a good option for me as I doubt I would be able to get it back in. I’d much rather leave that to someone who has the experience. She not only fell from a high spot in the doll house, but she hit multiple things on the way down, so I don’t doubt that the frame around the eye is probably broken and that is what is keeping her eye from moving the whole way. They are only made from plastic.

  6. So many good thoughts here!

    I too have the main goal of organizing before purchasing. Of course, I broke that last night because my two most sought after (non-dolls) items were at a Target 20 miles away – that’s right, I found the ice cream truck and cute as pie sets! Pictures as soon as I can. Major life changer in progress (fire on our block, covered my daughter’s and mom’s houses in soot and my furnace) needing attention first (everyone got out fine which is what we’re focusing on and my daughter’s dolls will be professionally cleaned).

    So to organize – going to try to get PAX from IKEA for the whole doll room (giving me at least 6 more rooms). This is a do-over from the current IKEA shelves so I can have walls. Those shelves go to the basement for more much needed storage. I’m thinking of renaming the basement the Tardis (Time And Relative Dimension In Storage).

    • Cool that you found those! I found Cute As Pie recently, I was so excited. I’m glad I haven’t come across the ice cream truck, it looks absolutely adorable but I really don’t have room for it, and best not to deal with the temptation. 😉

      Ugh to the fire, I hope everything works out okay. I’m anxious to see your PAX set up, I considered that before I did mine, but didn’t want something quite that big and heavy. LOL @ your version of Tardis!

  7. New Years resolutions I’ve given up on, so I think finding a word to describe this year sounds fun! I’ll have to think about it… I have so much fabric that I need to use up before going and buying more too, no more unnecessary craft/fabric store purchases for me! Although if it’s a good deal it will be hard to pass up 😉

  8. I have my eyes on a few things for Maryellen… Never mind that she isn’t my doll! I’ve temporarily cooled my jets on Melody. I found the book disappointing. Not the subject matter, but I just feel the writing didn’t bring her to life in the same way we experience with Kit or Maryellen…

    • That’s a bummer about Melody’s book, I only read an excerpt from it that someone had posted. I’m anxious to see which face mold they use for her, but I’m not all that wild about the clothing I’ve seen from the covers.

  9. I like your list and goals. The other day I wanted to shoot some post material and it took me several hours just to organize and put away clothes. Not good. So like you, I plan to organize and reorganize and cool my acquisitions. Okay, well, the Lea sale pointed my list in that direction, for now. But my wardrobe needs are at a stand still it will have to be super outstanding for me to buy. 🙂

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