Dolly Dopplegangers

I’ve seen several custom dolls recently that are made to look like different characters from books, TV or movies.  Cool idea!  But how about dolls that look like someone else, but not deliberately?  You know, one day you are doing something with your doll and look at her a certain way and think “wait a sec…” and it hits you that they look just like someone else.

One of our favorite TV shows around here is “Modern Family”.  Not too long ago, it dawned on me that Cassandra looks an awful lot like Alex Dunphy!  (played by actress Ariel Winter)  What do you think??  I think it wasn’t as obvious before, but with Cassandra’s darker glasses, it makes them look much more alike.  I’m sure Ariel Winter would be thrilled to know that I’m comparing her to a doll. 🙂

alex dunphy   cass dunphy

Personality wise they are similar too, Cassandra and Alex are both good students/bookworms.  However, Alex wouldn’t be caught dead being a cheerleader!!!  They even have their hair parts in the same place, pretty crazy, huh?

There is an episode of Modern Family where they end up at a doll store (that I’m sure is based on American Girl) and Alex finds a doll she likes.  I think Cassandra looks more like her though. 😉

ABC's "Modern Family" - Season Three

Do you have a doll that you think looks like someone else?



10 thoughts on “Dolly Dopplegangers

  1. Well, I think my boy doll Danny looks like Bobby Brady. Especially when he wears a striped shirt. He’s got almost the same type of haircut, too. Also, some of the promo pictures of my Via-E doll, Alexis (renamed Cheryl) look like Danielle Fischel, Topanga from Boy Meets World.

  2. Once I was at a church picnic and I kid looked just like Kirsten! Probably a good Lutheran of Minnesotan stock! I reaalllly wanted to say that to the mom but restrained myself.

  3. Yes, definitely…I can see the resemblance! I actually have two dolls that resemble celebrities (in my opinion). My BFC Ink doll Noelle reminds me of a You Tube star named Ingrid Nilsen and my Liv Katie doll reminds me of the actress who played Marley from Glee named Melissa Benoist. Maybe it’s just me, lol…but I can’t help but think of these women when I look at these dolls 😉

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