Review of Grace’s Travel Set

Hello everyone!  I’m officially back!  Happy 2016 and all that stuff.  We had a nice, relaxing break, and I had an opportunity to get caught up on some of my writing for the blog as well.

2015 is over and Grace Thomas is now archived, one for the American Girl history books.  Her collection has been an interesting study in supply and demand, as well as pricing.  But also proof that AG collectors/fans are growing tired of repeats, we’ve had enough dancers/skaters.  We were ready for something new.  Kudos to AG for coming up with an idea that wasn’t a rehash of a previous collection.  The way items sold out could be proof enough of that, but since I don’t know how inventory of her collection compared with Isabelle (who had items on clearance well into the next year), I can’t really say.  I just know it seemed like there was quite a bit more interest in her than the previous doll.

I wasn’t all that wild about the doll.  I think the biggest turn off for me was her freckles, the placement bothered me.  I was also mad about the fact that they didn’t make her a doll of color and she herself wasn’t part French either.  That aside though, her collection is probably one of my all-time favorites of any GOTY.  When I first looked at it, there were several things that caught my eye immediately.  And other things that I thought were very appealing.  I don’t know of any other AG collection for GOTY that I can say that about.  Some I didn’t like at all, some I only liked one or two things, but this…this collection was different.  Even if you weren’t into baking, there was more than likely something that had some appeal.

I started out my Grace collection with the Baking set and her City Outfit in January.  In the spring I picked up her PJ’s.  The rest I wanted to wait on and see if there were any sales.  After Black Friday things went crazy with the 12 days sale and the 20% off discount, and many of her items sold out.  I was lucky enough to pick up her Travel Coat, the Opening Night Dress and her Travel Set.  By mid-December, the only outfits still left were her Sightseeing Outfit and the Opening Night Dress, so I was very glad I decided not to wait.  I may still pick up the Sightseeing Outfit should it turn up in the clearance sales at a good price.

You know how sometimes you admire something and when you finally get it, it’s a let down?  I can’t say that with anything I bought out of her collection.  Which item is my favorite?  Well, first it’s the baking set.  That mixer is just too cute, and the rest is great too.  Next would be the suitcase/travel set, this set really surprised me.  Since I already did a review right after I got the baking set, I thought I would do a review of the travel set.   Unfortunately it did sell out, but you might be able to get one off Ebay later on, once the craziness wears off.

travel set 1

I bought this set so that the girls would have a decent rolling suitcase.  (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!)  I have an OG set that is all soft sided, and while it’s nice, I don’t think it would hold all that much, plus it didn’t have near the details.  I did think that the $44 sticker price was a bit much, but when it went on sale for $30, I jumped on it.  And good thing I did, just an hour or so after I bought it, I went in to look and it was a sell out.

The one thing I’m not wild about on this suitcase is the color scheme.  While this worked well on the bakery, I’m not sold on it for the suitcase.  I have actually toyed with the thought of painting the teal blue “strapping” brown which would be much more realistic.  I don’t know, we’ll see.  I just think it was a strange pairing of colors.

travel set 2 travel set 3

I love the handle on this, it pulls up and down, just like a real suitcase!  It also has rolling wheels, a nice little touch.

travel set 4
(Apologies for these photos, my camera was having a freak out, not sure what was going on. I hope it’s not getting ready to head to that camera graveyard in the sky. Yes, I have others, but I especially like this one for doll photography.)

The latches to hold it closed are very nicely done and seem to be secure when you close them. They are made from metal, so I think they will hold up very well.  The interior is finished just like a real suitcase, complete with a pocket to store those little items.  So cute!

travel set 5


The accessories are cute–a little passport, a journal, plane tickets and a lock.  The lock has an ID tag you can attach to it, unfortunately it has Grace’s name on it.  I need to figure out a good way to change that since we don’t have anyone named Grace living here.  Otherwise, very cute, but not sure how well it will hold up to hard play.  The plane tickets are a bit odd in that they are two tickets for the same seat, going the same direction, very strange.  Someone was asleep at the switch.  Not a big deal though, I’m going to scan these into my computer and edit them, changing the info to reflect who is traveling, when and where.  Easy peasy! That way I can print out tickets for whoever is traveling.

travel set 6    travel set 7

travel set 8

So the big question that is on everyone’s mind–how much does it actually hold?  Let’s find out!!

I tried packing it with a variety of items, just like you would for a real trip.  Unfortunately none of the girls is heavy enough to do the “sit on the suitcase” trick, so we had to just shut it normally.  I didn’t have much difficulty getting it closed though.

travel set 9

So, what did we have? A pair of PJ’s, a two piece swimsuit, a skirt and top and a pair of shorts and another top. Plus the accessories were all in the pocket. Not too bad. One thing that you have to remember is that while everything is proportional in doll world, fabric thickness is not! It’s an unfortunate fact that we can’t change, the closest we can come is to work with thinner fabrics, but sometimes that isn’t always an option. Even so, I think this suitcase held a decent amount of stuff.

travel set 10
(ACK! My husband’s laptop cord managed to sneak it’s way in there! No, it’s not going in the suitcase…)

Overall, I think this is a very cute set, and if you can find a good deal on it somewhere, it’s a nice addition to a collection. Personally, I would LOVE to see AG make something like this for their Truly Me line, a suitcase is something that has been missing from the line for a little while. Once in a while I see the older versions show up on Ebay, but not many, which tells me that not too many people want to part with them. Our Generation makes two sets that would be decent alternatives, but I personally love the details on this set better. So glad I grabbed it when I did! 🙂


11 thoughts on “Review of Grace’s Travel Set

  1. Welcome back!
    I think this is the first time I have seen the inside of that suitcase, so thanks for that. It’s really nice!
    So, Grace travels first class. If Uncle Hendrick were around he would probably say that habits like that caused the bakery to go belly-up! 😉

    • ROFL @ Uncle Hendrick! Now we are time traveling too LOL Before you know it, we’re going to have a Tardis involved in this storyline.

      I have to admit though, when I saw the first class thing on the tickets I was like “HEY! I don’t even fly first class, how does this doll manage that?!”

  2. The inside of the travel case is adorable! Thanks for the photos as I don’t think I ever saw the inside. I’m surprised to see that it held so much. Definitely worth it at the sale price you were able to purchase it. I will look great in your photo stories!

    • Interesting that no one has thought to show the inside of the suitcase before, glad I did the review! I think it is one of the best features. I too was surprised at how much I got in to it. It should be making an appearance in the not-so-distant future if all goes well!

  3. Thank you for the great review. I love the interior. Does the strapping match her travel coat? That’s the only think I can think of about the color selection.

    I know someone here who could use a passport. 😉 I got Jess’s travel accessories and have her passport. It’s tucked away in the box in my not using drawer along with Marisol’s ID tag.

    Seems the opposite happened with me. If I had read Grace’s book earlier in the year more of her collection would have made it here for her. 😦 I’ll be paying closer attention to the sales for Lea and her collection.

    • I would say that the strapping is pretty close to the strapping on her coat. I agree, they were trying to stick with the red/turquoise that was the color scheme for the bakery as well as on many of her clothing items.

      I’m hoping to see some reviews on more of Lea’s collection, I don’t know that I’m going to be going to an AG store to look at them close up. I’m with you, I hope they run some sales.

    • I think that is a great way to look at things! I see some of the stuff others buy and wonder “where do they put all of this?!” I know for me personally it doesn’t just have to appear to me visually, but also I have to have more than one use for it in mind. Just like when considering how much play value an item has for a kid, I have to look at it in terms of “blog value”. The OG ice cream truck is a perfect example, I think it is absolutely adorable, but it’s large and I don’t know how many different uses I would have for it so for now, it will stay on Target’s shelves.

  4. It’s great you’re finding AG stuff on sale that you like. I’m really not into Grace collection, since I have zero interest in baking. I wish I could find stuff from AG on sale that I like.

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