Doll Sized Finds–December/January Drought

I didn’t do much in terms of looking for doll sized finds in the month of December simply because I didn’t have time.  January has been very slow as well.  But as I’ve mentioned before, I don’t know that I need to look that much now, and if I do, it’s going to be very selective.  However, sometimes opportunity presents itself!

My husband and I decided to take a ride to see one of his customers on a weekend, and I took that opportunity to check out a thrift store I’d noticed, but hadn’t stopped at.  It was a nice store, but using my self-imposed rules, I only got one thing:

DSF Jan 16 5Isn’t he adorable?  You probably recognize him from the “Sick Ward” post as Fiona’s toy.  He’s a TY Beanie Baby from a McDonald’s Happy Meal.  He cost me all of 49 cents, well worth it.  (Sorry for the crap picture, my camera had another nervous break down and I had to use my iPod)

After Christmas I had a trip to Target.  I was surprised to see how much Christmas stuff they had as it was well after the New Year–but I’m not going to complain.  I got this adorable pink tree ornament for 30 cents!

DSF Jan 16
I think it will make a great decoration in the dollhouse next year.

On the same Target trip, I came across this MI World package on clearance for $1.48. I’ve seen where several different people have used these accessories with the mini dolls, so I decided to go ahead and get it.
DSF Jan 16 2
Here you can see all of the cute little pieces that come with it, as well as the stickers. Very cute!

 DSF Jan 16 4  DSF Jan 16 3

That’s it!  Slim pickings, but I’ve been working on some other things and really haven’t had a lot of time to look.  Have you found any goodies on clearance or in thrift stores recently?

More Preemie Baby Clothes As Doll Clothes!

One day last summer I was in a nearby Sears store and I saw the cutest baby outfits.  I was especially excited because they were Carter’s brand.  Not only are Carter’s well made, but I’ve found them to be the best fitting when using them as doll clothing.  Alas, it was not meant to be.  The smallest size they had was Newborn, and it was obvious to me that they were going to be too big.  This store didn’t have a single Preemie clothing item in sight!  Oh well.

Fast forward to last week.  I was poking around the ToysRUs website and out of curiosity, decided to see if they had anything cute on the BabiesRUs site that could be used.  Lo and behold, there were two of the outfits that I had seen over the summer, and as luck would have it, not only were they on clearance, but they were the two I liked the most.  Happy Dance!!!!  🙂

Here are the sets I got:

preemie 1

preemie 2
Both sets included a hooded top, a onesie and a pair of bottoms. One bit of advice in regards to buying preemie clothing for 18 inch dolls: most of the tags say “for infants up to 17 inches tall”. As a result, the pants are always going to end up being capri length. Not only do you loose that inch in height, but generally the way the seat fits is different, they are made to accommodate a diaper! Each of these sets were originally $24.00 but with the clearance discounts, I got both for $21.98, plus free shipping. I love getting packages, don’t you?!?!

I haven’t been able to cut the onesies off yet and turn them into t-shirts, where my sewing machine is at is currently too cold to hang out in for very long. I am confident that it will be no issue though as I’ve cut off more Carter’s onesies to turn into t-shirts that I can even count anymore. I didn’t want to delay the post though, so I simply picked a neutral shirt to put under each of them instead. Cassandra was excited to be my model.

preemie 3  preemie 4

The fit on both of these pieces is good. The pants fit especially well, the hoodie is just slightly too big, but not horrible. A perfect outfit for hanging out on the weekends when comfort is of utmost importance!  I can picture her, curled up on the couch with a cup of hot cocoa in this outfit.

preemie 5   preemie 6

The fit on this pair of pants is just slightly looser. I love the finish around the bottom hem. The jacket fits great, I especially love the fine print on it.  I can’t wait to see how they both look with the cut off shirts with them.

I would definitely say these are both worth what I paid for them.  I especially like the mix-n-match potential with all of the pieces with other items in the doll wardrobe.  The other plus is because they are baby clothes, they don’t have the laundry restrictions that most doll clothes have, so if something does get on them, I can toss them in with a load of similar colored t-shirts.

Keep your eyes peeled for preemie clothes, they are a great way to expand your doll wardrobe!  As I said earlier in the post, I’ve found that the Carter’s brand fits 18″ dolls the best, some of the other brands have some odd cuts as far as where the crotch hits on bottoms and armpits on the tops.  The only drawback to this is it does take a bit of looking as most companies make far fewer clothing pieces in the preemie size than they do standard sizes.  However, if you have a good infants/children’s resale shop near you, you could potentially hit a gold mine as babies grow so quickly at this stage, there is generally minimal wear.  Happy digging!

Review of Our Generation “Shall Oui Go” set

I’ve looked at the Our Generation “Shall Oui Go” set online many times, but I really wanted to see it in person.  One day while in Target, I was surprised to see it.  After looking it over as well as I could in the package, I decided it would come home with me.

kit coat 1

The main reason I wanted this set was because I thought it looked a lot like Kit’s winter coat set:
I unfortunately missed out on her original coat because she wasn’t on my radar in 2013 when they discontinued it. Oh well.

I have a lot of mixed feelings about this set. It has some very good points, and some very bad points. Here is a photo of the whole set once I wrangled it out of the package.
kit coat 2
The set included the coat, mittens, beret and boots. Right off the bat I’m going to tell you that the boots do not fit AG dolls. You can get them on, but they won’t stay on because you can’t close them in the back. It’s a shame because out of all of the Our Generation sets I’ve bought recently, this was the only pair of boots I actually would consider using. I did try them on Jan though, and they fit her just fine, so it’s just an issue with American Girl dolls having fatter legs. Oh well.

The coat is actually very well made, I was impressed to find that it was fully lined!
kit coat 3

The coat does have some issues though. First off, the quality of the fabric is not the greatest. Personally I would have liked to have seen a thinner flannel used instead of this cheap felt type fabric so that it had more give, it is a bit on the stiff side. I also don’t think that the belt as a tie will hold up very well as is, but I’m going to change it and turn it into a buckle set up with Velcro to close it in hopes of prolonging it’s life. My biggest complaint though is the buttons–what were they thinking???? Those things are GIANT!!! Let me just say that I am most definitely going to go through the button box and see if I have two matching black ones in a smaller size. These are ridiculous and are completely out of proportion. I’ve had buttons this large on coats for me! (insert head shake here)

The beret is absolutely, hands down, the best part of this set.  It is well made and fits perfectly.

kit coat 4

Here is Kit modeling most of the set:
kit coat 5    kit coat 6

As you can see the fit is good overall, since I put it on over a long sleeved shirt it was a little bit of a struggle, but not horrible.  It was a tight fit on Kit, but my Kit is one of the first ones, so she is a little bit chubbier.  The shirt I had on her didn’t help either, but I did want to see if I could get it closed over it, and I did!

The mittens…YUCK!  They aren’t made even close to as nice as the ones I’ve gotten in other sets, (too short) and that color is just hideous!!!  Why aren’t they, oh, I don’t know, um…RED?  It would have matched the beret and the trim on the boots.  I don’t think I have anything these will go with either, that color is just atrocious.  I didn’t even untie the string so she could wear both of them, I just hate them.  Major fail in my book.  I’ll hang on to them just in case, but something tells me that these will work their way to the bottom of the mitten bin, never to be seen again.

My rating on this set is a C+.  It has a ton of issues, but not so many that it deserves a failing grade.  I can’t fault them on the boots since it really isn’t intended as an American Girl set, but even taking that in consideration, I just can’t give it a higher rating.  This set sells at Target for $17.99, and I personally think that is a bit high.  Wait till it goes on sale.  The other 3 coat sets I bought were much higher quality and better thought out.  I guess you can’t win them all.