A Holiday Visit to Evil Twin’s House

When I went to see Evil Twin back in October (and we went to Fort Necessity), I figured that would be the last trip until spring.  You see, Evil Twin lives wayyyyyy back in the country, up on a huge hill and getting to her house when there is snow on the ground isn’t always easy.  But, here in the Northeast, we are having crazy warm weather at the moment, so I decided I would make a holiday trip to visit.  Fiona and Kanani asked if they could come along since they haven’t had the chance to meet the girls, so I told them sure!

Fiona and Trudy hit it off instantly, and in the process of the conversation, Fiona showed Trudy that she had gotten her ears pierced.  Trudy said that she wished she could do hers, she had pierced Raynia’s ears, but wasn’t brave enough to do her own.  Fiona excitedly said “I know how to do it, I’ve done a couple of my friends!”  Next thing we knew, they were getting set up so Fiona could pierce Trudy’s ears…

evil xmas 5 “Hold still Trudy…”

evil xmas 6

“TA DA!!! How do you like them?”

evil xmas 7

“I love it!” replied Trudy.  “I’ll be right back though, I gave you the wrong earrings, oops!  I’ll need to switch these out, if you can help me.”

Trudy got the other earrings and Fiona switched them out.  While they had been doing this, Fiona had commented that she needed her hair trimmed, so Trudy told her she could do it for her since she was nice enough to help her with the ear piercing.  “I trim Raynia’s hair for her all the time, she doesn’t like it to get very long because it gets in her face when she’s playing soccer.”

evil xmas 8

“You have such nice hair” said Trudy. “I can see what you mean though about the ends, we’ll get that all fixed up.”
evil xmas 9
Trudy combed and trimmed and pulled hair up out of the way…
evil xmas 10
“Here you are, what do you think?” Fiona hesitated. “Well, it’s, um…different?!” Trudy started to laugh. “I’m just kidding around, that’s just how I have it pulled up to keep what I’ve already trimmed out of the way!” Fiona laughed too. “You had me worried!”
evil xmas 11

After they were done with their beauty shop session, it was time to finish trimming the tree.  The girls had done most of it already, but they still had some ornaments that needed to be put on.

evil xmas 3

evil xmas 2

evil xmas 1

After dinner, we headed home.  It was nice to see everyone before the holiday, we probably won’t see them again until April.  Before we left, we made sure to get a picture of all of the girls together.

evil xmas 4

Fiona and Kanani had a great time getting to meet the whole gang.   Merry Christmas from Evil Twin and her gang!

If you look closely, you can see that Fiona and Trudy aren’t wearing American Girl earrings.  Truthfully, they are wearing earrings that belong to us!  How did we do it?  Well, it’s really pretty easy.  The idea of a doll being able to wear regular earrings had crossed my mind before, but I wasn’t sure what to use to be sure they would fit okay.  Evil Twin came across a video on YouTube and it works great!  Just be careful, and if you are a child, be sure to get permission before trying this, as well as some help.  This does require a certain amount of strength.

Piercing an American Doll’s ears to use standard earrings


14 thoughts on “A Holiday Visit to Evil Twin’s House

    • Unfortunately I don’t have many earrings that will look right proportionately, so I guess after the holiday is over with, I’ll have to make a trip to Walmart or Claire’s. Kanani’s outfit is the “mystery” tunic outfit that was the Isabelle outfit without the overlay (from the Cyber Monday sale). I think it’s adorable!

  1. Just a quik note, when using this method to pierce your dolls ears, the hole is quite small, and AG earrings have a larger shank that won’t fit into the hole you have made with the pushpin. I kind of like this method, you can use some of the earrings from your own collection, and they pull out of the holes very easily, but not so loose that you need to worry about them falling out. Be sure and check out the website listed on this blog for a detailed video with the how to’s This method does not cost an arm and a leg, and is very easy to do.

    • Something I wonder too is if you took the earrings out for a while, would the plastic shrink too so it wasn’t as obvious (in the event someone changed their mind). I used to do Barbie dolls with sewing pins and that happened with them, but they were much softer plastic too. You definitely couldn’t do that with the AG piercing. I think they actually drill a hole or do something similar. I prefer this, you can get a much bigger variety of earrings to go with outfits.

  2. Very neat! Loved the little apron with scissors in it. Having spent many hours at Claire’s 😁 I can tell you they usually have a little collection of earrings for small children that are separate from the regular earrings. These small earrings are on white cards not dark blue. The scale might be very nice!

  3. I love Trudy’s makeup! So pretty! That’s awesome that you found a way to use regular earrings with AG dolls! I think the vinyl would close up after awhile. I had earrings out of one of my doll’s ears for awhile and the holes shrunk up a little. What’s weird is it was a doll that had her ears pierced in the store, but the doll I ordered online with pierced ears hasn’t had that problem. Go figure.

    • When I was editing these photos, I noticed that Trudy’s eyelashes seemed longer than Fiona’s, so I think she may have had eyelashes added or replaced as well as the eye paint. I don’t think they make a hazel eyed doll in this configuration, so it’s highly possible it was done at the time of the eye swap.

      Interesting about the earholes! I will have to compare Cassandra and Abby’s (Saige) ears and see since Cass had hers done in a store and Abby’s were done at the time of manufacture.

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