Review of Our Generation “Snow Sweet”

Cold weather will be here before we know it!  Actually, in this part of the country, it is usually here by now, but we have been having unseasonably warm temperatures.  However, you still need to be prepared, so I’ve been looking at doll sized coats.  I saw this one on the Target website and I thought it was cute, but I held off ordering it in hopes of seeing it in person first.  Hubby and I were out and about one day and I ran across it, thought it was adorable, so I went ahead and got it.

snow 1

Since I usually let the new girl model the outfits, Kanani was the lucky girl who got to try this outfit out first. I think it looks great on her, the fit on all of the pieces was good to excellent.
snow 2
A not so great view of the back, but the fit is good.
snow 3

And my favorite part–the collar isn’t attached to the coat, so you can remove it and perhaps even wear it with other outfits!

snow 4
Let’s look at the pieces individually. First up, the tights.
snow 7
These tights are really nicely made and fit very well. I’m just a bit confused as to why they threw in a pair of tights with this set! I guess maybe the thinking is that when the weather is colder, you might need these to wear with a skirt. I don’t know. Regardless, I like these a lot.

Next, the boots:
snow 5  snow 8
The boots are cute, they fit AG, but not great. I don’t know that I necessarily like these with this particular coat, but they will be used for something.

The mittens:
snow 6
These are super adorable! They fit AG well, they took minimal work to get them on. I got a kick out of the cord on them to keep them together. That does present a problem though. In order to use them properly, you need to put them on before you put the coat on, and since AG hands are wider than OG hands, the extra bulk made it difficult to get the coat on. Not impossible, but a struggle. Without the mittens, the coat goes on and off easily. So cute though, and I can use them with other coats I have because of their neutral color.

One of my favorite parts, the removable fur collar.
snow 9  snow 10
I think the coat looks great either way and I love that someone thought far enough ahead to make this removable. I have a white fur hat that was made for Samantha that would go great with this, I’ll have to dig it out.

Last, but not least, the coat itself!
snow 11
It isn’t lined, but the type of fleece they used is backed with a shiny material so that it doesn’t get stuck on clothing items when you go to put it on or take it off. Anyone who owns a polar fleece jacket knows what I’m talking about!  It is a nice quality of material, and the whole item appears to be well made.

Overall I give this set an A, the boots prevent me from giving it an A+, they just aren’t all that great.  But I love the rest of the set, so I didn’t mark it down too much because of them.  This set is $17.99 regular retail, I managed to get it for $15.99 on sale.  Sometimes it is even cheaper on the website, provided it is in stock.  Hopefully the girls won’t fight over this one!


13 thoughts on “Review of Our Generation “Snow Sweet”

  1. I guess if leggings are pants, tights are next on the list!
    Kidding aside, a very cute outfit. I haven’t been on the OG site for awhile so I appreciate the review. Love the mittens… They don’t look like oven gloves!

    • That’s one of the reasons I wanted to see this one in person before I bought it, some of the older ones aren’t made of the best quality material. And I totally agree, the soft soled shoes are a bit of a waste.

  2. Cute set! I like that coat! It reminds me of the coat I wore for Easter over my dress when I was 7 (minus the collar). But the collar is cool too. It gives a little luxurry to an otherwise simple item. I think the boots are more like slippers and would go great w/ a nice warm pair of jammies. And I like the mittens. Since my boys are OG, they’d fit them, (and they’re a neutral color, so they wouldn’t be too girly!)

    • That’s what I thought at first, but then I bought another coat that is a totally different style and it came with tights too! I guess they just want all the dolls to be warm. 😉

    • Most things that I have bought recently have been fine as far as fit, I think they are catching on that there are many AG fans who are using their products. Except shoes, they still need to work on more consistency there!

    • I agree, the detail on the glove is so well done. This set is proof positive of how much they are stepping up their game, and not ridiculously increasing prices. Perhaps other companies should take notice.

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