The Sick Ward

We managed to get through Thanksgiving this year without any hitches and everyone went back to school on Tuesday.  Everything was fine…until this past Friday morning.  The girls got up to get ready for school when I noticed that Alya and Shivan looked like they weren’t feeling very well.  “My throat hurts” said Alya.  “And I have a headache” replied Shivan.  When I felt both of their heads, they obviously had a fever.  I sent both of them back to bed, checked everyone else and we set about getting the other four ready for school.

sick ward 1

They were almost ready when the phone rang.  It was Fiona’s mom.  “Is anyone sick there?  Fiona is complaining of a terrible sore throat and she’s definitely running a fever.”  I told her that we had two sick here, but that everyone else seemed to be fine.  “I’m not sure what to do” replied Mrs. Brown.  “Normally I would just stay home with Fiona but I have this big meeting today that I hate to miss.  I suppose I could leave her here until the meeting was over with.”  I told her to bring Fiona here on her way to work, what was one more sick kid.  “Are you sure?  I really appreciate this, I’ll pick her up on my way back from the hospital.”  A few minutes went by when I heard a car in the driveway, and in walked poor Fiona, still in her PJ’s and bathrobe, clutching her stuffed dog.  “Thanks for taking care of me Flo, I didn’t want to be home by myself if I didn’t have to be.”  I told her to go into Alya and Shivan’s room, I’d be there as soon as I got everyone else out the door and help get her situated on the fold out bed.

sick ward 2

After the other girls were on the bus, I went into the bedroom.  I made sure that we had a box of Kleenex handy as Shivan seemed to be sneezing a good bit.  Both Shivan and Alya had already fallen back to sleep and Fiona was sitting in the chair.

sick ward 4 sick ward 3

sick ward 5

I helped Fiona with the chair bed and got her all tucked in.  As I was getting ready to leave the room, Fiona said she had a request.  “Would you sing “Soft Kitty” to me?”  I started laughing, but I could hardly turn her down.  By the time I was done singing it, she was already asleep.  These girls watch way too much Big Bang Theory.

sick ward 6

About an hour later, the phone rang again.  It was the school nurse. Cassandra had turned up in the nurses office, said she was feeling funny, and when the nurse took her temperature, she was definitely running a fever.  I told her that we had three sick girls here already and she told me that it was making the go-rounds in the school, it was some sort of flu bug.  I told her I would be right up to get her.  I told the other three I would be right back, lucky for us the school is only a couple of minutes away, I made sure that Alya had her cell phone handy just in case.

Once we got back, I helped Cassandra into her PJ’s and into bed.  Just in the little bit of time that had passed since the nurse had called, she had developed a nasty sore throat as well.  I recalled that horrible bug I had last Thanksgiving, it was without a doubt one of the worst sore throats I’ve ever had in my life, and it sounded like it was making a run again.  Ugh.

sick ward 9 sick ward 10

It was pretty easy watching the four of them for the day, no one wanted any lunch because swallowing was so difficult, they all just wanted to sleep.  I made sure they drank a lot of fluids and just kept an eye on them.  Fiona’s mom showed up later to pick her up, then about an hour later the other girls came home from school.  I banished them from either of the “sick” bedrooms, handed each of them a can of Lysol and told them to spray their bedding just to be on the safe side.  Fortunately none of them got sick, but I’m not so sure that they didn’t have this particular virus last year when I had it.  Knock on wood!

sick ward 8 sick wrd 7

Look out Coconut, you don’t want that sprayed in your face!

On Saturday Alya talked to Abby and both she and Zara had come down with it Friday night as well.  Poor things, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.  Now we are all keeping our fingers crossed that Louisa doesn’t get it, she has been practicing so hard for the Christmas performance at the courthouse on the 14th.  The good news is that by Monday, everyone was feeling just fine and all of them went back to school.  Still no fun to be sick though.   Blech!




13 thoughts on “The Sick Ward

  1. Poor girls! They do look adorable, though, sacked out in bed.
    I think I see the start of a great ad campaign for Lysol! Love the mini “can”

  2. LOL! That was actually super easy to make after I thought about it. I went to the official Lysol website:

    I printed the photo as a wallet size, then cut it out and wrapped it around a lip gloss, taping it in the back. Then I slid the lip gloss out so all I had was the paper, so it made it easy to place in the dolls hands. Easy peasy!

    Anytime any of us is sick here, we get out the can of Lysol and spray pillows.

  3. Aww…poor babies! I remember when Julie was sick. She missed almost a week of school, and had a ton of homework to catch up on. It was nice of you to look after Fiona, Flo. And they do look adorable in their jammies. (and I recognized Shivan’s PJs LOL!)

    • Yes, the stuff from that box keeps making appearances LOL! I’m just glad that everyone is feeling better, no fun to be sick. Fiona’s a good kid, she was easy to watch too. They all were. (and this is the day I had the incident with Kit too 😦 )

    • Yep, get it over with! Hopefully everyone (including me) will stay healthy through Christmas/New Year as well. We don’t have the greatest track record. 😉

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