Review of Adora Cool Weather Outfit 3

I’m always game to try a different company for doll clothing.  I’ve found some interesting stuff by straying from American Girl’s line, and most of it has been good to very good.  I always check out the specials on Zulily and frequently they have some good deals on doll clothes and accessories.  I saw this outfit and thought it looked very cute, and at $11.99, worth giving it a shot.  I also got free shipping as well, so it wasn’t a huge expense.  I liked the travel feel it had to it, and after about two weeks it arrived.

adora outfit 1

This is how it was packaged.  I removed the plastic covering to reduce the glare:
adora 2

I decided since Kanani was handy, I would try it on her. Poor girl, I’m so sorry!
adora 3
The pants actually aren’t too bad, they are supposed to be leggings, so the shortness is not a huge issue. The rest though–trainwreck. The shirt is so tight that I couldn’t put her arms up to put the sweater on, so I had to shimmy it up over her hips. Luckily it had Velcro at the one shoulder. That was the only good thing about the sweater. The knit is crooked as a dog’s hind leg and it’s WAY too short. The hat–looks nothing like what was pictured. I thought the photo looked like a beret, but instead, I expect Kanani to break out in a gangsta rap song at any minute. Certainly not the beret I was expecting.  And the purse, it looks sort of like the photo, but the quality is seriously lacking.

The jacket? I couldn’t even get it on her. One arm would go in but the other, no dice. I didn’t want to force it either because it is so poorly made, I’m afraid it would fall apart. Not that it self destructing would necessarily be a tragedy. The finish is so bad on this…I’ve bought Barbie doll clothes at Dollar Tree that were better made than this.
adora 4

adora 5

If you click on these photos you can get a larger image and see just how bad these are fraying.  Quite frankly, I would be afraid to put this on a doll for fear of color transfer.  This is just horrible, and as someone who sews, I would be ashamed to put out this crap.  Ugh.

My grade for this outfit:  F-.  Interestingly enough, I read some reviews on Amazon for Adora doll clothing, and there were quite a few complaints about things not fitting.  Unfortunately there were no reviews on this outfit, or I might have passed. And since Zulily has a “no returns” policy, I’m stuck with it.   I guess I have to look at it this way, I paid $12 for a pair of doll pants.  Perhaps I can pull the buttons off the jacket and reuse/repurpose some of it for something else.  Maybe the shirt will fit Jan.  And if any of my dolls decides she wants to be the next Queen Latifah, I’ve got the hat for it.  NEXT!


14 thoughts on “Review of Adora Cool Weather Outfit 3

  1. That’s really disappointing. I’ve looked at Adora clothes on Zulilly before but never bought…and now I know not to bother.

    • The hat isn’t too bad either, just doesn’t look like what it was represented as. And the little buttons and such on the jacket are at least reusable, so it’s not a total loss. Just very disappointing.

  2. OK, I’m ROLLING here! I’m sorry the outfit isn’t what you expected, Flo. Although I do have an Adora doll, I’ve never bought any clothing from Adora, (‘cos they’re no 70s enough). Now I’m glad I didn’t! But about the fit, Adora dolls are slimmer (and a tad shorter) than AG, so that could be at least part of the problem. But poorly made? That’s really too bad. Now I’ll put in MY favorite rap:

    “Well a-hip hop, a hippy to the hippity hip hip hop and you don’t stop rapping
    To the bang bang boogie, say up jump the boogie
    To the rhythm of the boogedy bee!”

    (From Rapper’s Delight) HAHAHA!

    • They need to remove the part about fitting 18″ dolls, that seemed to be the issue most of the reviews were about. Or make the clothes just a bit larger, or do like Carpatina does and make two lines. But yeah, the quality, nothing is going to fix that.

      LOL, we all got into the spirit of rap!

  3. EEEk! What a poor excuse for doll clothes. Did the label say made in China? The leggings seem to be ok, but the rest of it is just plain junk. You might be able to rescue the jacket by opening the back down the middle and adding a piece of fabric and then some Velcro for the closure. Do you really want to go to that much bother? You could only have your doll face forward at all times. I say into the Goodwill bin.

    • Can’t blame it on China, almost all of American Girl’s line is made there as well. Apparently Adora doesn’t have a quality control department. And the jacket–I wouldn’t even throw it in a Goodwill bin, it’s that bad. I’m going to pull what I can reuse off it and toss it in the trash.

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