Louisa’s Big News!

At the beginning of the school year, all of the kids have to try out for chorus. There is also a special group called “show choir” which is a small group of 20 kids who are considered to be the best singers in the Jr. High (5 – 8th grade). You can imagine how excited Louisa was when she got picked for it, she didn’t think she was all that good, but she really is!

Show choir not only performs for the regular concerts at Christmas and in the spring, but also for special events. One of the things that they do twice a month is go to a local nursing home and perform for the elderly. Louisa says it is a lot of fun and that she can tell that some of these people look forward to them coming. She said there is one lady who wants to hug all of them before they leave.

show choir 1 copyright   show choir 2 copyright

Friday after Louisa got home from going to the nursing home, she came straight over to the house. “Guys, I am so excited, our director told us that we are going to get to sing at the courthouse just before Christmas!”

“Wow, that’s very cool!  Do you know when it will be?” asked Alya.
show choir 3 copyright
“She said we are scheduled to perform on December 14th, and we sing for the whole hour between noon and one o’clock so that people can come listen to us during their lunch hour.” “That sounds like it will be very nice and a lot of fun!” replied Abby.

“I think it will be…” then Louisa hesitated. “The director wants me to sing a solo!”show choir 4 copyright
“That’s awesome!” exclaimed Shivan. “See, we told you that you were very good, you just didn’t believe us. What do you have to sing?”

show choir 5 copyright

“The director said something about “O Holy Night”, there would be several of us each singing one section of it. She’s still working out the details. I’ll have to do a lot of practicing, that’s only about a month away!”

The girls were super excited for Louisa. Unfortunately they won’t get to see her perform it live, but a local television station records it and replays it later, so we’ll all get to see it when it airs. Congratulations Louisa!

Review of My Life As Snowboard Set and Our Generation Snow Bright Set

When Evil Twin and the girls were here in September, we had a trip to Walmart. It wouldn’t be a trip to Walmart without checking out the My Life As goodies. I picked up the snowboard set, I thought it was very cute, and at just under $7, definitely a decent price. I was concerned about the boots as I’d had a previously not so great experience with another pair of MLA boots, but I was very happy to see that these fit nicely.
snowboard 1 copyright

Not long after that I was perusing the Target website, and I came across a snow suit set that I thought was cute and would be a perfect match to the snowboard set. Called “Snow Bright”, it includes a pair of boots, snow pants and jacket. It retails for $17.99, but I’ve seen it on sale too. However, it is one of those things that keeps disappearing and reappearing, so if you want it, I wouldn’t wait too long.

First off, the boots:

snowboard 2 copyright
Um, these were a major fail the whole way around. First off, the colors are all wrong. I think they were trying to make them look like a pair of LLBean boots, and while they succeeded in the style, the paint job is dreadful. Get rid of the white! They also do not fit AG dolls, I couldn’t get them on at all and after the experience that Xyra had at Tea Time With Melody Q involving a pair of OG boots, I decided not to “force” the issue. (Pun totally intended!) If I were to use them, I would first off paint the white.   I’m not going to toss them, they should fit Jan and she may need a pair of boots down the road. Oh well.

Now, what to wear underneath the snowpants? This was tough because I wasn’t sure how close these were going to fit. I started out with a long sleeve shirt and it was a bit of a disaster, the shirt not only bunched up under the snow pants, but the sleeves turned into a mess in the jacket as well. Back to the drawing board. After looking through the wardrobe, I settled on this:snowboard 3 copyright
Basically I just wanted something that would add some warmth but be comfortable too. In Western Pennsylvania you have to dress in layers for outdoor winter activities!

snowboard 4 copyright
As you can see, the snowpants fit very nicely over Fiona’s other clothing. No major struggles or bunching either.snowboard 5 copyright The jacket fits very nicely over everything as well. I also liked that the bottoms of the snowpants were cut amply enough to fit over the boots as opposed to tucking them in.snowboard 6 copyright
TADA!!! Doesn’t she look awesome??? Shaun White is one of Fiona’s heroes, and she looks ready to fly down (and around!) the slopes like he does.

Overall, I give both of these sets high marks, the snowboard set gets an A+ and the snow suit gets an A- (points taken off for the sorry looking boots!) Fiona is ready for the snow now–but let’s not push it, please?!?!?

A New Friend

The girls here always seem to be making new friends.  Whether it’s the girls in the neighborhood (Zara, Abby, Louisa), the girls from Pittsburgh (Zoee, Nancy, Felicity, Raynia or Trudy) or the girls from across the state (Kirsten, Melody), there never seems to be a shortage of someone to play with, talk to or text.  I mentioned at the beginning of the school year that Louisa and Shivan weren’t the only new kids at the school, this year there were 10 total, which is a lot for a small school like Kennedy.  Cassandra is in quite a few classes with one of them, her name is Fiona, and they have gotten to be great friends.  A few days ago Cassandra asked Fiona if she’d like to come to the house to hang out.  Fiona thought it sounded terrific, and you can imagine how surprised they both were when they came to realize that she only lives two blocks away!  Something tells me that Fiona will be spending a lot of time here with the girls.

Fiona’s family moved here from Columbus, Ohio. Her dad was the station manager for the PBS television station there, but due to budget cutbacks, his job changed a lot and he decided to look for something else. He is now working for a local television station, producing the morning news show but also does some work for our area PBS station. Her mom is a pharmacist and has a job at the same hospital as Zara and Abby’s mom. She has an older brother, Steven, who is away at his first year at college. She doesn’t have any pets because her brother is allergic, but now that he isn’t around all the time, she is trying to convince her parents to let her get a hamster. She is a terrific volleyball player and also loves to snowboard. She was really excited to learn that the school has a ski/snowboard club that takes regular trips to some of the area ski resorts, there weren’t any close when she lived in Columbus.

She came over Saturday afternoon after lunch. Cassandra showed her around the house, and then they headed to her room so they could work on a homework project together.

new friend 1
“You don’t have to share a room with any of the other girls?” asked Fiona.
“No, Kit and I both lucked out and have our own rooms. I did share with Alya when she first came here, but it was too crowded, so now she and Shivan share a bigger bedroom.”
“It’s really nice, very cozy.”

Then Fiona turned around…
new friend 2
“WHOAAAA!!! Look at all of this Minion stuff!!”

Cassandra giggled.  “Some of it I got as presents, some of it I saved my own money to get.  Do you like Minions?”

“Like?” asked Fiona.  “I LOVE Minions!”

new friend 3
“This shelf with all the figures on it is so cool!” “Thanks!” replied Cassandra. “I just got that, mom found it somewhere and thought it would be perfect to display my collection. I don’t know what I’m going to do if I get anymore.” (neither do I…)

The girls had fun the rest of the afternoon, playing with the Minions, snuggling with Chester and doing their homework. She had fun with Chester, she told Cassandra that it was nice to play with him. I couldn’t help but think, “oh dear, just what we need, another Minion crazy girl.” I can’t wait until the movie comes out on video, I definitely see a party with at least the 3 of us!”

Do you and your friends have anything you really like to do together? Or an outdoor activity you like to do? When I was growing up, my friends and I were all horse-crazy, we lived and breathed horses. Everything from fantasizing about having our own horses, to actually riding sometimes. I have some great memories of fun things I did with my friends over the years!

In case you are wondering where I got the shelf for all of Cassandra’s Minions, it is a clear drawer organizer I picked up at TJ Maxx!