Cyber Monday, what a letdown!

Is anyone else as disappointed in the Cyber Monday offerings from American Girl as I am?  I had to get up to use the bathroom around 1:30 AM EST, and decided to check it out.  First I couldn’t get in (no surprise).  Seriously, if they don’t want to spend the money to upgrade their equipment, don’t offer these sales.  Then when I finally got in…YUCK!  Last year I bought quite a few items, spent around $100 on just sale items.  Today I spent all of $19.  Some of the items aren’t even all that great sale-wise, the craft sets are a better deal if you get a 40% off coupon and go to Michaels.  Compared to last year, this sale was a tremendous let down.  I have to admit that I wondered when I saw that they were doing a 20% off sale on regular priced items up until December 12th and that the package deals are good until December 7th.  I will be curious to see if there is a sale tomorrow like they had last year, it had prices that were even better than Cyber Monday but a smaller selection.

What did you think?

31 thoughts on “Cyber Monday, what a letdown!

  1. Very disappointing indeed! There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to what AG puts on sale and when those items go on sale. I don’t think the crafts should have even been featured, since you can get them at Michael’s.

    • No, anymore I’m not even trying to figure out what they are doing. Today I got a mini catalog from them that advertises “12 Days Together” and it says in it that there will be 12 days of deals starting December 1. Hmmm…

  2. I was expecting more quantity, I guess. I am excited I got Rebecca’s coat for $12, though! Her bed is a great deal at half price, too, but I had to draw the line somewhere.

    • Glad you got Rebecca’s coat, I considered it but passed too. I did get a few things at the 20% off though, but it definitely wasn’t as good as last year.

  3. I wasn’t planning on buying anything at the sale, but decided to check this morning and it was so disappointing. I only saw one deal that I was interested in(the chairs set for only $14) but I didn’t even buy that. I was super disappointed for the sale:(

  4. I was VERY disappointed. the Canadian website had even less stuff than the US one and most of it was bitty. I got one book and a doll t-shirt…Like I said, very disappointed.

    • Yes, if you were a Bitty Baby collector, you made out like a bandit, but I think they do way more sales in 18″ dolls.

  5. Cyber Monday was a big let down compared to last year. Although, my wallet is a bit happier this year. I spent $44. The Varsity Jacket, the brown mary janes, high button shoes and tights, bathing suit, and star hangers from Cyber Monday selection. Did hemm and haw over Rebecca’s coat and last year’s holiday accessories. The shrug would look good with the soft as snow outfit.

    Then I used the GIFT20 on the chocolate glasses. I’m so bummed I broke Melody’s rectangle glasses. I know I could use some glue or something on the arm, but am scared it won’t hold or they’d get lost.

    I too was shocked to see the crafts. They are available at several places that have good coupons. The one that surprised me the most was the Doll Hair Studio is just the book. The book is lousy…youtube tutorials are better.

    • I’m anxious to hear how the Varsity Jacket works out, I have considered buying it before. Glad you got Melody some new glasses, poor girl. Now she’ll have the same glasses as Cassandra!

  6. “I woke up for this?” was my first impression.

    Then I went back to bed. So, you know, GREAT for my bank account. Plus, Target’s site keeps crashing so I gave up there. More money for Christmas dinner!

    • I was just glad that I was up anyhow! And Target was such a let down, so much of the OG stuff says “In Store Only” so it’s a waste of time.

  7. Honestly, I’m glad it was sort-of a letdown since I don’t “need” to spend more money! I did get Kit’s nightgown because I’d somehow missed out on it as well as Rebecca’s bed. I’ve been wanting one of Rebecca’s beds (okay, I kind of want both, haha!), and I couldn’t resist the incredible price. Yay! I almost bought some of the shoe sets as well as Isabelle’s outfit, but I resisted. Can’t get everything! I laughed when I saw Rebecca’s coat, though – it was on CM last year! I got it then.


    • Yay that you got Rebecca’s bed, that was a good deal! Too many reruns though, last year was so much (in the words of Elle Woods) “funner”!

    • That’s why the tunic outfit looked familiar! The gold overlay wasn’t as prominent in the Cyber Monday photo. I thought about adding that too, but decided against it.

      So now I am wondering what outfits from Grace will show up in sales next year.

      • It took me a little bit of research to figure out it was the Isabelle outfit too, the overlay is completely missing. I’ll be curious to see if it comes with or without it, that was one of the 2 whole things I ordered.

        Fingers crossed that I can pick up Grace’s pink dress on clearance after the new year. I like it, but not enough to pay full price. My girls just don’t have a ton of use for frilly stuff.

      • The description still reads about something gold. Keep us posted. I hear you. We have enough pink in the wardrobe and don’t wear all of our dresses as it is.

  8. I’m new here but read all the previous posts. I noticed that the Lundby Smaland doll house that you like is on sale at Amazon for about $63.00 right now. Sorry American Girl let you down. Maybe this will cheer you up a little.

    • Interesting, wish I hadn’t spent so much on other things already, ugh!! Probably just as well, I need to make a spot for it before I get it anyhow but thanks for the heads up!

    • Did you get the mini catalog today? It has a red cover and says 12 Days Together on it–it says that there are going to be 12 Days of Deals starting December 1, maybe they will redeem themselves. Or make me mad that they reduce something I already bought!

  9. I would be interested in Julie’s tennies, the brown shoes, and Kit’s nightgown… But I don’t want to pay shipping again. I think they could increase sales by giving a “thanks for your purchase, come back again rate.

    • Or even free shipping on orders over a certain dollar amount all the time. So many companies do this already. I’m with you, I don’t like paying shipping once, let alone twice. And I frequently will add on something to an Amazon or other company order just to make the minimum instead of wasting that cash on shipping.

      • They need “Prime” type shipping. I wonder what level they could price it at to make that work for them and the customer….

  10. What a bummer, Cyber Monday I think was a waste of time. Wouldn’t you know, the outfit I bought at 20 % off was offered in the “12 days to Christmas” at half off today. Day late, a dollar short… I figured since it was a new outfit that it wouldn’t show up on sale just yet, and I really wanted it for one of my girls. And yes, I think free shipping should be offered all the time provided you meet the dollar spent amount. I question some of their sales policies, not always good marketing theory.

    • Now it’s only 30% off, I wonder if that was another one of those glitches like before that I pointed out? I still think they need a new webmaster too, I tried to do something this morning and the website freaked out.

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