Never say never…

Back when I did the customization that turned into Fiona, I said I thought I was done buying dolls.  I was out of ideas and I had all the other dolls I wanted.  But one.  However, that one doll in good condition was WAY out of my price range.  So I mentally said “never mind” and gave up.  Even in bad condition she was expensive.  I eventually quit doing searches for her because it just annoyed me how much she was selling for in the good to excellent condition category.  **Sigh**  Even I have my limits.

I’ve mentioned here before how I like to look on Ebay at the “ending soonest” and “newly listed” auctions, once in a while you can find a deal.  Lately though, all I’ve been finding is a whole lot of junk.  August was the last time I found anything worth purchasing using this method.  But being the glutton for punishment that I am (and ever on the lookout for material for “Bad Ebay”), I still looked anyhow.  Apparently there was a reason for that:




kanani 3

Yes, it’s Kanani!!!!  I’m not sure, but I get the impression that her former owner was selling off a collection or at least part of it, there were a number of dolls listed in a very short period of time, all at very reasonable “Buy It Now” prices and all in very good shape and several with additional accessories and clothing.  They were priced so reasonably that they all sold within a very short period of time.   I’ll be honest, when I saw Kanani and the price, I did a double take.  It really wasn’t the best time for me to be buying another doll either, my finances were still recovering from Fiona and another large purchase I made.  But this was one of those situations where I knew I would be kicking myself later if I didn’t, so I decided to take the plunge.  Merry Christmas a few weeks early. 😉

Part of the appeal for this particular auction wasn’t just that she appeared to be in very good shape, but that she also came with some of her original clothing and accessories.  I didn’t realize that the ukulele actually played a tune too, so that was a pleasant surprise!  All of this was the clincher for me as I’ve seen naked Kanani dolls with ratty hair sell for more than what this one did with all of the extras.  I think I spent the rest of that Saturday kind of in a daze, still not sure I bought what I did for the price that I did.

k1 k3

k4 k2

She’s in very good condition, other than very slight frizziness (which should be easily remedied) her hair is in great condition, the ends aren’t dry at all and she still has tons of curl.  She appears to have been very well cared for, all that was missing from her original outfit was the flower for her hair.  I had a pink bow that I used instead until I can find a flower to replace it.  No biggie.  There’s a dirt mark on her dress that will probably come right out with a baby wipe, I haven’t tried yet.  She looks like she was played with some, but not hard, very well cared for.  And her ears are pierced!  (I don’t think she was one of the ones that automatically came with pierced ears, anyone?) The only real issue is that she (and all the things that came with her) have a bit of a musty odor to them, but I know in time that it will probably go away, and if it doesn’t, I know of several things that will get rid of it.  I imagine she was probably in storage along with all of her other doll friends.  She (and all her stuff) hasn’t even been here a week and I notice that several of the items smell just fine already.  She just needs a good airing out and a bit of sunshine.

kanani 2

Unfortunately I am still out of room for anyone else in the doll house, so I’ve decided that she is going to be Fiona’s cousin, their grandmothers (from Hawaii) are sisters.  I’m so excited to welcome her to the gang!  I never in a million years thought I would actually get her.  And as I told Sharry, my collection is now complete!

I didn’t want her to feel out of place here in the cold weather of Pennsylvania, so I picked up a few things I thought would help:


The swimsuit and tote bag is from If Dolls Could Dream. I love the hibiscus print on both of the items, I felt she just had to have this set!

k6 k7

It’s Barksee!  Well, not really, but when I saw this little dog, I thought he looked a lot like Barksee.  It’s a Fancy Pals pet made by Aurora. I noticed these not too long ago and when I knew Kanani was joining my doll family, I checked their website to see if they had a dog similar to Barksee, I was pleased to see they did.  We have a local store that sells them, so one day while out running errands I stopped and picked him up. (Shop Small!!!)

Kanani has a ton of personal connections for me.  When I was growing up, my dad went through a phase of listening to Hawaiian music, and I have to admit, I totally enjoyed it (unlike his big band era phase).  He was so into it he bought a Hawaiian/Steel guitar, they are different from a regular guitar in that they lay flat and you play them with a bar, instead of a pick.  He even bought me a Don Ho album one time!  I also remember family friends whose granddaughter came to visit them one time, Joanne was half Hawaiian as her mother was from Hawaii, and she was so pretty.  I have fond memories of the two of us at her grandparents, playing with Lego’s. Years later, my husband’s brother married a woman who is half Hawaiian, they have been there several times over the years to visit family and I love hearing about their trips.  One of these days I will get there, in the meantime I will live vicariously through Kanani.


I’m so happy that I came across this auction.  She’s probably one of the most unique looking dolls that American Girl has ever made.  Once again, I don’t understand why they don’t do more with the Jess mold as well as medium skin tone.  We won’t go there though, I know it’s a sore spot with many of us in the doll fandom.  Fingers crossed that if we keep bringing it up, eventually they will hear us!  Regardless, Fiona is thrilled to have her cousin here.  And so am I. 🙂



17 thoughts on “Never say never…

  1. So pretty. I love Kanani dolls. Please checkout my blog where there is a q &a going on

  2. Oh wow, so exciting ! !!!!!
    I do love Kanani, and after reading her books I was ready to go to Hawaii immediately. We have Kanani’s necklace… A friend gave us a bunch of hand me downs and the necklace was in there. We are excited to have that, at least.
    The extra items you got in the auction are terrific! My “Kanani” is Kirsten. As you know, #noroomattheinn, but I told myself that if I still want her when I turn 50 (that’s a handful of years off) I will get a great one on eBay.
    I need you to offer a printable PDF of your doll family so I can keep track of everyone when I read your stories!
    Happy for you…

    • I think if I had been back into AG when she came out, she is one of the few that I would have bought the week she came out. Her collection is very cute, and before they got so carried away with things. I hope you find a nice Kirsten when you start to look! One nice thing about her is she was sold for such a long time, it should be fairly easy.

      LOL at the PDF!

  3. Congrats! I’m kind of jealous but I know eventually I will be able to afford a Kanani of my own.

    • I have noticed that prices on Ebay for her have come down in the last two weeks considerably, I think people selling off things they don’t use to pay for Christmas. Hopefully when you are ready to buy her you will find the same thing. Some of the prices in the past have been ridiculous.

  4. Boy she is very cute, and hopefully the musty smell issue will fade away. You really got lucky finding her.

    • I’m sure it will, it’s just going to take some time. Certain types of plastic grab that odor faster and harder than others. She’s a perfect example too, her head doesn’t smell at all, nor does her body now, but her arms and legs still do. Weird!

  5. OMG! OMG! OMG! What a great find! I too love Kanani, but never found one that was even close to affordable. Congratulations – so awesome!!! I am now really longing for Ellen Larkin, but told myself we are FULL of dolls….hm.

    • LOL, I think that was my reaction too when I saw the auction. Thanks! I am having the same issue now too, and I don’t want to get rid of anyone so for the moment, I am done. Luckily the previews of 2016 GOTY don’t appeal to me.

  6. Hi Flo,
    Kanani was one of the first AG dolls that caught my eye as an adult! Many, many years had passed before I saw an AG catalog and when I did, she was front and center. I remember having a fleeting feeling of “oh wow, I want her!” Then I completely forgot about AG until my interest in doll collection came back in full swing and it was 2014. I think she is one of the lovelies AG dolls ever made and I also think the Jess mold is my favorite! I have yet to see one in person though. Hopefully I will get to an AG store one of these days!
    Anyway, congratulations on getting her! That is so awesome that you found her when you stopped looking..things always have a way of working out like that. 🙂 I would love if you could do a photo shoot with all of your Jess mold girls!

    • That’s interesting. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t into Jess mold dolls until I saw one in person. I made a point of looking at them in the case last year when I went to the AG store, and I knew I had to have one. And then two, and three and now four! I’m still really happy with what I got her for, I’ve been watching recent auctions out of curiosity and I have to say I did get a great deal on her. I hope you get to an AG store someday too!

      That’s a good suggestion, I’ll have to think on that. There will be some with Fiona and Kanani over the holidays, stay tuned.

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