The Red Sweater (and a new Etsy seller I’ve discovered!)

I love sweaters.  And I love the color red.  Combine the two, and I’m happy as a clam.  One day I was poking around Etsy and I came across the cutest red sweater to fit 18 inch dolls.  I debated for quite a while about getting it, then it disappeared, argh!  Eventually the seller listed another one and I didn’t waste any time buying it this time around.  So glad I did too.
red sweater 2 copyrightAs soon as it arrived, Rebecca immediately volunteered to model it. Can’t say that I blame her either, it looks really good on her. I want one in my size now!

Are you ready for the best part…
red sweater 3 copyrightBUTTONS!!! No Velcro, no trying to pull it over the dolls head, no stretching it out or yanking a dolls arm loose. PERFECTION. 🙂

Here are some photos of the sweater by itself, the workmanship on it is top notch:

red sweater 4 copyright

red sweater 5 copyright
I think this sweater is one of the prettiest styles I’ve seen and very well made. I purchased it from Lil Princess Doll Store, she sells a wide variety of items to fit both 18 inch dolls as well as Bitty Baby. Her hats are adorable, Evil Twin bought one from her a while back. I definitely will be buying more!

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    • I think the buttons are a terrific idea that more people who make doll clothes (particularly sweaters) need to use.

    • Yes, that is definitely a problem, I remember when my mom made Barbie clothing, she was constantly on the look out for little finishings.

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