The girls were making all sorts of plans for Halloween, but it took me a while to find out what it was.  Zara and Abby were doing most of the planning and they asked if they could use the bakery for a party after hours because it definitely had more room.  Last night was party night–they chose it because they wouldn’t miss out on Trick Or Treat tonight!

Zara and Abby arrived a few minutes early to put the finishing touches on things:

Halloween 1

See the bag she is holding? It’s the one that Aunt Sharry sent in the box of goodies. Turns out that Zara’s idea was to have a Halloween party with everyone dressing as a character from a 1980’s movie! I thought it was terrific, and I couldn’t wait to see everyone’s costumes.

Halloween 2
“I think I have everything ready, how does the table look Abby?”
Halloween 4  Halloween 3

“I think we are all set!” Abby replied.

Good thing, because the first party goers were about to arrive!

Halloween 5

Cassandra, Alya and Shivan were the first to get to the bakery.  Aren’t their costumes great?

Halloween 6

“You guys did a great job with the decorating!” exclaimed Cassandra.  “I think this is going to be a lot of fun.”

Halloween 7

Louisa arrived next.  “At least I’m not the first one to get here this time!”

Halloween 8

A few minutes later Kit arrived.  “Uh Kit, ” giggled Abby, “you didn’t need to bring a pizza to the party, we have plenty of food.”  “It’s part of my costume!” laughed Kit, “it’s an empty box.”

Halloween 9

Rebecca arrived next, she was busy admiring the food.  Zara yelled over “be sure to try the Ectoplasm punch!”

Halloween 10

Marie Grace was the last to arrive.  “This cold cream is annoying.  It smells good, but I accidentally got some in my mouth and it tastes HORRIBLE!”

The girls had a lot of fun, nibbling on candy and snacks, drinking the Ectoplasm punch, and listening to  80’s and Halloween music.  Everyone agreed that their favorite Halloween song was “Monster Mash”.

Halloween 11 Halloween 12

Marie Grace disappeared for a few minutes…

Halloween 13

“Sorry guys, I couldn’t take the cold cream anymore!!!”

Before the evening was over with, the girls wanted to get a group picture:

Halloween 14

Everyone had a great time!  Now, can you figure out what character/movie each of the girls was supposed to be:

costume 1
Zara as…

costume 2
Abby as…

costume 3
Alya as…

costume 4
Cass as…

costume 5
Shivan as…

costume 6
Louisa as…

costume 7
Kit as…

costume 8
Rebecca as…

costume 9
Marie-Grace as…

You can post your guesses in the comments.  And no Halloween costume party would be complete without a contest, so please vote for your favorite in the poll!  The poll winner along with who was who will be posted on Monday.


9 thoughts on “Boo!

  1. Kit is Sean Penn! fast Times? Shivan is the pretty girl in Ferris Bueller. I am stumped by the all in black costume. I am also not sure about the skateboard one. Happy Halloween! 🍬🍭

  2. Alya: Risky Business
    Kit: Fast Times at Ridgemont High
    Cassandra: Karate Kid
    Shivan: Flashdance
    Rebecca: Pretty In Pink
    Louisa: Breakfast Club
    Abby: Desperately Seeking Susan

    And the rest have me stumped!

    BTW…I’m really glad Zara and Marie Grace like the presents I sent!

  3. Ok I tried to guess them all.
    Zara – Back to the Future
    Abby – Desperately seeking Susan
    Alya – Risky Business
    Cass – Karate Kid
    Shivan – Flashdance
    Louisa I could not figure out!
    Kit – Mystic Pizza?
    Rebecca – I thought either Dirty Dancing OR Pretty i Pink?
    Marie Grace has me stumped!

  4. Alya – Risky business
    Cass – Karate Kid
    Shivan- Flashdance
    Louisa – Breakfast Club
    Kit – Mystic Pizza
    Rebecca- Pretty In Pink
    Zara- Back to the Future
    Marie Grace – ???
    Abby—??? Haven’t a Clue

  5. All I will say at this point is we have some right answers and some wrong answers. Loving some of the guesses though! I am surprised that no one has figured out Marie-Grace yet, I guess I must have been one of the few people who paid to see that movie!

  6. Oh! How did I miss the wire hanger? *facepalm* I have that movie and when I was in high school I did a report on it, (and got an A). I think what threw me was even though Mommie Dearest was made in the 80s, it’s a period piece. The other movies (I think) are 80s movies done in 80s style.

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