Another field trip to Coolspring!

Hi guys, Louisa here!  I’ve not had the opportunity to write a blog post, so when I asked Flo if I could write one this time, she said sure!  Some of you may remember that back in June, she and Shivan went to a place called the Coolspring Power Museum where they met up with Xyra and Kirsten from Tea Time With Melody Q.  If you haven’t read the post about that trip, you can check it out here.   Several weeks ago she got an e-mail from Xyra that said she was going to be heading back to Coolspring and hopefully they could meet up again.  She wasn’t sure who she was going to be bringing with her, Haley was supposed to go, but that was up in the air because she was feeling a bit under the weather.  Flo was having a hard figuring out who was going to come with her, we didn’t have school that day, but so many of the girls had other activities that were interfering.  Finally I just asked her if maybe I could go with her.  She said that if my mom said it was okay, I could go–mom said sure!  I was so excited the night before, I could hardly sleep, not knowing who I was going to get to meet from Xyra’s gang as well as getting to see all of the cool engines in the museum.

We headed out early in the morning, we had a very nice drive out and got there a little early.  We just hung out in the car until Flo noticed Xyra coming.  She had Melody with her!  Melody is super nice, we got along great all day.  Right after we got there, Xyra gave me a special sticker from the museum to put on my jacket.

coolspring oct 13

We wandered around the flea market first, that was interesting to see all the old things that people had for sale.  Xyra and Flo came across a doll that they didn’t recognize.  After debating, they finally just decided to text Nonna and send a picture to her.  It was very cute, she didn’t have any clothes though.  Xyra decided to go back and get her after we left, I’m anxious to see what she does with her.  It turned out that she was a Madeline doll, you know, like the little girl from the books.!

After walking around the flea market, it was on to the big event:  getting to see the largest engine called “The Snow” while it was running.  Flo was really looking forward to seeing it because it wasn’t running the last time she was here.

coolspring oct 1 coolsping oct 2 coolspring oct 3

The grounds were really pretty with all the leaves everywhere.  We had to climb a BIG set of steps to get to the Snow, so we took a quick picture break at the bench that is built in part of the way up.

coolspring oct 4

This photo is me with Melody in front of the giant flywheel for the Snow, its right behind us, can you see how fast it is moving?  It was creating a bit of a breeze, which wreaked havoc with my hair!  It was very interesting to see it run though and even though it was huge, it wasn’t all that noisy.  Flo said that surprised her a lot.

coolspring oct 5

After we were done there, it was time for some lunch, we were all hungry.  Do you have any ideas as to what we had for lunch?  If you guessed ice cream, you guessed right!  Flo said that it isn’t a good idea to do this all the time, but since it was a special occasion, it was okay.  They make it right on the grounds the old fashioned way and they use small engines to turn the cylinders.  Melody eats much slower than I do, I was done way before she was.  It was sooooooo good! I had chocolate, we just got a small but I was wishing I’d gotten a large.  Flo told me that there is a place not far from here that makes ice cream that tastes like this, I hope she takes some of us to get it sometime.

coolspring oct 6 coolspring oct 7

After lunch, it was time to see some more of the engines throughout the museum grounds.  This one was pretty big, but not even close to as big as the Snow.  You can read more about this exhibit if you click here.  Flo took a picture with flash and a picture without flash so you can see how fast the flywheel is moving on this one.  It was nice and warm in this building because the lights were open flames, powered with natural gas.

coolspring oct 8

While Flo and Xyra were taking our picture, this guy came over with this very old chair so we could pose on it. Turns out that its the original chair that the engineer used to sit in whenever he ran this machine. I thought that was really cool! I don’t think I’ve ever got to sit in anything that old before.

coolspring oct 10
HEY NONNA!!! Look!!!! We both have our Nashville shirts on!!!

coolspring oct 11 coolspring oct 12

These pictures were taken in front of the building called the Aaron Nagy Eclipse building.  The engine wasn’t running though, so we didn’t get to see much. 😦  Maybe next time.

After that, it was time for us to start our trip home.  We said our goodbyes and headed to the car.  We had a nice trip home, no construction or bad weather.  I had a great time checking out the Coolspring Museum and it was lots of fun getting to meet Xyra and Melody!

Xyra sent home a goodie bag with me to share with the other girls.

coolspring oct 15

Let’s see what is in here…

coolspring oct 14

Oh cool, some muffin pans for the bakery!

coolspring oct 16

Some yummies! (I claim dibs on the donut)

coolspring oct 17

Uh oh, better not let Cassandra see this! (just kidding)

coolspring oct 18

Hmmmm, I wonder what is in this pink tissue?

coolspring oct 19

Oh that’s right!  A cute pair of denim culottes, a pair of gloves and a hat.  Xyra said she thought since it was going to be cold, I might need the gloves and hat, but the weather turned out to be nicer than we thought it was going to be.  They will be nice to have when winter gets there though.  Flo had to explain to me about culottes, they are great she said when you want to wear a skirt, but they have built in shorts in case you need a little bit of extra coverage so your underwear isn’t out there for everyone to see!

coolspring oct 20

I had a great time getting to go to Coolspring with Flo, it was so fun meeting Xyra and Melody. I hope I get to go again sometime.  Thanks again Xyra and Melody for being such great hostesses!

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  1. Louisa, you are just too cute! Culottes…I haven’t heard that word in ages! My mom dressed us in many a culotte back in the day. Very practical, especially for playing on the playground!

    • Aw thanks Farrah! They do come in very handy. I made show choir this year and we were supposed to have a denim skirt for it, this will be perfect since we do some dancing too.


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