What’s the reverse of “build it and they will come”??

I recently got together with a good friend of mine who also shares a September birthday so we could have lunch and exchange presents.  She has a hard time coming up with ideas sometimes, so a few years ago we got into the habit of trading Etsy lists.  This year I not only sent her an Etsy list, but I sent her an Amazon one too.  I wasn’t paying that close of attention to what was on it when I sent it though–oops!  So you can imagine just HOW surprised I was when I opened my gift from her–and it was the family that goes with the Lundby dollhouse!

Lundby dolls 1

They are pretty cool, considering just how tiny they are.  A Lundby dollhouse is 1/18th scale, so it doesn’t take up a ton of room. (AG is 1/3 scale, Barbie and similar dolls are 1/6 scale,  AG and OG mini’s are about 1/12 scale, just to give you something to compare it with)  The family is going to have to stay in the box for a while until I get them some furniture and a place to live now.  I added this to my wishlist a while ago, and if I remember correctly, it was because this was the only family set that I actually liked, the rest were, well, weird.  I was super shocked that she chose this for me, but happy too because it’s something I’ve been wanting to dig into and now I have the incentive.

Lundby dolls 2
Meet the Lundby’s! Sven, Inga, Lena and Ole.

What really amazed me is that while not fully articulated, they have bendy knees!!!!  If someone can do that with a doll this tiny, why can’t they do it with 18 inch dolls?  They are hinged, not the snap type knees like the basic Barbie doll.  They also have twist waists, making them easy to pose in a variety of positions, even if their arms aren’t totally hinged.  They also have fabric clothing that can be removed.  The quality on that is just okay, it’s nothing spectacular.  They do sell other clothing for them, and I don’t think it would be difficult to make them some either.  At least it’s not painted on, that annoys me.

Lundby dolls 3
Just look at how flexible Inga is! I wish I could move like that.    😉


So, now it begins, acquiring this poor family a home.  I’ve named them Sven, Inga, Ole and Lena.  Fingers crossed that Zulily runs some regular sales with them, their prices are way better than anywhere else that I’ve looked.  I’m going to start with the kitchen too, I noticed on the Lundby website that they have just come out with a new kitchen and I’m not all that wild about it, so I’d best get busy before they discontinue the one I like.  The nice part about this line is it’s not what you’d call cheap, but it’s not terribly pricey either, (especially at Zulily) so I can buy a set of it once a month and not break the bank, as well as add it to my Amazon list for additional gift ideas.  I’m very excited about the dollhouse itself, Lundby was one of the first companies to electrify a dollhouse and they make all sorts of cute light fixtures for in it.  No stick up lights in this house!

Lundby has been making dollhouses since the 1940’s and they are well known for their attention to details.  The original houses and furniture were primarily wood, but times change and they have gone to plastics, but that also allows them to add even more detail.  I’m also looking at these figures thinking that perhaps they might be in scale to the larger Schleigh horses and farm animals–oh dear this could be dangerous…  Lundby wasn’t available in the US for a couple of years, not sure what the issue was, but I’m happy to see that they have brought them back.  I will say that while some of the items say “ages 4 and up”–I think that is a bit of stretch, they are not only potentially dangerous for small children who might put them in their mouths, but they are also delicate due to the small size and probably wouldn’t hold up to rough play.

I promise to share each set with you as I get them, along with my honest opinions.  Another adventure, yay!


10 thoughts on “What’s the reverse of “build it and they will come”??

  1. That is a great family! They could hang out in my doll house while you’re searching doll real estate. 🙂

    Bendable knees is really nice. I totally agree about having real clothes and not a painted wardrobe. So much more attractive that way.

    Oh. My. Goodness. I just googled Lundby…I’m hooked! I’m a fan! I love the TV and loft sets! What have you done? LOL

    Hmmm, I see there is a Lundby retailer in Scottsdale…i wonder if it is close to AG? 😉

    • Uh oh! Not sure if you are a Zulily member or not, but if you are really interested in starting a set of these, it would be worth checking out. There is no fee, and it’s easy to turn off the annoying emails. They seem to have the best prices I’ve seen anywhere, and they periodically run free shipping deals. I usually check between Zulily and Amazon for price comparison. It’s about time for them to do a big one too, they haven’t done a Lundby deal for a while. I’ve even seen the dollhouse on sale there.

      • No, not a Zulily member. I’ve heard they have good sales sometimes, but haven’t taken the plunge.

        Probably not 100% serious in starting a collection. But I do really like a few of the sets and think some of the chairs would look nice in my exisiting doll house. Dad wouldn’t be fond of me adding the TVs, but the family room is in the attic (ie. where all the plastic furniture is located). Antiques in the lower rooms. 🙂

    • Interesting, I wonder if one inspired the other? I used to have people that came with the Winnebago that were similar to these too, they were similarly jointed with cloth outfits.

  2. Hi Flo,
    I had to giggle at the title, lol…love it. Congrats on your new little Lundbys! I recently discovered this line while pursing Amazon and have to say it’s on my list as well! My siblings and I also trade Amazon lists at Christmas so I know what you mean about sometimes getting something really unexpected that you had put on it a while ago. Happy belated Birthday, by the way! Receiving this family seems like it was meant to be to start up a new creative project. I’m really excited to see what you end up getting. 🙂 xo

    • Thanks, I debated on the title for a while. I’ve had Lundby on my radar for years, and like I said, they suddenly disappeared in the US so I kind of forgot about them. I blame Zulily I always peruse the toy section and they had them one time and the light bulb came on… Thanks for the belated birthday wishes! It was definitely a doll themed one.

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