A Room From A Box

In August I shared with you my purchase of the “Seams Perfect” set from Our Generation.  Not long after I got it, I was contemplating exactly what I was going to do with it.  Space is a bit of an issue in the dollhouse.  Suddenly I had a lightbulb moment, I wanted to make something along the lines of Isabelle’s Sewing Studio.  I’d seen several different variations that other folks had done, and after some serious thought, I came upon my idea.

Off to Tuesday Morning!!!  I have a real thing for decorative storage boxes, I think they are one of the best ideas anyone ever came up with.  It’s a great way to store items without them sitting out,  getting dusty and looking disorganized.  Tuesday Morning almost always has a great selection and they didn’t disappoint me this time either.  After great debate, I settled on this box:

sewing 1

I did have to be a little careful as to which box for a couple of reasons. The main one being that I was going to be setting it on it’s side, so not only did I not want the exterior design to have a definite direction to it, but perhaps more importantly, I also didn’t want the interior design to either. This one fit the bill perfectly. When I got it home, I did notice a slight crack in the paper at the main hinge, but I remedied that with a piece of clear packing tape. I would also recommend doing that even if it doesn’t have a crack in it because that is going to be a major stress point when using it.

I had some stuff already, picked up a few things at a thrift store and in a very short matter of time, the sewing space was complete!
sewing 2
A close up of the area for the sewing machine. The Eiffel Tower was a wood decorative piece I picked up a while ago at Pat Catan’s, the dimensional Paris stickers from Tuesday Morning. I had these set aside from when I started the bakery project, but I think they work much better in the sewing space since the dress form has a French Theme as well.

sewing 3

sewing 4And a close up of the storage space.  The “shelves” are a drawer organizer I purchased a while ago, I originally intended on using it in Alya’s room.  I ended up not needing it and it worked out perfectly as a place for storage of buttons and other odds and ends.  The little chest of drawers and the picture frame I found at a thrift store. The rest of the stuff are items I already had that either came with the sewing set or from other sources.  The hanger rod is simply two 3M Command Strip hooks attached so the hooks hang down and I cut off a plastic coat hanger for the rod.  The nice part of doing it with the hinged hooks is I can remove the rod and everything folds mostly out of the way for storage.  Several items were  “finds” from my craft room cleaning.

sewing 5
As you can see, Alya is super excited about having a special sewing space! She can’t wait to get started on her next sewing project.

sewing 6
Kit was very interested too and before it was over with, she had Alya promise to teach her how to sew too. That should be interesting. 😉

Here’s the best part: when I don’t need it for photography purposes, it all fits nicely into the box!
sewing 7

I hope I’ve given some of you some great ideas as to things you could make out of these boxes. I have seen several made into doll wardrobes.  The best part is that they are reasonably priced, this one cost me about $10.  Even if you just wanted to use them to store various doll items, they stack nicely and come in several different sizes.  If you come up with a unique idea for one, I’d love to see it!


12 thoughts on “A Room From A Box

  1. SO CUTE!!! I love it. I have always liked the idea of doll trunks, doll room from a suitcase, etc. This is great, such an imaginative way to create a room.

    • I definitely think with 18 inch, store-ability can be an issue. I hope this helps some folks, I can see doing different rooms out of boxes like this and then when playtime is over, store it in a closet.

    • Thanks! Since I posted this, I got to thinking how handy this could be, you could do a lot of different rooms and when not playing with them, store them under the bed. I know someone whose daughter was really into AG and storage was always an issue.

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