Birthday Surprise (part 3)

After the game was over with, it was time to get down to business!  Rebecca brought out the cake so everyone could sing Happy Birthday and Cassandra could make a wish.

cass party 16 cass party 17

Now it was time to open presents.  She was soooooo excited!!!

cass party 18Shivan, Rebecca, Kit and Marie-Grace all went together and got her two Minion play sets she’d had her eye on.

cass party 19 cass party 22

The Pittsburgh girls got her two Minions that played sounds, very cool…

cass party 25 cass party 26

And some money!!!  She immediately said “oh good, I can use this to buy another Minion Surprise!”

Zara and Abby got her a Minion Surprise and a big stuffed Bob to go with the Stuart she already has.

cass party 20

Jan brought her a Minion handpuppet and another Minion Surprise!

cass party 21

Louisa got her a giant Minion coloring book with stickers, a Minion surprise and a cool storage tin.

cass party 24

Alya gave her a very special gift, something that she’d made–a pair of sleep pants and a t-shirt!  She also got her a Minion surprise Megablok set.  Cassandra was very surprised and excited!

cass party 23

The last package she opened was the biggest, she said she wanted to save it for last.  It’s a good thing she did because it was a BIG surprise:

cass party 27 cass party 28

A reversible throw for her bed, and…

cass party 29

A Minion themed sleeping bag!  I made these items for her, I talked to her mom about things she could really use and the sleeping bag was her suggestion.  Maybe now we can get the afghan throw off her bed and back to the living room.

It wouldn’t be a birthday party without the after present opening pile of paper:

cass party 30

Cassandra thanked everyone for their thoughtful gifts, then all of the girls were off to the bedrooms to change into their PJ’s for the movie and slumber party.  Cassandra was so excited to try out her new PJ’s and her sleeping bag!  Stay tuned…


14 thoughts on “Birthday Surprise (part 3)

  1. Hey Cassandra,
    Seeing you with the money, We know you are truly a “Material Girl”. We all had a great time at your party, and we are glad we surprised you.
    Pittsburgh girls and ET2

  2. Wow! That’s a WHOLE lotta Minion goodies! I’m glad your birthday wishes came true Cassandra. Can’t wait to see the slumber party! I wonder what you guys will be watching? (as if I didn’t know! LOL!)

  3. Love the sleeping bag and t-shirt. A great party! Have you ever seen the Minion cakes on Pinterest? from Twinkies? I made one for my MIL a few years ago and it really looked like Minions.

    • Yes, in fact a bakery my husband does business with makes them too. Wilton now has a pan so you don’t even have to buy the Twinkies (although I think that would take the fun out of it!)

  4. The minions in the background of the photo in the second row down had me giggle. Your handwriting is beautiful-cursive is becoming a lost art. The doll minion tee is adorable! Did you make that sleeping bag as well?
    Happy Birthday, are such a cutie pie and I’m so glad you got so many nice gifts!

    • Bob and Dave were placed there to disguise the dog toy basket, they look like they are having a good time, don’t they?! That is actually Evil Twin’s handwriting, mine is far sloppier than that. I agree it is a lost art.

      I made the pants, the throw and the sleeping bag, a friend with an embroidery machine made the tee shirt.

      Cassandra said thanks!

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