Major Fail American Girl!!!

I check the American Girl website every morning to see if they have any new items on sale.  Today they are advertising Grace’s Bistro Set on sale at 50% off and free shipping if you order it.  There’s just a major math error!  Grace’s Bistro Set sells for $85.  The sale price is $51.  Um, excuse me a second, but that’s NOT 50% off!!!  It’s only 40% off.

Just another thing that makes me wonder about the monkeys running the show at American Girl.  I can’t believe that NO ONE working on the website or promoting this sale caught that.  Oh, wait–they must be a bunch of English Majors who are lousy at math!  (no offense intended to English Majors who ARE good at math)

ag fail

On another screen it does say 40% off in one place and 50% off in another–wow, just wow. Get your act together people.
ag fail 2

For goodness SAKE, get it right. This is exactly why I no longer store my credit card information with my account, sloppy sloppy sloppy.

It brings me to another question–anyone else having difficulty viewing their previous orders on the website? I can get as far as the list of orders but when I click on them to view them in detail, I get an error message. I e-mailed them and all I got was an answer that “you’ll have to call”. Seriously?

(They have now removed the 50% off banners after I sent them a notice via Twitter. I’m sure I wasn’t the only person who caught it too. I think they need a new webmaster.)


20 thoughts on “Major Fail American Girl!!!

  1. Hey! I’m an English major! But you’re right, I’m not good at math 😉
    They really need someone there with an e commerce background. I was the resume of their IT person on LinkedIn and I don’t recall their being retail experience. Hire one of the overworked souls at Amazon!

    • And if you read the screen shots I took, at the top above the ad it says 50%. They have since corrected it. Just plain sloppy though. Not impressed.

    • I think since part of the ad had the right amount on it, this was an error, but it’s one of numerous ones I’ve encountered on AG’s website over the past year. It’s just the first one I’ve pointed out in a major way because it made me really mad–and I wasn’t even buying the item!

  2. AG sent me an email this morning saying 40% off. I’m glad they changed it, so more people don’t get ripped off. I feel like AG has been doing a lot of promos and sales recently…. Maybe if they had lower prices they wouldn’t have to try so hard! I don’t know a lot of average girls that can afford a $40 outfit.

    • Thank you! I agree completely, their prices are out of control and if they can run this many sales, perhaps they could lower the prices a bit. I don’t think running sales all the time is such a good idea, I think in the end it’s going to hurt their bottom line as people will get used to that and quit buying anything at full retail.

  3. DUUDDEEEE!!! YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING!!! I work my butt off every day in challenge math and a giant company who has probably got more math experience than me cant even get that right! I apologies for such a harsh comment…..but seriously!

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